Do it all again…

Last Sunday, since the school holidays had started and we did not have to drive my girl back to her school, we went to the midday service at the cathedral in town and when it was all over, we stopped by here again…

Zen, Sibu

…for lunch before heading home. I am quite sure that even if you do not click the link to check, you can jolly well guess what kind of cuisine we would be having simply by looking at the bamboo in the decor outside.

They had run out of their kim chi fried rice the last time we were here early last month so this time around, we asked first and only when they said it was available did we take our seats…

Green tea & pickled ginger

…and place our orders.

We had this very colourful sashimi salad (RM15.90)…

Zen, sashimi salad

…which we liked a lot. The sesame salad dressing was very nice and they were very generous with the salmon and tuna.

The onion karaage with kim chi sauce (RM9.00)…

Zen, onion karaage

…was pretty good too – we thought the onion rings went very well with the delightful sauce but perhaps they could give a little bit more of the latter, I think.

These yakiniku rolls (RM16.00)…

Zen, yakiniku rolls

…tasted really great too. There was beef inside rolled around some very thin strips of vegetables and mushrooms, and wrapped in bean curd skin.

The kim chi fried rice (RM12.00)…

Zen, kim chi fried rice

…was not too bad – it had the very strong wok hei fragrance and I did not mind the kim chi. Prior to this, I had tried it a few times and I never liked it but I still wanted to order to try as I had seen blogger-friends raving about the kim chi they had made themselves and using that for their fried rice, and praising it to the skies. I thought it was quite nice but no, it did not get me that excited, not at all. I would think that the salmon fried rice that we had on previous occasions was much nicer.

Now, this was rather disappointing, their soft shell crab agemon (RM16.90)…

Zen, soft shell crab agemon

…but it had nothing to do with the taste. For one thing, there was so very little of the crustacean and for another, they did not even bother to make it look a little bit more presentable unlike the last time we had it in 2011

Zen, soft shell crab agemon 2011
*Archive photo*

…and if this is what it is going to be like now, we would much sooner order something else the next time we drop by here.

This, however, was a different story altogether – their mentai prawns (RM26.00)…

Zen, mentai prawns 1

Not only was the plating very well done, but the prawns were really very good too…

Zen, mentai prawns 2

All in all, we thought that was a pretty good lunch and of course, my girl, who is a true-blue die-hard fan of Japanese cuisine, was the happiest…and when she is happy, needless to say, the father is happy too.

That day, they were playing some Christmas songs and carols instead of their usual Japanese repertoire and I did see that they had put up a bit of the decor as well…

Zen, Christmas decor

Well, time certainly is rolling by fast and it’s now less than a month away. What have you done so far?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Do it all again…”

  1. Finally I saw some Japanese food here , though there were some in the past. The food looks good but eh….no sushi and sashimi, besides the sashimi salad ?

    I’m not into sashimi – would rather have our local ethnic version – the umai.

    I am not a fan of sushi either…but I do like some that they have here – but I had those that I think I would enjoy (and I did) in my previous posts. They do not have a wide eselection here…unlike some places, where they have a lot…and they all taste more or less the same. 😦

    Japanese isn’t all that cheap…or at least, not here (total that day was around SIN$40 for 3 persons, inclusive of drinks but the last time I was in Singapore a long long time ago, a simple breakfast for the three of us at a food court, Orchard Road, was already over SIN$20 – so expensive!!!) – poor ol’ pensioner like me…can go for Japanese, say, once a month. Cannot afford to indulge too often. 😦

  2. the sashimi salad so colorful, but i don’t like sashimi….
    but the big mentai prawn,Wow~look nice and sure taste nice!!!!i like their plating, so beautiful leh….hehe

    Hi-5!!! You’re and me, the same! I did have a bit that day, what was in the salad…but I let my girl enjoy most of it…while I just ate the vegetables. She loves it!

    Yes, the prawns were so very nice…and looked so impressive too!!! When are you coming? I’ll treat you to these…and lots, lots more!

