No need…

In my post on salted eggs the other day, contact.ewew mentioned salted egg fried rice and despite all the different varieties of fried rice that I had whipped up, that was something I had not tried! Well, it so happened that my brother-in-law gave us a whole lot of the local-made ones that he bought at the Sunday market here. We ate some and found that they were not really like salted eggs – perhaps, they had not matured sufficiently and since I had those in the fridge, I decided to give it a go.

It turned out pretty well – I thought it was quite nice and when my girl came home over the weekend and we had two left, I decided to fry it again for breakfast…

STP's salted egg and bacon fried rice 1

We did not have much leftover rice so I had to resort to throwing this and that in so there would be enough to go round. There were some bits of bacon left in the freezer and I took those and used, along with some sliced button mushrooms and tomatoes…


…and of course, I had the usual peeled and sliced garlic and shallots and some sliced chili and chopped spring onions.

I fried the garlic and shallots in a bit of oil till golden brown and then I pushed them aside and put in the bacon…

Garlic shallots & bacon

…to fry till nice and crispy.

Next, I added the mushrooms and tomatoes and chili…

Mushrooms tomatoes & chili

Make sure that the sizzling has subsided before proceeding as a lot of that would be indicative of a lot of moisture in the ingredients and if you add the rice then, it may turn out wet and soggy and not all that nice.

After that, I put in the rice…


I have seen on TV and also in many recipes where they tell you to loosen the rice first so your fried rice will not be lumpy. Don’t bother! There is no need to do that at all. Just use the ladle or spatula or whatever you call it to break the lumps apart and do not worry if it is still lumpy – in the process of frying, the grains will all come apart eventually.

Before I fried this the first time, I also looked at some recipes and for whatever reason, the ones that I saw told me to separate the white and the yolk first and fry them separately. Well, don’t bother…or at least I did not as I do not see the need to. I just broke the egg into the wok…

Salted egg

…and used the ladle/spatula to roll away the yolk and let the white fry on its own first.

Then using the spatula/ladle, I mashed the yolk…

Salted egg yolk

…that I had pushed aside before mixing both with the rice thoroughly. I don’t know if this would be different from doing it in the way suggested but as far as I am concerned, there is no need to go through that extra hassle.

Lastly, I added a dash of pepper and the chopped spring onions…

Pepper & spring onions

…and after I had fried everything together adequately, I dished it out and served…

STP's salted egg & bacon fried rice 2

Yes, it was very nice…especially with the added fragrance of the bacon but I still thought the salted eggs lacked the usual taste or smell that I particularly like about them…

STP's salted egg & bacon fried rice 3

It would be nicer if that had been stronger but this time around, it did not matter so much as the bacon sure saved the day!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “No need…”

  1. Huh.. I have never tried salted egg fried rice too. Usually it would be salted fish fried rice..

    Neither have I. My first time…and as they say, the first time is the worse and it gets better with practice. πŸ˜‰

  2. Salted eggs fried rice?? Never try before also leh but it looks good on the picture! Like realgunners , I preferred salted fish fried rice too.

    I love salted fish fried rice too, but it must be the “long” variety – the rotting, smelly type…not the dry type. That kind, just use ikan bilis…the same. This one tasted as good as it looked but like I said, it was the bacon. Will try again when I have some really nice salted eggs – with the special smell and taste. These that I used were quite tasteless…or more like fresh eggs. 😦

  3. yeah. getting some inspiration from here. ideas popping in my head how to cook my fried rice next time!

    The world is your oyster. Experiment with your own ingredients. Be creative. Life would be so dead boring if you just stick to the same ol’ recipes, eat the same ol’ stuff all the time, don’t you think?

  4. Yum! This looks amazing! Any dish that can be help use up left overs is a winner in my book, especially with bacon in there!

    That’s what I do – dig in the fridge and see what’s in the pantry to see what I can use, no prescribed recipes for me, step by step…follow to the letter. Guaranteed disaster if I try doing that, everytime.

  5. Oh if I have a lot of salted eggs I’d usually boil my favourite porridge with century eggs, peanuts and dried oyster.. If I have to fry rice with that, I think I’d boil the eggs first, easier to mash it with the rice later.. Your fried rice forever looks good, with all that ‘hor liew’, sure sedapppppp πŸ˜€

    If you’ve boiled the eggs, the white would be hard and you would have bits of the white in the fried rice. Ah well! To each his own – can always try and do it one’s way. Like I said in my reply to an earlier comment, who’s to say we must follow a prescribed recipe – everything the same? Life would be so boring, no more creativity…and as they say in Chinese – everytime eating meat, you will also get bored…and in English, variety is the spice of life. Think different, be different.

  6. Lovely plate of fried rice. Must try this out.

    Let me try with salted eggs with the ‘real” taste and smell first. Will confirm if it is truly good to fry rice this way. Always nice with bacon and ham or sausages or luncheon meat though,..and just use fresh eggs.

