Alone again naturally…

Rose and her children will be moving back to Kuching this weekend, if I’m not mistaken, so that means I will be losing a makan kaki (eating companion) here to go out on breakfast dates and to share any information about nice makan places in town and give whatever nice stuff that we may have to try. In fact, she went home last weekend to attend a wedding and if you have read her post here, you would know already that she bought one big box of those Hong Kong paos…

Hong Kong paos from Kuching

…and no prize for guessing who they were for. Hehehehehehe!!!!

She bought these for me before – that first time when we met and I do think they are very nice, much nicer than the other type, the Rubber Road baked buns, that she got for me the second time. I love the flaky pastry and the char siew (barbecued meat) filling is really good too…

Hong Kong pao, inside

– just like what you would find in those steamed paos at the dim sum places. Thank you so much for them, Rose. What a coincidence indeed – the same buns the very first time we met and the last time! All the best to you and your family in Kuching – do take care there and God bless always. I certainly will let you know if ever I will be in the city.

Unfortunately, we were not able to go some place for a bite that morning when she passed me these. She was not free earlier and later, I had to send my car to the car wash as it got so very dirty due to the patches of rain we encountered on our way to Selangau and back while sending my girl back to her school on Sunday. It wouldn’t be so bad if it had rained really heavily – it is the little bit of rain here and there that I do not like as it really makes a terrible mess all over the car. When I got to the place, I found that the coffee shop opposite has called it day. The chap fan stall that I blogged about did not even last one or two months and now, the whole place has closed down. I can’t say I was all that fond of what they had there but at least, that would be one place to go for a drink and something to eat while one’s car was being washed.

After having got that done, I dropped by the mall next door and while browsing around the supermarket there, I saw this…

Chivers raspberry jam

Hey! That was THE jam that I used to eat during my growing-up years, this exact brand, made in England no less! No, I’m not really into jam these days unless it is with some rich and buttery scones and clotted cream – I would love that…a lot but unfortunately, we can’t get any of those nice scones here and I don’t think there is any clotted cream in the shops either! Nonetheless, I could not resist grabbing a bottle for my girl to try – she likes jam with her toast and what not and I think she prefers raspberry…and I could tell her that this was what we had way back then during those colonial days.

I also wanted to stop by there as I saw on Facebook that the lady making these khong therng/kacang tumbuk (rolled crushed peanut cake) …

Khong therng

…had got back into action again and they are now available once more at the stall at the foyer of the mall selling all the local Foochow delights.

When my cousins came to town that day, they went to buy those from the sole-survivor in Sungai Merah, the only shop making these in the whole town and when I dropped by the hotel to see them, they gave me one to try. Theirs were sweet,  not much peanut fragrance and in every pack, there was one miserably small and thin bit and the one I had was not a rectangular whole even. I would never bother getting any from there, that’s for sure.

These are a completely different story – exactly like those that we used to love and enjoy so much in our younger days…but no, I do not usually eat them like that, not anymore, much as I love them a lot as at my age, I need to make sure I do not over-indulge – everything in moderation! Usually, I would need those when I make my salad dressing…or my rojak sauce…or for my own homemade popiah – this would save me the trouble of having to fry my own peanuts (and remove the skin) and pounding them for use…and these are a whole lot nicer than the factory-made ones available at the supermarkets (which I had no choice but to use during those desperate times) as well.

Now that the lady is making them again, I do hope she’ll stick around much longer…and will not disappear into thin air after a while, like the last time. Tsk! Tsk!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Alone again naturally…”

  1. I can eat 10 siew paus if they are good, hehe.. I like the sweet filling ones.. Some of them are not sweet, and crust is hard, not nice.. Chivers strawberry jam? Give me 5, I only buy this brand abd this flavour coz Kz only eats this.. He only eats Chivers strawberry jam, sapu-ed on bread or pancakes..

    You seem to be able to eat 10 of everything! Still so small and slim. So blessed. Yup, the Seremban ones that I had before – the crust was hard, crusty and hard…not flaky like these and in the filling, the meat looked like in strips…like pulled pork and the taste also not all that great, not like the dim sum steamed char siew pao filling.

    1. Oops now only I see raspberry, I thought strawberry.. We only eat the strawberry at home.. We tried the raspberry one too, but too much seeds..

      Raspberry has seeds? Depends on the brand, maybe. Oh dear!!! Should have bought strawberry then! 😦 That day I bought the Heinz ones – those in little packets, they give at hotel breakfasts. There were raspberry and strawberry…no seeds. To me, both more or less the same – raspberry has a darker shade in the colour.

  2. Again, you are most welcome. It is nice to meet up and chat with you in person. 🙂

    I love kacang tumbuk. Used to have them when people gave these as a wedding or engagement gifts.