  3. every dish that you ordered, i want! 😀 heheh, let me be the first to wish you merry christmas (in advance!) 😀

    Too late. I just got a present and a Christmas card via poslaju yesterday – for Christmas and for my birthday, coming soon. Try again next year. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    You want? Nahhhh!!! You have these and lots more there. 😉

  4. The sashimi salad looks like it has a lot of fish! I wonder where they get their fish from and what kind it is. Hmm…I’ll ask next time just to see if it’s a trade secret. Haha!

    It looks good though, I’ll probably drop by Jackpork again coz I loved the burgers last time I was there.

    Looks like an awesome Sunday meal with your loved ones mate, that’s the best quality time to spend together.

    They fly theirs in, fresh, dunno from where but their salmon’s Norwegian. Everytime it arrives, they will announce on Facebook so best to go then not only because it is fresh but it may not last that long so you may find this and that all not available when you drop by. Yes, they were very generous with the salmon and tuna in the salad dish. Very nice, truly worth having.

    Yes, we enjoy these outings very much. You can order from here and have it sent over to Jack Pork if you want but not vice versa…as the latter is not pork free.

  5. Ahh, Japanese food this time.. Nice.. But I seldom go for Japanese food, not cheap.. A scoop of potato salad usually cost about RM6+, that’s crazy! I love that sesame dressing.. I don’t like greens but I love that sesame dressing..So I think I would take a few bites of greens, hehe..The mentai prawns look very classy and presentable, like 5-star hotel food 🙂

    Indeed. We had that impression too when it was served…but more imprtantly, it tasted really good, worth the price. Sometimes, things are expensive but are not value for money.

    Japanese food is not cheap here either – one visit like this, we can have a very nice lunch at some chu-char place, two or three times at least but it is ok to pamper ourselves once in a while…say when we have something to celebrate. I guess Melissa’s end of a long year of work work work and the beginning of her long year-end holidays was a good reason for us to celebrate. 😉

  6. Yaloh. How come they give so little soft shell crabs. Really feel cheated! That prawn was totally opposite. So tempting!

    Not going to do much for Christmas this year. Dont know hubby can take leave and be with us or not. So we just see as we go along.

    Dunno why so little. Maybe running out of stock. Whatever the reason, we certainly would not want to order that again.

  7. As I always said, am not a fan of Japanese/Korean food but the yakiniku rolls & mentai prawns looks lovely and caught my attention. My kids love Japanese/Korean food and they aren’t cheap.

    I’m ok with Japanese…but anak likes, papa also likes lor – simple as that, not so cheap also never mind.

  8. Eh, I thought it was Chinese food, bamboo = panda food, China LOL!
    What’s kimchi doing in Japanese food outlet? That’s Korean.. But the mentai prawns, that looks glorious!

    See my reply to zmun2 above. Pandas “eat shoots and leaves”… 😀

  9. The soft shell crab, looks very different from the previous time you went… Standard drop?

    Dunno? Not the season, stock running out…or new chef…or getting more expensive.

  10. that soft shell crab looks so sad.. did you feedback to them? Show them the previous pic taken. Hehe..

    Glad you’re happy with the food, especially with the daughter liking it. 😀

    Anything for the anak lor – you too would do the same for your sons, I’m sure. Nope, I did not get to talk to the boss but maybe they do follow my blog…or the posts that I link to them.

  11. My girl likes kimchi fried rice… I also like it too.. got the sourish taste… next time I better “bodek” Elin to give me a bit of kim chi for my fried rice…
    Christmas around the corner? REally? Oh dear, nothing done yet… nothing up yet…

    Well, not too late, still a few weeks to go. Ya, Elin makes her own kim chi and fried the rice too.

  12. The seafood looks awesome. i love seafood. unfortunely i gain slight alergies to them when i grew older.!

    Oh? It seems that if I do not eat it regularly and I go all out and eat a lot at one go, I may have a slight allergy but it is not all that serious, a bit of rash and a slight itch – would be gone by morning.

  13. This is what I love with Japanese food, the presentation is just phenomenal, just look at Mentai shrimps.

    Indeed. That really impressed us that day.

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