Can’t get enough…

Ever since she sampled her mum’s order that day when we were at this coffee shop, my girl kept saying that she would want to go back for that but since we did not get the chance to drop by the previous weekend, I tapao-ed it for her to bring back to her school to heat up and enjoy during the course of the week. Well, she enjoyed it so very much that when she was home last weekend, she said that she would like to go back for more. Gee! It certainly seemed that she loved it so much and simply could not get enough of it.

So there we were at that coffee shop again and of course, she had her much-coveted beef noodles (RM6.00)…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles, soup

…which delighted her as much as ever.

I wanted something different so I asked for the dry version (RM6.00)…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles, dry 1

…which came with a bowl of the very thick and really awesome beef broth.

I tossed the bowl of noodles and all the added ingredients in it…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles, dry 2

…with the fried chili flakes provided…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles, dry 3

…before I started to dig in. Unfortunately, I would not say that it got me all excited. Given a choice, I think I would rather go and have the kampua kosong with a serving of beef soup here…but of course, the soup that came with it was really good and I was so tempted to just pour it in with the noodles and eat in the hope that I would enjoy it a lot more but I did not.

I also ordered their pan-fried dumplings (10 for RM6.00)…

Pan-fried dumplings

…which my girl loves very much. Needless to say, she enjoyed them a lot and in her opinion, the ones here were nicer than those that she had at this other place. Personally, I am not really into these things so to me, they are both ok, more or less.

Well, you can drop by and try the beef noodles and everything else that they have to offer at this stall…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles stall

…or you can do what my missus did and order something else from one of the many stalls there.

She had the Ah Tor-style fried kway teow (RM4.00)…

Yummy Kafe, egg fried kway teow 1

…except that I did not think they got it quite right. This was more like omelette-wrapped fried kway teow, a la Pattaya-style whereas the real thing is not supposed to be like that. The way the late Ah Tor did it or how his son would do it now, the kway teow would be fried first and pushed aside and then they would fry the omelette. Before it is completely cooked, they would dump the kway teow on the egg so that when it is served, flipped over, you will find that the kway teow is actually embedded in the egg.

Nonetheless, the fried kway teow that my missus had…

Yummy Kafe egg fried kway teow 2

…was very nice and the serving was really huge. It was quite a struggle for her to finish all of it but she did.

Well, that certainly was a delightful lunch that we had that day and since we do like some of the things available at this coffee shop, we certainly would go back for more…especially the beef noodles, the soup version, of course!

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32 thoughts on “Can’t get enough…”

  1. i can’t get enough of just looking at your pictures too! Haha… one plate of dumplings for me pls! πŸ˜€

    Lots where you are. I mentioned in an earlier post that the guy, a uni grad, went and worked as an apprentice with someone in KL for a year to learn the tricks of the trade. Then, he came back to run his own business here. Very nice, everything. I wonder who his sifu was…

  2. We have something similar in the Philippines where soup is separated from the noodles. I prefer it that way so noodles dont get soggy the longer you eat them

    Usually my girl is not into soup noodles as she’s a slow eater. I guess the noodles get too soggy eventually – especially our noodles that are not so yellow. They do not add the whatever-stuff to make the noodles firm and springy…and yellow in colour, not fond of those as they have a distinct smell. It’s ok by me as I eat very fast…no time for the noodles to turn soggy. Hehehehehe!!!

  3. I super duper love those pan fried dumplings.. I call it woh-tip here, they have really nice ones in Esquire Kitchen, I could eat 12! Beef soup looks very rich and ‘yap mei’, I can slurp all the soup without problem too..Sigh, hungry already looking at your photos.. 😦

    Esquire? Used to love it in the 80’s and 90’s. Still nice, I guess…but prices also very nice now. Go, go and eat! Lots in KL, original recipe from there.

  4. OH me likey! The fat noodles seem good with the beef broth.

    There used to be a label saying that they’re not yellow noodles – I did not see that anymore. Anyway, ours are not like the yellow noodles elsewhere.

  5. That really looks like a generous portion of beef for RM6.

    RM6 isn’t exactly cheap by our standard but it was really good and yes, that was a whole lot of beef. Value for money, worth it.

  6. All this in Yummy cafe? Hmm. Always go there for the kampua and roti canai stalls. Must try the beef noodle. Looks delish.

    You will not regret it. It is very nice. The kuih chap is good too, if you are a fan of that.

    1. I am a fan of kueh chap (minus the innards). Lol. Will go and try them out.

      Go, go. Going to move back to Kuching liao… πŸ˜‰

  7. All my favourite especially the awesome beef noodles in thick broth. My 1st time seeing dry version served with “kiam chye”. Now my tummy is making all sorts of noises.

    I wonder where the good ones are in Kuching – this type. Here, quite a number of places selling this – may look the same or almost the same but not the same. Not as nice, nowhere near this one.

