In return…

In my previous post, I blogged about the dinner that I treated Huai Bin to when he was back home in Sibu for a while and that nice guy insisted on going out again so he could reciprocate and return the gesture.

We drove past here the last time he was in town and I thought he might want to give it a try…so there we were that night and while browsing through the menu, he was pleasantly surprised that they had so many different varieties of Bundaberg drinks and he ordered the “blood orange”…

Bistecca & Bistro Bundaberg blood orange

All this while, I only knew they had ginger beer – my girl’s favourite which is available at that supermarket in town that stocks up on all kinds of imported stuff from all over and she would buy that once in a while…and all this while, I just assumed from the sound of the name that it was German but no, as a matter of fact, it’s Australian!

The smoked salmon salad was great…

Bistecca & Bistro smoked salmon salad

…but I thought it looked better the last time I had that and personally, I would prefer their Ceasar’s as there would be a hard-boiled egg in that and I love eggs…in any form.

I also suggested their pork bacon burger…

Bistecca & Bistro pork bacon burger

…but Huai Bin thought the ones here were nicer. He was put off by the fact that there were two tiny bits of bone in his half of the burger – thankfully, there wasn’t any in mine. While he was cutting the thing, a small piece of bacon fell out, around the size of a postage stamp. I am not sure whether that was all there was in it but I sure did not see nor taste any bacon while I was eating my share. Still, I quite liked it even though I thought it tasted more like beef probably because of the spices and herbs or whatever they used to marinate the meat in making the patty.

We also had their double cut…

Bistecca & Bistro Double cut

– two generous slabs of chicken chops served with mushroom sauce. I loved the coleslaw very much, nicer than many that I had had elsewhere, but I thought their terrayaki chicken was very much nicer while the mild taste of this one was over-powered by the stronger flavours of the other things that we had like this very nice pizza…

Bistecca & Bistro Pizza Bracio di Ferro 1

their Pizza Bracio di Ferro that we had the last time we were here.

Huai Bin insisted on having that (he had seen it in my blog, prior to this) as according to him, the last time he had egg in a pizza…

Bistecca & Bistro Pizza Bracio di Ferro  2

…was when he was in Australia a long time ago. He did remark that he had had thinner crusts elsewhere but I was fine with what they have here – as long as it is nice and crusty, that’s all right by me unlike the very hard one that we had here.

I thought that was an enjoyable dinner even though we ordered more than what we could handle and in the end, I got to take two slices of the pizza home…but I had the feeling that Huai Bin, having had his share of so many similar restaurants all over the world including those very exclusive Michelin-starred ones, was hoping I could have taken him here instead, just that he was simply too sweet to insist on where to go when I asked him initially. Never mind, buddy, we’ll go there the next time you’re back in town…and thanks for the dinner treat. Cheers!!!

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16 thoughts on “In return…”

  1. I love all the food you guys ordered (except the salad coz I’m a meat person) but I can finish all the salmon on top of the salad la, hehe 😀
    Burgers, chicken chop, pizza, I like! Both of you can really eat a lot..

    See reply to zmun2. I used to be a meat person when I was young – now I would go for more balanced meals and not eat too much of it, more into vegetables and everything in moderation…most of the time

  2. Wow. That was quite a lot of food on the table. I only tasted the lamb, salad and pizza over here. Must give the burger a try next time I drop by Sibu. Can belanja me?? *wink wink*

    From the look of your photo the burger looks better than the one in Cafe-Cafe. Hehe.

    Huai Bin said he prefers the ones there – at Jack Pork. Anytime, right here waiting. Don’t think you’ll be back here again all that soon though. 😦

  3. All looks nice. That’s too much for 2 person. For me, 2 slices of pizza or 1 pork bacon burger is enough.

    Yes, it was a heavy dinner…even for us, who can handle a lot in one sitting!

  4. So you like eggs in any form. I guess you will like our balut which is an egg with partly-formed chick inside. You will enjoy it. 😉

    Never tried. The egg part looks like century egg which I love but I love eggs…not chicks. Hehehehehehe!!!! My friend with me at this dinner that night – he tried before… I think he did blog about it.

  5. aiyer.. your blog has snow !!!!!!!!!

    and that egg pizza.. omgossshh.. i’ve never heard of it..but that piece of pizza look really nice ❤

    Yes, it’s been snowing all December… 😀 Very nice, dunno if you can get anything like this in Kuching or not.

  6. Bila lagi u wanna treat me? hahahaha… jk. The chicken chop looks delicious 🙂 Merry xmas!!!

    Bila lagi you nak datang Sibu? Welcome, anytime! Just let me know…I’ll take it from here.

  7. i personally didn’t a fans of Bundaberg….
    kinda chicks things, lol
    gosh the pork bacon burger seems so manly and damn delicious!!!

    Fizzy drinks – not for me! You go for the stronger “guys’ stuff”? The burgers at another place here are better. Much taller, that’s for sure.

  8. I was also thinking the same thing, Mun! But then boys being boys.. ahemmm… I guess they could finish all the food there… hahahaa… So your girl have a fair share of the pizza too? Or was it you who have eaten the remainder as well… never mind… as chinese always say… Can eat means prosperity! 🙂

    No, not me. My girl had the two slices for breakfast the next morning – can’t beat eating it there, of course. We’ll go again one of these days…before school reopens.

  9. pleasant meal. blood orange, always wanted to try, but yet to came across. ahhh.. pork burger

    It certainly was, delightful dinner plus delightful company. Couldn’t ask for more!

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