Enough time…

It seems to be the trend these days among young people to wake up very late. I know of some who would wake up at around noon, just in time for lunch! Thankfully, my girl does not sleep that long – on weekdays, she would wake up at around 6.30 a.m. to go to work and on weekends and holidays, she would want to sleep in but even then, she would get up at around 8 something or to the latest, between 9.00 and 10.00 a.m…and since I get up at around 5.00 to 6.00 a.m, or sometimes even earlier, I have enough time to cook something nice for her to enjoy for breakfast.

Last Saturday morning, I decided to use the meatballs that I had in the freezer, those remaining ones after I had used some to cook my bakso sometime ago. I fried them in a bit of oil till nice and brown…

Meatballs, fried

…and put them aside for a while.

Then I got the other ingredients ready…


…some chopped garlic (4 cloves) and Bombay onion (1 small one) and tomatoes (4), cores and seeds removed. I had made the mashed potatoes the day before using 4 potatoes, a teaspoon of garlic butter and 2-3 tablespoons of evaporated milk and 4 slices of smoked cheddar cheese – it turned out very nice indeed. I cannot remember now who gave me that packet of spaghetti bolognese sauce and it had been sitting there for quite a while so I decided that I should use it. Incidentally, actually this brand is available here in our little town.

I did think of using some pasta as a base but there wasn’t any in the house and neither were there any mushrooms, canned or fresh, so I had to do without those as well.

Anyway, to get on with what I did that morning, I fried the garlic and onion in a bit of oil and then I added the tomatoes and the meat balls. I emptied the contents of the packet into the wok and added 1 cup of water as instructed. It was very fast – the sauce thickened very quickly and everything was ready in no time at all. I poured some into a casserole…

Meatball bolognese

…and covered it with the mashed potatoes…

Mashed potatoes pie cover

There was enough leftover to make a smaller one so I did just that to give to my sis to enjoy – she stays with my parents and since the older folks are not into this kind of cuisine, she does not get to eat it very often.

I sprinkled a bit of parmesan cheese on top of both and put them in the oven to bake for around 30 minutes and it was done…

Baked meatball bolognese with mashed potatoes 1

I would say that it came out looking very nice.

I helped myself to a bit…

Baked meatball bolognese with mashed potatoes 2

…and yes, it did turn out really well.

When my girl got up, she too had some…

Baked meatball bolognese and mashed potatoes 3

…and she too gave her double thumbs up…and that, I would say, is reward enough when one cooks something – knowing that everyone loves and enjoys it!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Enough time…”

  1. You are really a 24-hour daddy … wake up so early to cook for your princess… haha… As for me, I do wake up late when I am not working and especially after watching football matches where my kids would wake me up instead.
    The meatballs seems done very well…. kudos!

    Very nice! Hmmm…..I guess your missus gets up early to see to the kids? Lucky guy!!!

  2. I love it that you can dish out anything from basically whatever is left in the fridge or in your pantry. Not only that, they always end up looking very yummy πŸ˜€

    Looks pretty good, eh? Tasted great too. The best part was it was very easy and fast to cook…unless I decide to make my own meatballs maybe.

  3. Lucky girl to have you make her breakfast! I know what you mean about the youth liking to sleep in. All my friends here in Berlin like to eat breakfast at 1pm. I am an early bird however πŸ™‚

    Good grief! But the weather there is so nice for sleeping, so cool and comfortable.

  4. Today is one of the very rare time my daughter wakes up earlier than me. First day for her summer job but that means I can’t sleep in too,need to drive her to station for city parking is vv expensive😝

    Sigh!!!! Being a parent these days…like how I would not be able to have a nap on Sundays. 😦

  5. I love this! Like shepard’s pie but minus the minced beef/lamb, but you used meatballs instead, very nice.. I have Marina meatballs too but I usually dump it in my noodles when I eat them with my homemade soup.. Sleep? Never had a long undisturbed sleep for a long long time.. I wake up thrice a night (G still needs midnight feeds) every night, weekends or public holiday or not..

    I had my share of that. Would go to sleep very early to make up for the loss of sleep in the night. Lucky thing you’re not working – I still had to go to work, my MIL helped to babysit – dropped off at the house and picked up after school. But look at her now – all worth it, that’s for sure.

    1. I’m working la.. Morning, I drop them to the nursery, one of the teachers will help to fetch Kz to the tadika, coz the school opens at 7.45am, too late for me, would be late to work.. After work, I have to pick them up from two different places.. I would pickup Kz from the school, and G from the nursery (different locations).. Tiring..

      You are? All this time, I thought you were a SAHM. Yes, it can be tiring, sending here and there, picking up and all that – gets worse when they start school, all the activities, extra classes and everything but it’s ok. Kids grow up so fast, too fast! When it is all over, you will look back and miss those “good ol’ days”.

