I heard about this place and the RM8.50 chicken chop on their banner…

Claypot Kingdom

…but I had no idea as to whether they sold anything else until I saw Rose’s post about it in her blog.

Or chien? Our Sarawak pizza…or the Kuching style oyster pancake/omelette??? Ooooo…that’s my girl’s favourite so of course, we simply had to drop by to check it out…

Claypot Kingdom or chien

This was RM15.00 but it was HUGE, the size of the wok that it was cooked in! Besides, it was very nicely done and we all enjoyed it to the max. We certainly would not mind going back there again for this but the seating area is located in Jalan Kai Peng (and don’t mistake it for Jalan Kia Peng in KL – there is a difference in the order of the vowels), the alley between the bank and the block of shops…

The alley

…and when we were there, there were some mosquitoes/insects fluttering around though thankfully, none of us complained of any bites from those. There was a big TV showing some dance movie or something but I wished they had put up one or two or more of those big stand fans instead. Luckily, it had rained earlier that evening so it was not hot and uncomfortable.

My girl also tried the chicken chop (RM8.50)…

Claypot Kingdom chciken chop

…and it was good. She loved the “original brown sauce” as they called it and they certainly were very generous with the meat which was good as well…though she wished they had given a bit more fries. Ah well! What can one expect from RM8.50?

My missus and I shared the bak kut teh, dry (RM15.00)…

Claypot Kingdom bak kut teh, dry

…for two, with two plates of rice and yes, it was good though it came across as a drier version of the usual bak kut teh with a thicker sauce. Other than the pieces of meat on the bone, they also had pork belly slices and intestines and stuff inside. We enjoyed that very much but I do think the one we had here was very much nicer as far as the taste goes – the dry version, that is.

I also ordered their fried mushroom (RM6.00)…

Claypot Kingdom fried mushroom

…which was very nicely done and I would say that I liked it a lot more than what I had had elsewhere but the cendol (RM3.00)…

Claypot Kingdom, cendol

…that we had was a disappointment. It looked very impressive when served but the excitement was short-lived. They probably used canned coconut cream or the (powdered) one that comes in packets so it had that unpleasant smell of coconut milk that has been cooked for too long…and besides, I did not quite fancy the rose syrup in it. My favourite in town would still be the ones here.

It seems that one can order dishes to go with rice as in all those chu-char (cook-fry) places and I did see some people eating the very familiar fried midin and fried cangkuk manis. The lady was telling me about some kind of promotion going on right now and if I understood her correctly, I think the claypot dishes were all going for RM15.00 and she was raving on and on about her assam fish and fish curry, using Fook Kui fish or whatever. But if you are looking for some halal food, there is this satay stall here too…

Claypot Kingdom satay stall

…by the side and the satay did look very nice though we did not get to try them as we already had way too much for three persons. That, and everything else, would just have to wait till the next time we drop by here…

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24 thoughts on “Kingdom…”

  1. So, what’s that? Omellete or pancake ? It looks good leh !

    That is or chien, what you all call oyster omelette in English over at your side but the way they do it here, it is more like a pancake, not quite an omelette. In fact, it is very thin and crispy at the side – something like the rempeyek and it is thicker in the middle, more like a pancake or what we call chai peah here so despite having the same name, it is very different from or chien as you know it and it is not really an omelette except maybe the batter is egg-based, that is all.

    We have both types here but my daughter prefers this kind.

  2. oh boy, it’s been ages since my last oyster omelette…
    really craving over it now!!!!

    Are you familiar with this type? It seems that one can only get it like this here in this part of the country…or in Kuching, actually but now I know we have two places doing it this way in town. The usual type that we would find in Singapore and in the peninsula would be the egg omelette type with some starch (tapioca flour) used so there would be a bit of something like glue inside – some do it well, some not really. We can get both types here.

  3. quite a diverse variety of food to be found in one place, ya. or chien, chicken chop, bak kut teh, cendol, all conveniently here. someone should open a burger stall here also, heheh 😀

    No, thank you. We have one – I think they sell giant ones, burgers at least 12 inches in diameter but that place is illegal – somebody set up a stall outside his house and then others joined in so there are many hawkers stalls all around that same place selling all kinds of food…and the illegally-parked cars every night would take up one of the two-lane street and cause a congestion. I would never go and eat…much less blog about it – there is a nice and proper hawker centre right across the road but no, they would not do it the proper way and set up their businesses there.

  4. Everything looks good.. I like the all the food you ordered.. Especially that banjir chicken chop.. I dont know about Mel or others, but I love gravy on anything.. As long as they are not too salty.. Oohhh imagine dipping the fries into the sauce and nibble one by one, yummmssss…

    Mel said the gravy was nice – not every place has good brown gravy and most places would use black pepper sauce instead, probably straight from the bottle. I’m no fan of black pepper sauce.

  5. I like the o-chien and dry bak kut teh. The food you ordered look so good. Dont judge the book by its cover. Haha. The place looks nothing impressive but surprise they serve nice and cheap dishes.

    I don’t need an aircon place….but I do want a fan or two. Our hot tropical weather isn’t all that suitable for open air dining like this actually.

    1. Agreed with you on that matter. Or a roof would be good too to avoid rain or bird’s poo but that would be needing approval from local council.

      Luckily that night I went, it was after the rain so rather cooling and no one complaint of heat. Jay is so sensitive to heat and he hates sweaty places.