    You like? Aiyorrrr!!!! Should have got you some that day. Never mind! When I go over to Kuching, I would know what to bring for you… Hopefully, that lady is still making.

    1. No need lah. Can find it in Kuching. I seldom buy. Used to eat as kids. It is a norm for Chinese to send these as a gift. Now no more. Haha

      Yes, the tradition has died out, it seems. Should go on practising these customs to preserve our heritage and identity…instead of emulating other cultures or trends that are not our own. Sad. 😦

  3. Have you tried rolling the peanut candy with popiah skin? 😀 still can be found here in Penang but not as common as it used to be….

    I think it is available, not too sure where. Never bother to look. There’s chicken floss too…and sambal prawn floss as well. Deep fried, not really my favourite.

  4. During school days i love kacang tumbuk but nowadays no more lah. too sweet.

    Those pau looks like seremban siew pau. You have tasted both types , right? so any difference?

    Yes, see my reply to an earlier comment.

  5. Siew pao! Yummm…with a cuppa of tea.

    I love kacang tumbuk back then…is very additive. Once start eating cannot stop it.

    Yes, I bought for Mandy once – the first time I came across these – she said they were so good, not like the rest, and even though she does not usually go for sweet things, she finished them in no time at all.

  6. Oh, I love kacang tumbuk. Last time when people got engagement, they used to give kacang tumbuk & peanut candy in red packet but nowaday this tradition has died out. I used peanut candy for making the rojak sauce instead of kacang tumbuk.

    You mean the peanuts stuck together with hard caramel? Have to pound then? Never tried. I would use the supermarket ones – kacang tumbuk…but mostly sweet, not much peanut fragrance…but at least better than the other one here – other than that hopeless one and this one, nobody else making anymore. Dying out gradually. 😦

    1. Yes, peanuts stuck together with hard caramel. No doubt, extra work, have to pound but have more peanut fragrance.

      Ok, will try next time. Desperation calls for desperate measures, don’t want the hassle of frying my own peanuts with the skin flying everywhere when removing. 😦

  7. Hong Kong pao? It looks like siew pao to me. But you said they are flaky. I would love to try them someday 😉

    Have to ask Rose. She got them for me from Kuching, dunno where. None here. We do have siew pao at some bakeries – not nice. 😦

  8. I am not big on jam, but that one looks like a winner…and made in England, too! 🙂

    Should be better than our cheap local-made ones – sweet jelly with artificial fruit flavours.

  9. You made me crave for siew pau !!!!! I did hear Rose mentioned she’s coming back to kuching for good.. hope can meet her up one day.. or maybe we can meet up when you’re in town.. hehehe..

    I know siao pao wang, Padungan, makes these too. Nice or not, dunno. Ya…hopefully, we’ll all get to meet someday. 😉

  10. Oh! Chivers jam! Yes, I remember that one, I used to eat that brand of jam when I was a little girl. I have forgotten about it until I saw it here 🙂

    Me too! Forgotten all about the brand till I saw it on the shelf that day, so excited! 😀

  11. I am also not into jam unless they are homemade ones…. Too sweet for me…but the crushed peanuts looks very nice… Havent tried it before….something like our kacang tumbuk ones over here? Yours look more compact…ours one here will all drop off upon biting so much so everything needs to be put into the mouth at one go….

    Ne neither, not since young but maybe that’s because we only had those local-made ones around, all sweet and artificial flavours, not real fruit. Never bothered to buy and eat…would go for peanut butter or kaya instead.

    I know those kacang tumbuk you’re talking about – we get those at the supermarket here, factory made over at your side – all sugar and maybe flour, some brands not much peanut at all – come nowhere near these very very nice ones.

  12. i must admit, i’ve never liked raspberry jam or anything raspberry, cos it usually tastes too tart for me (i like gentler flavours). i wouldn’t mind a jar of blueberry jam though! 😀

    My girl seems to like it but she likes blueberry too, not strawberry. Will ask her when she comes home today. She may not like this one with all the seeds. 😦

  13. Hong Kong Paos. Wow. DIdnt tried them when i was in Hong Kong.

    missing siew paus. used to eat the famous seremban siew paus!

    Not fond of those. My favourite would still be the Kai Joo Lane ones, off India Street, in Kuching – even though the quality has dropped, still the best – for me!

  14. My dad loves that sweet – he loves peanuts so it’s his favorite one!

    I quite like it too, last time it was wrapped in a twist of paper so the brittle shards don’t fall down (or at least fall INSIDE the paper so you can fold it up and eat the crumbs).

    Good to see Ko Kee making them!

    He does? Hope to get him some when you’re back in town – if that lady is still making, that is.

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