First things first…

My cousin and his son from Kota Kinabalu would only be in town for the weekend and most of the time, we would be caught up with the wedding and everything so we did not have the luxury of time to go and eat the best in town.

The morning after their arrival the night before, I picked them up early at the hotel and took them here for breakfast so they could try the kompia stuffed with pork belly…

Noodle House kompia with pork belly

…or minced meat…

Noodle House kompia wiuth minced meat

I did not know that they call them kuih pusat (belly button biscuit). That must be because of the hole in the middle. Interesting!

Both father and son insisted on having the kampua noodles…

Noodle House kampua mee

…even though I did forewarn them that the ones there would not be the best in town but they loved it! According to them, it was much nicer than any that they can get where they come from. Oopsss!!! That was the son’s – he’s not good at using chopsticks so he asked for the fork and spoon.

I had their mee sua

Noodle House mee sua

…and my girl and missus shared the piansip/wanton soup…

Noodle House wanton soup

and the dry-fried dumplings…

Noodle House dumplings

After breakfast, I drove them around town for a brief and quick tour before we headed to the church for the wedding service…

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20 thoughts on “First things first…”

  1. I’ve never heard of that term before for kompia too!

    Belly button kueh, how interesting! πŸ™‚

    I haven’t been to Noodle House in ages, I wonder if they can make the kompia and package them for freezing or transport since I’ll like to try and bring them back to KL. I went to Fatt Bakery over the weekend to get some kompia (the other place was closed) and since they’re the only one open, they were sold out and I had to come back right before the flight to get some.
    I’ll try and ask Noodle House if they can do that since I’ll like to bring some savory ones over this time!

    They open at 8.00 a.m. so if your flight is in the afternoon or evening, you can go and buy in the morning – no need to freeze or keep in the fridge but at home, I would open the packs to let the kompia cool…so the trapped moisture will not make them wet and soggy. I remember Yee Ling tapao-ing stuff from there but I cannot remember whether she bought the kompia or the mille crepes…or both.

    I’ve bought the kompia the day before too – kept them in the fridge, no need to freeze…and take out just before leaving for the airport. I think they went round shopping or whatever the rest of the day after I had arrived in KL, bringing all the stuff along…and they were still good when they got home that night. Just heated up and ate.

    1. Yup, she has tapao it before, that why I’ve been asked to do it now. Haha!

      I’ll buy it tomorrow afternoon after I go for lunch with my dad. Thanks for the tip mate, I’ll make sure to open up the bags, we did that with the warm (sweet) kompia she brought back on her flight too. Cheers! πŸ™‚

      LOL!!! She misses it, I guess. They’ve got some pretty good stuff here. You’re going for lunch. Go a bit earlier – can get real crowded and very very noisy. Puts me off everytime.

  2. The soup looks delicious and heartwarming! Right now it is very cold and icy in Montreal, so this would really hit the spot. πŸ™‚

    Yes, perfect comfort foods for the winter.

  3. I like the meesua in wine soup and egg, the piansip soup and the pan-fried dumplings. Mum used to cook only wantan skins in soup, with lots of minced pork and choy-sum.. And we ate it just like that, for dinner, no rice..

    All’s good. Like what I said in my reply to an earlier comment, we have dried pian sip skin here and we use it to cook soup with pork bones and minced pork, no veg – would be nice to add that as well like in wanton soup.

  4. Nice & comfort breakfast. Would vote for the kompia with minced meat. A cold morning over here, a bowl of warm mee sua & pian sip would be nice.

    I know you would…despite my saying that you would not know how much meat there actually is in the minced meat. I’ve noticed it in steamed paos here lately – a lot of fat, not much meat. 😦 I wouldn’t mind them increasing the prices – just don’t shortchange us like that. As for these, the minced meat ones are a lot cheaper…so I guess that is a hint!

  5. A bit “cheng” for me haha, i am not a fan of mee sua, my dad likes that though.

    I love anything in clear soup…like Penang kway teow th’ng – so refreshing, comforting. Maybe such stuff would be more for old people…like your dad…and I.

    1. And that includes me too. Hahahaha… Something ching and then dip in cilipadi…wahhh..very shiok.. Yes, I like the food displayed above except the belly pork or pork belly…

      That’s how you keep yourself so slim…and looking sexy, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. At least they got to try Sibu’s specialty food. I still miss Cafe-Cafe wet kompia. Sigh.

    They have a halal outlet in Kuching but I haven’t try it out yet.

    They changed the concept, no longer available. They have that at Rejang Park too, I think…or you can go and see that old lady at Tiong Hua Road but be prepared to face her wrath. She may not be in a good mood.

  7. Kuih pusat, that is an apt name hahaha! I think I would prefer the minced meat version for this. The pork belly ones, unless they are really soft and tender, I imagine it would be difficult to bite it off in mouthfuls of kompia + meat..

    Yes, they do a very very good job with the braised pork belly here. I would order that sometimes with rice…but they do not usually give a lot so I would have to order extra – a bowl of the heavenly stuff so there would be enough to satisfy me.

    Personally, I am not all that fond of their minced meat kompia – it’s a totally different taste altogether, nice but no fight at all if compared to the heavenly pork belly. The ladies obviously are put off by the layers of fat, of course and they sure do not know what they’re missing. Incidentally, it seems that pork belly is the “in thing” even in western cuisines these days – I see a lot of it being featured in blogs and websites.

  8. Sibu Wanton looks better than the Wanton in Singapore…

    Different. Skin finer, not so firm and yellow. Both nice.

  9. I had kampua for dinner last night, so won’t crave for it now. hahahah

    The mee suah size look smaller now, if i remember it is quite big bowl?

    I still love my kompia with minced pork from my favorite coffee shop.

    The mee sua was big – plus one drumstick and one big chunk of thigh meat plus an egg. Maybe serving used to be a bit bigger but that was enough for me – had to help eat the dumplings, could not finish all of my own mee sua…not completely, that is. Can’t remember if I ate the kompia – maybe, I didn’t. Whirlwind weekend, so many things happening…hard to remember all. Old man like that lah. Hehehehehe!!!!

    Ya…the ones at that shop, so very cheap too…maybe one third of the price but they do not have pork belly slices, just minced meat. Never tried the pasar malam ones, lots there too, deep-fried also – dunno any nice ones or not…but all minced meat as well.

  10. I feel my hips expanding just looking at the first two pics.

    …so they end up round, soft and cushion-y like the kompias? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ They’re unleavened bread actually, wouldn’t do any more damage than the regular bread. It’s the fatty pork filling…plus the deep frying that’s not so good. πŸ˜‰

  11. kuih pusat! what an interesting name! i miss kampua sibu. Kuching really dont have them as nice as sibu… sigh

    Get those instant ones – they come pretty close. I hear there are all kinds of brands available now and they’ve flooded the supermarkets in Kuching. You will have to add your own meat of course…and garnishings too, if you want.

  12. good grief … the kompia is so generously stuffed with roast meat and minced meat! looks very worthwhile πŸ˜€

    It’s braised…but we do stuff them with roast meat too sometimes ourselves at home, very nice as well, of course!

  13. haha ur title reminds me of the seven habits of highly effective people, rule number 3, put first thing first! haha
    kuih pusat? lol! that’s new to me! haha i wanna try that kompia!

    Stephen Covey eh? Come on, I’ll make sure you get to try that and more…lots lots more.

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