Where you are…

…there I’ll be and that was why when I heard where she was, I made my way there right away!

Those of you who have been following my blog faithfully would probably remember the elusive popiah lady whose popiah I loved so much but one fine day, she just disappeared! My missus met her at a bank once and bought some home but no, it was all soggy and not so nice anymore. One simply has to eat her popiah right there and then on the spot and after all this time, I finally managed to locate where she would be.

Well, if anyone is interested, she’s among the shops behind the Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo – the covered back portion behind the blocks of shops where 100Β₯ and this fusion cafe are located on one side and this coffee shop on the other side form a cross or an X and the lady’s stall…

Popiah stall

…is right in the centre!

However, do take note that it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. so don’t bother looking for her on other days. She did insist that I could phone her to order and she would deliver to my house – of course, I have no intention of doing that. Imagine me ordering two only – I am quite sure she would not bother to send them all the way. Besides, unless they are eaten freshly-made…

Popiah in the making

…they would not be as nice.

I did not bring along my camera that first time but it did not matter at all as a weekend or two later, we were back there again for these lovelies (RM2.50 each)…


…and yes, they were as good as ever before…

Popiah, cross-section

The second time around, we went in from the other side through this coffee shop/food centre…

M.U Cafe

Don’t ask me why it is thus named – honestly, I simply do not know!

My daughter had the roast chicken rice from one stall there (RM3.50)…

M.U roast chicken

…but at best, it was just o.k. There are nicer ones elsewhere.

My missus had the claypot noodles (RM6.00)…

M.U claypot noodles

…and she did not say anything but at least she did not complain so I guess it was fine.

There wasn’t anything really that tickled my fancy and in the end, I just ordered this Hakka mee

M.U Hakka mee

…to give it a try. Sorry for the blurry snapshot – I’m still working on it, how to get better photographs using my new camera…but as a matter of fact, it actually did not look much better than this and was not at all alluring, to say the least, so I was expecting the worst when it was served. Thankfully, my first bite into a spoonful of the noodles proved otherwise. No, it wasn’t anything like the Hakka mee I had in Seremban and I really don’t know how to describe what it tasted like. Let’s just say it was nice. Period.

Well, now that the popiah lady is here, I certainly would be coming back again and again…and when I do, I may want to try some of the many things available all around or I would go for some more of the Hakka mee.Β I sure wouldn’t mind having that again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Where you are…”

  1. Haha your last pic, so blur. Nevermind, practise makes perfect. In no time you’ll have sharp and crisp pictures for your blog. At the meantime, we chill and eat popiah. Though the popiah I’m eating here not at all nice 😦

    I think I’m giving up on it and going back to the old one. Sometimes, old ones much better…like old people too. Agree or not? Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Perhaps the owner is a fan of Manchester United? πŸ˜‰

    The claypot noodles looks good, that sounds like something I’ll order. The popiah also looks good, for that amount of filling for RM 2.50, I’ll be keen to try that. I’m not particularly fond of “Nyonya popiah” (what they call pai tee here) – prefer the regular ones to the ones in the cups.

    Oh, did you wait for a while after snapping the photo? I realize you move a little too fast after shooting a picture, which can cause blurry images if there’s not enough light. I have a habit of holding the camera until the shot is confirmed saved coz I used to have a lot of blurry photos so the habit kinda stuck with me.

    Pai tee’s different from popiah – both are nyonya, I think. The filling for the nyonya popiah is different from the regular ones, more than just sengkuang/mangkuang. Pai tee’s filling would be the same – the cup must be thin and crispy. Not many can do it well – usually too thick and hard and worse, if the oil used is not fresh – will have a smell.

    Yes, it certainly looks like that is the problem. I was using my old Canon then – just click and shoot, no problem at all. Now, this new one, a Sony is a bit slow, even when turning it on. I think the pictures turn out well if I hold first…to let it focus…and then shoot…and hold to let it save. So tedious! I’m going back to my old one and use it till it conks out completely.

    1. Yeah, it’s very strange coz over here in KL, most hawkers call pai tee as “Nyonya popiah”.

      I’ve only seen it labelled correctly in Melaka. I’ve had the proper ones at Donald & Lily’s there and it was quite good. Yup, I agree, lots of people doing pai tee don’t do it properly, it doesn’t taste good in a lot of places unless it specializes it in.

      Oh ya, Sony is notorious for that. I’m using their dSLR (hardly carry it out), used to buy their compact digital cameras and now their smartphones and the shutter takes a long time to close, so you need to hold on to it for a while after the shot is done. Cheers mate! πŸ™‚

      Yes, even switching it on takes agessssss!!!! Click and nothing happens…have to hold and wait…and when it does, have to hold and wait again till the photo is saved. No wonder you asked me to do that when I was using my Canon. No such thing with that one – just click, that’s it. No problem at all.

  3. MU cafe makes me think of Miss U cafe, haha..Or Me & U, so becomes MU..Oohhh good that you found the popiah lady.. I agree it has to be eaten fresh, but I love my popiah soaked in gravy, weirdo me, hehe..

