We went to this Thai place quite sometime ago when it first opened and never went back again for more reasons than one…and I can’t say that I was surprised that it closed down soon after. After a while, they opened this one…

Bug & Bee

…at that same location…


…and because of the not-so-pleasant experience that we had the first time around, I was not all that keen on going back there again. Then I heard word going round that the food there was very good and so I thought we could just drop by sometime to give it a second chance.

We were very full from the longevity noodles and the cake that we had that morning of my birthday but my girl insisted that we went somewhere for lunch for a little celebration on our own. In the end, we agreed to drop by here for a little something. That was last Tuesday…

Opening hours

…but the tag on the door said “CLOSE” [SIC] – obviously they had forgotten to change it to “OPEN” and maybe that was why the place was completely empty. Anyone would have thought they were taking the day off and luckily, we did go in to ask!

They had redecorated the place but one might see some of the stuff that they used to have when this place was under a different owner and under a different name…

Bug & Bee 1

There seemed to be different sections, both outside…

Bug & Bee 2

…and inside…

Bug & Bee 3

…and somehow, I had the feeling that it was more a place for people to unwind and drink the night away.

I saw in their menu that they were serving Thai dishes…as well as western cuisine. I asked the lady what was nice but she was not able to tell me – potong satu markah dah!  My missus wanted the Thai green curry set but we were told that they had run out of green curry – potong dua markah dah!  My girl wanted the pesto chicken pasta and no, they did not have the sauce either – potong tiga markah dah!!! Oh no, I thought! Surely this couldn’t possibly be history repeating itself – one bad experience at the same place is already one too many.

In the end, I just asked for the phat Thai (RM12.80)…

Bug & Bee phat Thai

…and the baked creamy chicken chop rice (RM16.80)…

Bug & Bee baked chicken chop rice 1

…to share.

What a relief it was, when we tried our two orders, to find that they were really very good! We loved the phat Thai very much – definitely something that I would want to order should I happen to drop by here again. I was never too thrilled by the baked cheese rice that I had had elsewhere as they turned out to be something like fried rice underneath some layer of cheese and what not and put into the oven to bake but the one here was nice and creamy throughout…

Bug & Bee baked creamy chicken chop rice 2

…with a generous slab of chicken in it…

Bug & Bee baked creamy chicken chop rice 3

We thought it was very flavourful with whatever ingredients that they had added generously to it and the winning combination came across to us as really great – another thing that would be worth a try should anyone decide to drop by here.

The lady asked if we were from some place else as she saw me going around taking photographs but I said I did that to share online and tell people whether the food here was any good or not. Well, I would say it was and I would not mind dropping by again – hoping that they would have the things we would want to order from their menu the next time around though I would not think we would go here for dinner as it came across to me like one of those watering holes that would be a little too dim at night and any snapshots taken would not do justice to the food.

Moving on from our lunch outing on my birthday a bit, this lovely Christmas card…

From Singapore

…came on that same day from Sharon all the way from Singapore, thank you so very much. That’s really so sweet and thoughtful of you.

So there you have it, folks, all that transpired on my birthday this year…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Thankfully…”

  1. Oh, so this is the place you told me about and showed me during dinner that day! 🙂

    It looks good, the food seems nice and it has a catchy name too. I just keep thinking it’s the “Birds and Bees” though. Haha!

    The chairs look beautifully crafted and the interior design is amazing too, it all adds to the ambience of the place. Very nice…

    Yes, reminds me of the birds and the bees too. Interesting decor but I did wish they had maintained it well…or at least kept the place really clean, no bits of tissue paper and stuff around, even a pen, I saw – probably from the night before. Our two orders were great but since then, I’ve heard that it does not go across the board – must know what to order.

  2. LoL at all the markah kena potong dah. How can they forget to turn the sign to OPEN. So very careless of them. Thank goodness all is not lost as the food is good. Just hope we wont find any bug in our food though…

    Must have had a late night the night before. The bug and bee in the name makes me think of sagoworms…coated with honey. 😀

  3. bug & bee is a very cool name, though i’d never have guessed it was a thai eatery .. i’d have guessed maybe a desserts and coffee cafe, heheh 🙂

    Exactly. I just assumed it was a club/pub…some watering hole that people go for drinks and sit around late into the night – especially when I noticed it did not open for lunch. Looks like that’s only on weekends.

  4. Yeah if me also will potong markah and potong stim somemore.. I’m ok with the open/close sign but I’m so so so not ok with the waiter not able to tell what’s nice and what to recommend.. And more than two dishes not available, potong stim la.. But glad the paad Thai and the cheesy baked chicken rice were good.. The cheesy chicken looks very very creamy, I like..

    Lots of those here – they employ people cheap, no proper training and they cannot tell you anything, just take your orders and pass to the chef and serve.

    This one was a lady, not a young one, probably the owner…or the mum of the owner/the chef – I didn’t ask.

  5. Food looks good and all the minus points makes me laugh. I thought the food is also going to have all the minus point too but luckily they are up to your praise.

    Thankfully, it did not spoil my birthday! 😦

  6. That was coincidence! We ordered the same dishes when I were there before it changed its name from Sawadee to this.

    At least it is bearable and pleasant lunch there otherwise really strike off this place. However I think they need to improve in their service. Pretty slow when I were there the first and last time. ^^

    They were a lot worse when under the old name – not sure if the owner is new…or they just changed the name of the place. Food is much nicer, the service too…though it still sucks big time.

  7. Nick also post abt Thai foods today, hehe…

    Maybe can arrange with Nick to visit Sibu, we can go this place, keke…

    I’m right here waiting…

  8. Aiyo I will also potong markah if I ask the waitress something and she cant answer me correctly. Luckily the food tastes good ya!

    Indeed. Would have ruined my birthday otherwise. 😦

  9. Goodness, that does not sound encouraging at all not knowing what to recommend to customers and two of the items on the menu are not available! tsk..tsk..tsk… But the saving grace was the phat thai and baked creamy chicken chop rice. Or else you would not come back at all. Maybe they are having teething problems? Hopefully the next visit is better.

    Not possible. They have been around for a while now…especially if they’re the same people running the previous joint and are now going under a new name and are more towards a fusion concept, not solely Thai. Rose also compalined about the service when she dropped buy here. They sure need to pull up their socks!

  10. So you have to give bonus mark for the good taste of the food. Hehe. The creamy chicken chop look nice. 😋

    Yes, the food’s good – their saving grace or I would have boycotted this place as well…for good.

  11. Old habit die hard eh, like to potong markah? hahhahaha

    Hope this place can survive long till my next trip back. Would love to try the phat thai, it looks good.

    Muahahahahaha!!!! Once a teacher, always a teacher. 😀

    When? When? You haven’t been back for a long time now.

  12. Thai food with a western fusion? I cannot take creamy baked but that pad thai looks great! 🙂

    Should be fine, not like pasta. My missus does not like creamy sauce with pasta either but she liked this.

  13. Lol, this cikgu cannot resist potong markah! Yes, it’s a bit frustrating and a spoiler when the restaurant does not serve what you want on that day…not one choice but three choices pun tak ada?? Luckily what you ordered later were good. Tambah balik markah, cikgu!

    Muahahahaha!!!! Nasib cikgu tak meletup, bagi makan rotan. 😀 😀 😀

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