  7. Bacon overshadowed the flavor of salted egg?

    The eggs were not well done, or maybe not well/sufficiently-matured – I mentioned that in my post, didn’t I? Almost like fresh eggs so of course, the much-coveted taste was missing. Would be more or less the same with or without.

  8. Looks like another new version of fried rice. No matter how you fried your rice, it all looks good. Ever had & heard of chay kway teow with salted eggs but not rice. I have tried out your fried rice with cincaluk & love it but nowadays it seems hard to get a bottle cincaluk from Bintulu. Always out of stock.

    CKT with duck eggs, you mean? Never had that with salted eggs. Yes, fried rice with cincaluk is nice. We have our ever ready stock in the fridge – never runs out. Our Bintulu belacan too.

    1. Yes, you hear it correctly, salted egg & not duck egg. If my memory serve me right, I had it in Penang during my son’s convo in SP whereby we stay in Penang 2 days before his convo.

      I had ckt with duck eggs in SP as well. I think they do have that in Penang too.

  9. Your fried rice looks good. Not really salted egg taste since the salted eggs do not taste like salted egg but you put in so many other ingredients that the fried rice is sure to taste good.

    Yes, with all the ingredients, it can’t possibly taste not nice. Will try again. Not much leftover rice these days – I think missus getting sick and tired of my fried rice for breakfast so she will cook just enough for two for two meals every day. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Will go get salted egg and try out one of the day…

    Let me try first – confirm it’s nice. These salted eggs that I used were more like fresh eggs, not salty and no salted egg taste.

  11. bacon and salted egg! the secret ingredients! i agree with the rest… it cannot possibly taste not nice. Have a good Monday suituapui!

    You too, and a great week ahead. Bacon’s nice with anything and I love salted eggs!

  12. That’s a good-looking plate of fried rice…glad you tried my suggestion. Try again if you don’t succeed the first time (no-one ever does)…and bacon always saves the day! But, I think you need to smash the egg yolk separately (until really fine, like a paste, and this you won’t achieve with the spatula in the wok)…and add the yolk in when you fry your garlic and onions. This way the small bits of salted egg yolk gets really well distributed into the fried rice (and not in bigger pcs like the one you did). That’s just my suggestion….I don’t know coz I’ve never fried it at home myself…I’ve only eaten it outside πŸ˜‰

    I never add egg so early in my fried rice but I know many do. I did not mash it well enough or actually, I did not want to mash it too much as I would like to eat the chunks of salted egg yolk. I love that! Unfortunately, these that I used were not like the usual – not like the ones found in chang or moon cakes so I did not derive that much pleasure from eating them. 😦

    So this is available outside then? If you look at the earlier comments, many do not seem to know of it.

  13. Goodness! I must try that. Never heard of fried rice with salted eggs but fried rice or kuay teow with unsalted duck eggs, yes. Bacon makes anything taste good πŸ™‚

    Exactly. Will try again with nice salted eggs, no bacon…and see how it goes.

  14. nice but i would omit tomatoes coz dun like to eat that

    I like to add vegetables to my fried rice for a one-dish complete meal, usually very thinly-sliced long beans or French beans. I did not like tomatoes either but lately, they have these harder and very crunchy ones – I love this type, not so mushy and sweet, not sour. They say from Cameron or something, not sure.

  15. love the step-by-step pictorial progress… my favourite photo is when the egg is broken, revealing the yolk! πŸ˜€

    Easier to follow than a lengthy wordy recipe, I guess.

  16. Hey Arthur! I have 4 salted eggs in my fridge…this evening I fried rice too and I was thinking whether I should put in one salted egg or not.. but I didn’t eventually… I should have read your post this morning then I would have tried it with salted egg this evening… too bad nowadays my office server has banned a number of URLs… sigh…

    Can always do that another day. No worries, going to retire real soon. πŸ˜‰

  17. Fried rice is such a comfort meal, always our go to dish when in a hurry. Always surprised what can be whipped up from leftovers

    Yes, with a winning combination, it can be really really good, nicer than the boring regular ones.

  18. you’re the king of nasi goreng. πŸ™‚ love, love, love your nasi goreng posts. πŸ™‚

    Trouble is I’ve fried so many I don’t know which goes where, all confused…old man! LOL!!! I guess any is good as long as it has the right ingredients.

  19. Hahahaha, luckily bacon saved the day!
    Yeah, I’ve never eaten fried rice with salted egg too. Should be nice, I imagine, once you get hold of a better salted egg the next time you retry. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, fried rice is so versatile. One can put almost any ingredients to fry together with leftover rice and voila! A dish of tasty satisfying meal is produced. πŸ™‚

    Yes, it’s just rice – dependent on the ingredients added and when the ingredients are nice, the fried rice will be nice. Anything goes!

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