      Here, what approval? That burger place I mentioned in my reply to an earlier comment, I’m sure, did not get the nod from the town council. I wonder why no action has been taken and they seem to keep very quiet about it…if you catch the drift! Tsk! Tsk! Very dark at night and half the road is blocked…and when there are a lot of cars, it can be very dangerous…especially how people drive here, never courteous, never giving way.

  6. Wow! Sarawak pizza – that’s something I’d love to try.

    That’s what the people in Kuching call it – more because of the appearance than anything else, I would say…especially when they have a lot more big, fat and juicy oysters dotting the thing.

  7. I don’t eat chicken chops these days… no idea how much it costs 😛

    Oh? Because of the hormone injections? You’re scared you would develop breasts, is it? No pork, now no chicken…what else is there? Or is it just the chops that you do not eat? One place in Penang where you are, Hainan chicken chop…so very nice and so very cheap but I think you said it is closed now so dunno where it has moved to, if they are still running the business.

  8. Oh,I love or chien & BKT. Prefer the cripsy type of or-chien than the wet. BKT, be it wet or dry, I like. Sad that the cendol was a disappointment.

    Ya, it looked so good. Hopefully, they will work on it – would have been nice, otherwise. My girl’s like you – prefers the Kuching style ones…but she also likes the West Malaysian egg omelette-type – anything oysters, she likes! 😦

  9. RM8.50 for chicken chop is a very good deal. I have not seen or chien done like that. So big! Reminds me of the Mexican hat (sombrero?) 😀

    Cheap, very cheap. Ya…used to get this only in Kuching but we have that here now. That would be a nice name for it – sombrero. 😀

  10. Mentioning about bak kut teh, i ever heard that Singapore bak kut teh not nice, and bak kut teh in Klang is nice…

    That’s what everyone tells me, even the ones in KL, not as nice as the ones in Klang…but nobody has ever brought me there to try. 😦

  11. Hmm.. Kuching or chien looks different compared to the ones I am used to here..

    I am pretty sure even some Sibu people are not too familiar with this type unless they have had that in Kuching, or even the type that you know very well. Not something very common here. At the moment, I only know two places serving it this way now…and one serving it your way.

  12. ahem….where are the oyster? Tak nampak pun.

    but then i like crunchy oh chien. Those wet one not as nice. Next time come. we go puchong. there have one nice oh chien….not so pricey too

    Will need microscope to see – small and not many and no prize for guessing who ate all of them, not me. 😦 But the batter had the very nice oyster taste though…or smell, whichever you choose to call it. Puchong kah? Never been, nobody every brought me there. Saw in people’s blogs – all the nice things to eat, all the nice places to go to there. Sobssss!!!!!!

  13. I remember my first time trying the Or Chien. This one look nice but the oysters are too little. hehe.

    I guess you can get it at Top Spot, halal…but I hear it’s a tourist trap. 😦

  14. Wish they have this Sarawak pizza over here. Love to try. The chicken chop looks good…banjir with brown sauce. Very generous portion of chicken, considering the price.

    Yes, that’s one big slab of chicken. Other places, pay a lot more and get a lot less. Most important thing – it was very nicely done – my girl enjoyed it. Somebody said they have the Sarawak pizza in Puchong? Not the same, I think…crispy but not like this.

    1. Oh? Do you know whereabouts in Puchong? Would love to try it out.
      Recently heard my friend said there’s a cafe in Damansara Perdana (can’t recall the name) selling authentic Sarawak food like Sarawak laksa, mee kolo, midin..etc. plan to try it out soon 🙂

      No idea. Try googling. Laksa, kolo mee…I know Auntie Christina:
      Midin, I dunno. Sibu kampua, you can try this one – dunno how good though…

  15. Your or chien looks crispy and nice. Here, the or chien is never crispy. Some soggy even -.-

    Kuching-style, very different, both nice but as in the case of everything else, must know where to go for the good ones…not that we have that many choices here. Thankfully, they’re all good.

  16. OOhhh…i love the fried mushroom. The last time I had this kind of fried mushroom was at pasar malam.

    Yup, they have at the hawker centre here too, nice…but this one’s very nice!

  17. I bet it was huge. I have seen some humungous woks! Fried mushrooms? I have not had those in a long time. My mother used to make a fried cauliflower that actually tasted like shrimp. When she would take that dish to various potlocks, it never lasted long.

    Speaking of eggs… yesterday, I made my daughter an omelet. I also made sausage, hash browns for her lunch. She liked it so much that she asked if the could take it for her lunch. Everything was packed in her insulated lunch jar and it kept the food nice and hot until it was time to eat at lunch time. 🙂

    Fried cauliflower sounds great. Here, they do it with bitter gourd, brinjal cut into strips, pumpkin…just dip in batter and deep fry. I’ve seen fried kailan (Chinese brocolli) chips too. My girl would love all these – anything deep-fried, she likes. Ya, that’s the kind of lunch (or breakfast) she would love too.

  18. wahhhh… I wanna try all the above! the Or chien looks so tempting and unique too… chicken chop looks juicy… BKT and the fried mushroom, I wanna share if I eat… and the ice kacang…. so tempting!

    Come on over when you’ve retired, stay as long as you like, always welcome.

  19. What kind of sauce was on the fried mushrooms?

    I don’t really know. I’ve had that elsewhere for a long time now – they just call it brown gravy. I would have that or mushroom gravy – which is similar but has thin slices of button mushroom in it. I don’t like black pepper sauce – they seem to have that…and only that at most places these days. 😦

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