  8. I thought Ah Tor is a frying style or something, so Ah Tor is actually a person. Does the taste really differ with the embedded egg and kuay teow?

    There is a difference as one would have the strips of kway teow coated with egg – the other, the kway teow and the omelette come separate but it is also nice…in its own ways, depends on what one wants or prefers. This would be something like what I saw on AFC, that Kylie would add the egg to her fried rice last so the egg would coat the individual grains of rice and bring the taste to a whole new level…and that is why I do that too.

  9. that one tapau ah? Food presentation looks good wor. can open restaurant already

    Nope, tapao was a week before this…this one’s the week after, ate at the shop. If tapao, they give you separate – the beef in the broth, the noodles…and thirdly, the veg and carrot slices. Can heat up and put everything together yourself when want to eat.

  10. Well, I can’t get enough of that place too. Never know whether to go for kampua or the beef noodles there. So this was not Ah Tor’s kueh tiaw, just some imitator?

    Nope, it wasn’t. Very nice, a lot…but not the same. Kampua’s still there…enjoying brisk business too.

    1. i meant in general.. those roadside stalls one. Had one the other day, a very old but rather famous one along jalan alor kl..

      Jalan Alor? Dunno of any good one there, old or new, but I have not been around those parts for a while now. I know there’s a very famous one, next lane – Tengkat Tong Shin, Ngau Kee. Never got to try myself though but I would pass the roadside stall everytime I went to Restoran MUar – nice food here too but also have not been there for a few years now. They say the one at Lot 10 Hutong also nice, the beef noodles…but a bit more expensive.

  11. I wouldn’t get tired of good beef noodles. The dry version does not look very appealing.

    Very very mild, and even the fried chili flakes did not help much. I would prefer something much stronger in taste.

  12. Everything looks good to me. πŸ™‚ but the dumpling looks specially irresistible… But then again…I always find those fried stuff irresistible!

    You’re just like my girl – she prefers these fried ones to the steamed ones.

  13. Love gyoza. I used to buy the frozen one and for the first time I cook them in the wrong way.Then HB taught me how to cook it.LOL!!

    My girl knows how to do it. She used to buy from the supermarkets too in Wellington and fried/cooked them herself. Never tried myself.

  14. AH!! I love this type beef noodles. Maybe one day i should go to that Sabah famous beef noodles, Ka Hiong to try it out. You love that right, now they have a branch here in KL, I think got two branches, one at Puchong and another one at Kota Damansara.

    This is at Yummy Cafe? Is it better than the one that i like?

    Yup, they have branches over there now. I hear they’re almost as good as the original in KK. They have in Brunei too. Yes, this is at Yummy’s? Which one do you like? Ah Sian’s? That one’s not the same type – like Ka Hiong’s…not as nice as Ka Hiong’s but also very nice, not bad.

  15. oh… Pan fried dumplings sounds sooo good.They are very popular in Poland.
    The most common are ‘Russian dumplings’ with white cheese and mashed potato filling πŸ™‚

    They have these in Japanese cuisine too – gyozas, they’re called – pot stickers.

  16. i covet those beef noodles too … looks like it’d be a very satisfying lunch. mooooo-re please! πŸ˜€

    My daughter’s favourite in town – not too sure where the guy went to work as an apprentice in KL to learn how to cook it. Will ask him the next time I drop by. The master’s should be a class above.

  17. Oh the beef noodles that we get from Seremban is served with pickled vege too, and I like the saltiness/sourness it provides. That bowl of beef noodles your daughter had looks great!

    Yes, we all think this one’s very good. There are a few around – not all would tickle our fancy.

  18. I like your dry version, Arthur… the soup looks too thick and spicy for me… the dry version looks nice! The fried noodles looks interesting too but then must bring you along, right? Otherwise how to finish the big portion! … hahhaa..

    It certainly was not spicy at all – I know one place that has the spicy version. I never liked that one. Tried once, never again. I didn’t think the dry version looked enticing at all – it was as bland as it looked, everything looked…boiled. 😦 My missus did not get any help from me – I am not all that fond of our ckt here so since she ordered that, she had to finish it herself…or leave behind what she could not manage. I guess she quite liked it as she was able to finish all.

  19. Would love to try the beef noodles there, especially the dry version that you had. The noodles look different than the ones they usually have in beef noodles over here. The broth looks very nice like the one I had at Ka Hiong branch over here.
    I like the fried dumpling too, better than the steamed version.

    Ka Hiong is more clear soup, like our regular beef noodles,but darker in colour and richer and stronger broth. This one, they say is Taiwan style, I dunno…with the stew-like broth. Usually I do not like this time – more into the ones like Ka Hiong…but this one’s very nice. The dumplings were well done.

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