What you want…

…others may not and so it was with Huai Bin when he was back in Sibu. He wanted to go for some umai (an ethnic Melanau delicacy of raw fish with lime juice and everything), RM15.00…

Fisherman Restaurant, umai

…but nobody else was keen. That was why when we were able to go out for dinner one night last week, we made a bee line to this place for that. They use ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) to make their umai here and what we had that night was very fresh and very nicely done.

We also had the paku (jungle fern) in santan (coconut milk), RM8.00…

Fisherman Restaurant, paku lemak

…and knowing how he loves our udang galah (freshwater/big-head prawns), I also ordered these…

Fisherman Restaurant, asam prawns 1

Just like the noodles that he went all the way to Sarikei for or the one right here in Sibu, these did not come cheap – RM20 EACH!!!…

Fisherman Restaurant, asam prawns 2

…but it was very nice – a little bit too sour but it was very flavourful and went so very well with rice.

One would probably think this sticks out like a sore thumb in a somewhat ethnic restaurant like this but I just had to order their roast lamb…

Fisherman Restaurant, roast lamb 1

…for Huai Bin to try and indeed, it swept him off his feet! You can read all about what he says about it in his blog.

Yes, it did not come cheap – RM50.00 for two huge and thick slabs and a bit more on a chunk of bone but considering that it was around RM25.00 each for it…

Fisherman Restaurant, roast lamb 2

…I would say it wasn’t all that expensive. If you have one of those thin and not-as-nice lamb chops at some western restaurant, it would cost more or less the same or perhaps, even more.

They always serve you these Mukah keropok

Fisherman Restaurant, Mukah keropok

…the moment you’re seated but no, they’re not on the house, I’m afraid – that lot was RM4.00 altogether.

Huai Bin had this glass of bitter gourd juice (RM5.00)…

Fisherman Restaurant, bitter gourd juice

…and he said it was very nice, very bitter. Hmmmm….no, thank you. LOL!!!

All in all, it was a very delightful dinner and I’ve always enjoyed Huai Bin’s very delightful company each time he comes home and I must thank him and his better half for these gifts that he brought all the way from KL…

From Huai Bin & Yee Ling

I would say this is indeed a very nice place to go for dinner – the food they serve seems to be a whole lot nicer now than years and years ago but personally, I do wish they would give their walls a new coat of paint and get rid of the old and worn-out carpet and spruce up the place a little bit to make it a lot more presentable, especially when one is bringing friends from other places in the country or overseas…and some new air-conditioners would be nice too – obviously, theirs do not work so well anymore as on hot evenings, the place can get rather uncomfortable and would not be quite the place for one to enjoy dining the night away. Actually, those old ones consume a lot of electricity and in fact, I have been able to cut my bill by half, more or less, once I replaced my old ones with the current energy-savers…and they’re not all that expensive either these days – around RM1K, maybe less or a bit more, depending on the unit of your choice and usually, you will get a pretty nice gift, absolutely free.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “What you want…”

  1. My favourite would be that tomyam prawns and roast lamb.. Errr garlic+cili padi with lamb? I guess not a good combination but maybe others like it this way.. I can eat the lamb without dipping into anything and just enjoy the natural juices, yummzzz…

    It wasn’t tomyam – more a cross of the nyonya asam and our Melanau masak kunyit prawns…and it wasn’t cili padi – garlic and chopped spring onions and dunno what else. I did not like it and I told Huai Bin, he tried and he did not like it either – tasted like something in Chinese cuisine for those thus inclined, I guess. The mint sauce was really good though.

  2. I would agree with you on the last paragraph. Need some improvement to the interior. Some how a bit turn off. Haha. Maybe the young taukey have not able to convince the old taukey on these improvement.

    I tried all the dishes except the claypot prawns. I did ordered its big prawns in my 1st visit. Grilled. Very sweet and tasty.


    Hope to go back and dine there again. One day. ^^

    I tried the grilled prawns once a long long time ago when my cousin and her ang moh hubby from the UK were here on a visit…and there were a whole lot of ants under the plates they served the prawns in – we were so put off by that. We did not think they were great, plus they were mighty expensive. But that was before the son and the friend came home to help out – the food was not so nice then. Now, it is so very much nicer than before. When are you coming back? Not very soon, I’m sure… 😦

  3. roasted lamb looks good! doesn’t matter on the restaurant, as long as its good, you can also order italian dishes in chinese restaurant 😀

    You can? You mean those fusion joints? I know there’s spaghetti bolognese at our Sarawak fast food franchise, the Sugar Bun…and maybe also at some Malay stalls and shops – some do serve western cuisine, those grilled chicken and lamb chops.

  4. Oh yes, I remember trying the raw fish dish in Sabah and likening it to ceviche from South America.

    Oh? Didn’t know they have that in Sabah too. Yup, should be along the same lines as the South American counterpart.

  5. Great food. I like the paku & udang galah. Just this 2 dishes is enough for me to eat a few plates of rice.

    Normally, those would do for me too but my friend comes back for a short while once in a long time so I wanted him to try and enjoy the best there is.

  6. I must write down which place i want to go eat when go Sibu… keke…

    No need to write lah! Just come over and I’ll take you here, there and everywhere! I assure you that you will definitely not regret coming.

  7. so u bought the aircond from one Gan Lulu?

    Stuck in your head, eh? Don’t tell me what LU & LU you’d see whenever you close your eyes. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. Very meaty meal you and HB had!! But two grown up boys, this meal is just nice, right? hahahaa… The first three dishes will suit me just fine… I am “allergy” to lamb smell… wonder why…

    Just like my missus – no duck and no lamb either. But she had the one here and she loved it – no smell at all, she said. Dunno how they do it or maybe, it depends on what lamb you/they use.

  9. it’s really difficult to find umai in kl! i’ve had it two or three times in the past 10 years at some specialised sarawak-cuisine outlets, but most of them are not around anymore 🙂

    Can always come over and I’ll take you for umai and all the rest. Everyone can fly! 😉

  10. It was a great dinner buddy! 🙂
    I had a lot of fun catching up with you too. The food was delicious to boot! Yeah, I can’t eat umai with my dad or anyone else since no one enjoys it, it’s like duck, it’s something we can only eat together. Haha!

    The food here was soooo good that I polished off everything on the table, was so full after that. I particularly enjoyed the lamb (most delicious I ever had) and the big head prawns (huge fan of those, as you noticed).

    Thanks so much for dinner mate!

    Most welcome, my friend. Glad you enjoyed it a lot. We’ll do it again the next time you come home. I’m ok with the prawns as we do buy and cook our own at home quite often but ooooo….the lamb! Will surely go back for more soon. Wanna come? Hehehehehe!!!!!

  11. I had umai once at a friend’s house and I loved it. But can’t get at any restaurants here. Even if I wanted to make my own, hard for me to get very fresh fish.

    Fish not fresh in KL? Wait till you go back KT, can make there. 😉

  12. ohhh… my beloved panettone ❤ I'm eating it at least twice a month! ;p

    Wowwwww!!!! Can’t get that here – my friend brought it back all the way for me from our national capital, KL – made in Italy!

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