    What gravy would that be? I don’t mind extra pounded chili with the fresh ones to give it a lot more kick, and Thai chili sauce with the deep fried ones. Another place with an odd name coming up soon! You can try guessing too… πŸ˜€

    1. The ju hu char gravy.. I love my popiah soaked in the banjir gravy.. I know, yucky for some..

      I’ve never had ju hu char before, dunno what the gravy is like. Ju hu eng chai (sotong kangkong), I know.

  4. I actually been there once at night and saw this popiah stall. I had a sotong kangkung that time.

    Glad you managed to locate her. You can make a fine sleuth yourself. Haha.

    I agreed. Certain food are meant to be consumed immediately, right after they are made.

    She was there? At night? I don’t think she serves sotong kangkong – maybe it was another stall – I think I saw a couple of others as well but closed in the daytime. This place is quite dead in the daytime, busy at night, caters to all those people going to the pubs and clubs all around that area.

    1. No. No. I meant I had sotong kangkong that time from other stall. Saw the popiah but it was not open. Think it is not open at night.

      Yup! You’re right. Saturdays and Sundays, 8am to 1pm only. Seems that you found her much sooner than me…but I guess you did not know she was the one I was looking for.

  5. Lost & found, the lady selling popiah. Popiah looks good with the generous amount of fillings and so is the Hakka mee, so much minced meat & char sio. How much is the Hakka mee?

    I can’t remember! Old man. That is why I did not mention the price. I think it was RM4.00, not too sure.

  6. Good for you to find her and still getting the same taste! Most of them time, when my favourite stall moved and I found them again in other places, the taste would not be what I remembered and made me very sad instead…

    It has not been all that long since she went MIA, perhaps.

  7. Soggy because of the sengkuang? Yes best eaten at the stall… I remember one time i tar pau back the popiah, the taste was not at all nice already… The crispy fillings has turned soft as well…
    Hope you will get used to your new camera soon… Im still meddling mine….

    Or the steam from the hot filling. Not nice. My camera? Sighhhhhh!!!!!

  8. congratulations!!! you’re a terrific sleuth … i’m so glad you solved the missing popiah mystery πŸ˜€ mmm, very plump and bountifully stuffed popiah πŸ™‚

    Tastes as good as it looks. Ya, never say die…seek and thou shalt find! πŸ˜‰

  9. popiah! i find it increasingly difficult to get a good roll of nice popiahs in KL recently. In fact I find that the Sisters Popiah franchise served rather nice ones, crispy breadcrumbs used inside.

    I saw the Sisters’ stall at Mid Valley. Did not look alluring at all so I did not bother to try. We have one at a mall here – not much business, it seems. Wonder how they can survive.

  10. Ooh… the popiah. It’s hard to find in Malay stall.

    Yes, they’ve the miserable deep-fried ones at their kuih stalls – very small, very little filling, mostly skin. Nice also but if only, they could make them bigger. πŸ˜‰

  11. It’s good that you found the popiah lady. I love this type of popiah and not the deep fried ones.

    Me too. I consider the deep fried ones as not fresh, leftovers, kept in the fridge and deep fried to heat it up. 😦

  12. Your camera is struggling under low light and also shaky hand and it seems that your old camera is performing better. Although it has high megapixel but the small sensor and out of date ccd doesn’t help. Nowadays a dslr doesn’t cost much. If you think that they are big there are lots of smaller interchangeable lens camera to choose from. These type of camera features cmos sensor and the sensor size is near to an inch. Furthermore you have flexibility to change lens and can take photo under dim light without using flush.

    Spare me the technical stuff, makes my head spin. This was a birthday present – my girl bought for me.

    I was still ok with my old one despite it being quite moody…but a few knocks on the wall will be enough to drive some sense into it and get it working again. It was easy to use – just aim and shoot, always good. I think I will go back to that until it “dies” completely, keep the new one as a spare.

    Old people do not simply spend that easily, call me a miser if you wish – I’d consider myself as being careful with my money (not that there’s a lot where it’s coming from) plus I have no need for all those fancy stuff, DSLR or whatever – as long as can use, good enough for my purpose, ok already. This is not a money spinning blog…and neither am I inclined towards photography in any way, not my hobby.

  13. Wow! That popiah with so many grated peanuts on top, looks so good here. It must taste as good as it looks.

    Indeed. After eating these, I do not get the urge to make my own anymore especially after eating all the not-so-nice ones here, there and everywhere. These are good enough for me to appease my craving…and the best thing is I do not need to go through all that hassle.

  14. I love the toppings on popiah, crunchy!

    I used to ask for extra crushed peanuts, very fragrant…but I didn’t this time. Forgot. Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. Ah…now I know where to get good popiah! Popiah is the only yummy vegetable dish I know & I only eat the nice ones in Kuching. Will head there next weekend to buy four. Hahaha… Thanks, Mr.Wee!

    Make sure she makes them fresh – not pre-packed in boxes. The heat and the steam may make them a little soft or even soggy, not so great.

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