We were all too full after that lunch with the sweet desserts last Saturday so we decided to just skip dinner and head to the cathedral for the sunset service at 7.00 p.m. When the service ended, it was already past 8.00 p.m. and on our way home, we stopped by here…

Taman Selera Muhibah Sibu

…for supper. This hawker centre is just round the corner from my house and we did drop by not too long ago.

I went walking around the place to see what else they had at the stalls that I would want to try. I was thinking of having some porridge but I did not see anyone selling that. I did see one or two kampua noodle stalls and a couple selling toasted stuffed kompia, several selling all kinds of deep-fried stuff and some chu-charΒ (cook-fry) stalls as well where you may order some dishes to go with rice or just settle for their fried noodle dishes. There is a row of Malay stalls on one side and you can order satay, barbecued chicken wings or one of those usual things you will find on their menu at places such as this.

Eventually, I spotted a stall and I thought I would like to try their lamb satay with Mongolian sauce (RM5.00 for 5, RM1.00 each)…

Taman Muhibah lamb satay with Mongolian sauce

…and their beef and pork satay (Rm5.00 for 7)…

Tman Muhibah beef & pork satay with Mongolian sauce

…also with the same Mongolian sauce from this stall there…

Taman Muhibah Stall No. 6

I did not order the chicken – 10 for RM5.00, 50 sen each for the same reason why I would never order chicken satay at the Malay stalls. I find the taste to be more on the mild side and I would prefer beef or lamb. This was the first time I had pork and yes, I would say I enjoyed it and also the beef and the lamb but Melissa particularly preferred the latter. The sauce was different from what we had here in that it was thicker and had a strong taste of peanut. Melissa guessed that perhaps they used peanut butter in it but we did not know for sure. Anyway, what was important was that it was very nice and we sure enjoyed that a lot.

I saw that they also had other stuff on their menu…

Taman Muhibah stall No. 6 menu

…and ordered their lor mee (RM6.00)…

Taman Muhibah lor mee 1

…to see if it was any good. They certainly had a lot of ingredients in it and yes, it was very nice…

Taman Muhibah lor mee 2

…but the gravy/soup, though very tasty and got everyone’s nod of approval, was not thick and gooey like the usual one in lor mee where they would add cornstarch to it. This was watery like what we would usually have in kway chap and had a very nice herbal/five-spice fragrance that was just right and not too strong at all.

Melissa ordered her favourite…

Taman Muhibah fried meat

…and also the salad sotong

Taman Muhibah salad sotong

…and the salad chicken roll…

Taman Muhibah salad chicken roll

She loves anything deep-fried so needless to say, she enjoyed all those very much.

I also ordered my favourite ang tao cendol here…

Taman Muhibah ang tao cendol

…with sago pearls and black grass jelly added but because we had so much to eat, I could barely finish half.

After enjoying our rather heavy supper to close our very delightful day, we headed home…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Suppertime…”

  1. What is Melissa’s favorite? It looks like some type of pan fried vegetables. It reminds me, somewhat, of pakori.

    That’s our/their version of the fried wanton – meat inside, but not much. Glazed on the wanton skin like butter on bread.

  2. WOW the colors in that last photo!!!! Sounds like tummies were full πŸ™‚ Always great to pair good company with the food, too!

    PS: I posted my very first YouTube Video today! More info on my blog πŸ™‚

    Oh? Will hop over and check it out. Dunno how to upload or download anything from youtube – never bother to try.

  3. I used to take supper, very long time ago before I got married.. Then I realised I gained weight very fast.. So I stopped taking supper.. I like that bowl of lor mee and Mel’s fried sui kow, or is it piansip? I don’t mind having these for supper though, once a while la, hehe πŸ˜€

    It was only 8.00 p.m., supper for us…but I know many of you over there will have dinner at 8…or later. We have dinner at 6…and no supper usually. Seems that is good practice…if you read this article:

  4. I love deep fried too, especially that sotong but got to control myself. Haha.
    Been there once and never go there since. Out of the way.

    The satay looked good. Hmm. Mongolian sauce? A bit sweet and spicy??

    Adoiiii!!! Not out of the way lah…not the bowling centre one, this one’s near Delta Mall. The Mongolian sauce was something like the one with the fried chicken at that restaurant next to the mall – you’ve been there twice or three times already but this one has a stronger peanut taste. My girl loves salad sotong…anywhere.

    1. I know where is this. Just seldom go to your area unless need shop in Delta Mall or tapau lunch from Sugarbun. Hehe.

      I see. Some nice eating places here – go round the corner after Delta Mall – Mei Le, the roast meats are good…and the stall with tom yam mihun, porridge and all those stuff, also very nice.

  5. Got beef noodles wor? You didn’t try that?

    Nope. Hopefully, I’ll get to do that someday. I do know two places here where the beef noodles are very good – one, the almost clear soup type…and the other one with the thicker and darker broth, the Taiwan style or whatever – the guy learned it from his sifu in KL. My girl loves both!

  6. Like you, I like the lor mee gravy to be a bit watery than starchy. Satay, seeing how they put them over the charcoal fire, fan and all the ash fly and stick to the satay makes me avoid taking it though I love it so much so.People say the burnt part is the most delicious but I think is the most dangerous.

    I don’t mind watery or starchy. Yes, they say one barbecued chicken wing is equal to 8 sticks of cigarettes…but one place here, they marinate with, among all the other stuff, gula apong, all caramelised and carbonised. So so so so nice! Best in the world! Once in a long long time, ok lah! Cannot even remember when I had that, so long ago.

  7. Where are the sio bees?

    Skipped it this time around and thank goodness we did – so many things to eat. Meletup!!!

  8. Satay!!! Satay!!! I loves!!! hehe…

    Without conversion, same price in Sinkapork too? Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Muhibbah again…..a place where each can have his/her fav food. Me 3 Layer Tea

    Yes, crowded but not as crowded as before so we may drop by more frequently. Parking is still a pain though, have to park far away. 😦

  10. Those bowls of noodles look packed with ingredients – a very filling meal I bet.

    Yes, it tasted great and was pretty good value for money, RM6 for so much in the bowl.

  11. Interesting, this Mongolian sauce. Have not come across this before, And yum, pork satay! That must be really good πŸ™‚ I love those deep fried things too. Love it with chilli sauce.

    I’m ok with deep fried stuff, more into baked…but satay, I like!

  12. Hardly got time for supper cos I sleep quite early especially during working days. My kids always bising why I go to bed so early except Fri night where they get to watch tv until late night…hahah. I edy in dreamland by that time.

    8 p.m.? My…my…that’s early!!! I usually go to bed at 9.

  13. Quite sometime didn’t have satay already, hmmm..should go and get some this week.

    Me too. Problem is it’s only available at night and they start quite late, past my dinnertime…and I don’t usually go for supper. 😦

  14. Love all the choices above… I don’t mind going for this supper too if there have these over here in my area’s food court… nowadays the food near my house is not nice at all already.. gone are those days where the older cooks are around.. nowadays I see more foreigners being the cooks than helpers… there goes our authenticity…

    Oh dear! I read somewhere they would not allow foreigners to do the cooking in Penang. Smart move! Like Jalan Alor in KL – all not nice anymore, all cooked by foreigners. I used to love to go and eat there a long time ago, not anymore.

  15. looks so bloody delicious that I am thinking the photos gonna taste nicer than the food already. lol

    Not really, with my cheap digicam and the insufficent light (night photography), I’m afraid I don’t really do the food justice. Nowhere near those blogs with their awesome DSLR photos.

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