  6. It looks fabulous!

    I’ll prefer to eat this Shepard’s Pie type casserole rather than pasta, the way you baked it made it look very nice (and taste great, I’m sure).

    Meatball casserole eh? I might try that sometime if I go to IKEA and get their meatballs.

    Never tried IKEA’s meatballs though I have heard so much about them. Really curious – are they actually that good? Wish someone would take me there to try someday. Yea…the meatballs with pasta – that would be all pasta with two or three balls on top, not so many and I would go for mashed potatoes anytime over pasta.

    1. I can get some for you if you want.

      There are frozen ones for sale, but I haven’t booked my tickets yet, I’ll try tomorrow and see if I go back this week or next. I’ll update you buddy.

      Please, don’t trouble yourself. You always go out of your way to bring me stuff, I really appreciate that but please don’t – will be glad to see you again and we can always go out together and enjoy some nice stuff in town, good enough. I dread bringing frozen stuff when travelling – so stressful, always worried it will go bad…in case of a delay or something.

      1. Yeah, that’s the part I’m worried about too coz I actually don’t have a fridge at home.

        It’s a long story but this new place doesn’t have a fridge so if I fly in the morning I’ll be worried about getting it frozen. Hmm…maybe next time when I’m flying in the afternoon then it’s okay, I can just pop by IKEA, get the meatballs and then wrap them in newspaper as an insulating agent and fly off, but will have to time it right! πŸ™‚

        It’s ok, please don’t trouble yourself. The next time I hop over to KL, you can take me there to enjoy them…piping hot and fresh.

  7. Yea, used to be wake up late as a student, probably like 11 am? i feel so old right now after working 😦

    Ya, once one has started working, have to give up on the luxury of waking up late on weekdays. Count your blessings – you’re not a teacher. We start at 7.00 a.m. here…but maybe you would need to get up just as early to avoid the jam and the early morning rush?

  8. It looks scrumptious! I’ve never had it with meatballs though, usually just minced meat underneath. This one looks good.

    I only had those meatballs in the freezer and that packet of bolognese sauce that somebody gave me a long time ago so I thought I would just go ahead with it, no need to come up with its own gravy or something. Thankfully, it turned out really nice.

  9. Thought you were making shepherd’s pie, but the filling is different. Do you have a name for this delicious thing? Tuapui pie maybe? πŸ˜€

    No name…maybe tua liap is better? Big balls… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Am an early bird too, be it weekdays or weekends. That meatballs looks fabulous.

    The early bird catches the worm, they say. πŸ˜‰ I would like a good wholesome breakfast…not just a cream cracker so since I wake up so early, I would whip up something nice myself. Here’s what I dished out today:
    Mee mamak, STP style

    1. Good for a cold wet day like today. Goes with a cup of hot kopi kaw kaw. Drooling!!!!!…

      Was raining heavily here at dawn, ok now…the sun has come out. Hope it stays that way for the rest of the day.

  11. It looks very good! πŸ™‚ Oh, and as far as Thanksgiving goes, we Canadians already had ours last month; we celebrate it in October.

    Oh? I thought it’s sometime this week.

  12. I would be happy to have someone cook breakfast for me once a while. Hehe.

    Lovely breakfast you made, Arthur.

    I also not into waking up late. The most after 9am. Usually it is around 630-7am but with school, it would be ard 6am.

    Since back to Kuching, today is the day we wake up at 8!!! The past week it has been before 7am. It guess it is the cold weather (raining outside) and everyone was tired from a Sunday outing.

    Your hubby can cook? Or you can teach your girl – she will be big very fast and very soon, she can cook for you. Hehehehehehehe!!!! When I was working, I was already in school at around 6 a.m. Early bird. πŸ˜€

  13. Wahhh…good morning chef. Although i m not keen in the meatball, that is truly a beautiful and yummy dish.

    You don’t? I love meatballs, pork ones as well even if they’re plain in clear soup. Nice!

  14. Hmm, I wish I can sleep til lunch time! But that’s impossible la!

    Everything looks good, especially the meatball!

    Very good, wouldn’t mind cooking and eating this again. I can’t sleep in maybe because of the years and years of getting up early so I will wake up early but I would want a short nap after lunch.

  15. An early riser you say? I supposed when ur retired and having too fun free time, sometime u just don’t know how to spend the days. Looks like it’s a good time to keep experimenting! Have fun!

    Not exactly. I always have things to do but I tend to procrastinate, feel so lazy so just put off to another day…and in the end, have to rush. πŸ˜›

  16. Looks so good! I have been meaning to try your pies but have not gotten round to it.

    Like how I’ve been wanting to try your cakes… The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. πŸ˜‰

  17. not bad.. i too, am an early person. In fact with baby karlson and Martin, i don’t usually get to sleep longer than 3 hours in a stretch at night. Lol!

    Oh dear!! Enough kah? Poor thing. πŸ˜€

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