A little too late…

It was past 12 noon when we went out for lunch last Saturday and that seemed to be a little too late as I noticed that many of the stalls at many of the coffee shops in town were already closed. This seems to be the case around here these days especially on Saturdays and Sundays because probably, many would go out for breakfast or brunch in the morning and once they have sold out everything, they would just close shop and call it a day.

Melissa wanted fried noodles, Malay-style so we stopped by this coffee shop – the stall was still open but the lady said that they were already out of noodles and kway teow and all she lad left was bihun…so that would just have to do…

Yummy Kafe fried bihun, Malay-style

It was all right, I guess but from what I could observe, it really wasn’t anything that was all that great.

I cannot remember how much that was, probably RM4.00 or RM5.00 but this was RM6.00 – the beef noodles that my missus had…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles

…which I had tried before and I thought it was very nice. Melissa sampled a bit and promptly declared that she would have that the next time should we happen to drop by this place again.

I did not really have anything in mind so I just ordered myself a plate of kampua noodles…

Yummy Kafe kampua mee

…and this bowl of soup…

Yummy Kafe mixed soup

…with some pian sip, fried fish balls, meat balls and liver. If I remember correctly, the total for both came up to RM6.20…and that was lunch.

On our way home, we stopped by this bakery…

New bakery 1

…in a brand new block of shops (where this cafe is located) along Brooke Drive on the left if you’re coming from town, past Sheraton Restaurant. It has just opened not too long ago…

New bakery 2

…so we decided to check it out.

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I’m afraid – just the usual bread and buns and cakes. In the end, I decided to buy their “signature egg tarts” (RM1.50 each)…

Egg tarts

…to try.

They were good, despite the slightly wrinkled surface…

Egg tart

…but I can get something pretty much the same at the other bakeries in town and seeing that there is nothing here that’s special to pull in the crowd, I guess I’d probably drop by again, if at all, to pick up a loaf of bread or something out of convenience since more likely than not, I would be driving past there on my way home from town.

Incidentally, I noticed this signboard a few doors away…


It is not very clear due to the choice of font used but I think that’s direct translation. I don’t think the Chinese characters mean the same though or it would have looked something like this – 倩倩ε₯½. Enlighten me, somebody, please! I can guess, however, from all that double happiness character in the sign that this place has got something to do with weddings. Ah yes! I can see that now on the glass, bottom left.

So that was our lunchtime outing last Saturday – nothing really fancy this week, I’m afraid.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “A little too late…”

  1. I love the pretty place in your first photo, and the cats are sweet. πŸ™‚

    You mean the fifth? Here, it gets dusty very fast – best to keep decor simple and wipe clean regularly.

  2. My brunch outing on most days is like this, just a bowl/plate of noodles for each of us and that’s it. I guess as much as we want to live to eat, there are many days where we just have to eat to live so as long as the food is all right and we are full, that is all that matters.

    The chinese words are “hao re zi” (ho yat ji), literally means “good day”. I thought another eatery but it is a studio production company covering weddings, events, birthdays, portraits as listed on the class. I guess many people now want to hire the professionals for their photos or videos.

    Happy Holiday to you all! Visiting any Hindu friends for Deepavali? Will Melissa be back?

    I’ve ONE Indian friend and he’s Catholic. Used to have ONE Hindu friend but she and her family moved to Kuching. There were a few others who came and went – teachers, doctors…from the peninsula. Very different scenario here. No public holiday for Deepavali.

    Oh? Sounds something like ho jit chi in Hokkien – a good date…for weddings, e.g.? Yes, it’s one of those places…and they can fly you to places anywhere in the world to take photos for your wedding album. Costs a bomb! Old folks in the past had a superstition – the groom can’t see the bride in the wedding dress before the day of the wedding. Guess that’s obsolete now.

    Even at home. Ya, on some days, just have a bite of something and that’s it.

    1. Oh, I did not know that it is not a public holiday at your end. I thought whole M’sia.

      Nope, not in Sarawak, not that many Indians here except maybe in Kuching. There’s an India Street there. But we get a public holiday on Good Friday.

  3. I like fried noodles too, but if they say they only have mihun, I’d rather not have it and choose something else from other stalls.. That bowl of beef noodles look good too, bet the soup is very tasty.. Oohhh egg tarts, I like.. I can eat 10!

    My girl would prefer bihun…but I guess they do not do it well at this particular stall. Like I always say, when eating out, would need to know where to go. Not all are good…but I guess we wouldn’t know unless we try.

  4. The egg tarts look good. Havent check on the bakery yet. And thanks for linking me. πŸ˜‰

    Yup I also think it is a gift for wedding.

    Don’t bother. Pretty much the same as any other. Might as well go here:
    for the chicken pies, coconut tarts…and everything else. Even the egg tarts are nicer…and they do have some special kinds of bread here once in a while. Their Korean buns aren’t as nice as the ones I bought you though.

  5. I am not sure but what’s the diff between malay style and chinese style? more wet?

    Different way of cooking. I watched one lady frying that day – she did not add chopped garlic of sliced onions to the hot oil first, totally different. Interesting! The ingredients differ too – some places, I saw them adding tomato or chili sauce…and of course, they have chicken instead of pork, etc…etc…etc… Generally, if it’s fried dry, I prefer the Malay or mamak ones.

  6. No, those are not egg tarts. With that kind of lame crust, I refuse to call those egg tarts. Those are egg tart wannabes.

    To me, they are egg tarts all right..like these nicer ones…
    Egg tarts
    …which would be different from Portuguese egg tarts, of course…such as these that I got from a friend in KL…
    Portuguese egg tarts
    I love them both…but nobody in the family likes this kind so I would just buy for myself to eat. Haven’t had any others that are different so I really wonder what your egg tarts are like.

    1. This is egg tart:

      with the flowery and layered crust. No flowery and layered crust = not egg tart. I refuse to acknowledge them..

      That’s the puff pastry-like shell they use for Portuguese egg tarts, minus the caramelised patches/stains…and for the flowery edges, one would only need to use the chuan (mold). All this while, I would have egg tarts with this kind of pastry – what they call cookie pastry – dunno why as it is not like a cookie actually and it is not crusty like shortcrust pastry either. I’m not particular about that though they may vary in thickness between places – it is the egg custard that I would pay attention to – the texture and the richness and the sweetness.

  7. The fried meehoon looks really nice….and dry (the way I like it). Plus, everything tastes better with a fried egg on top πŸ˜€

    We’ve had others a lot better at other places…or maybe they too were closing shop for the day so this was not their usual.

  8. With my limited Chinese, the shop name is ‘Hao re zi’ which means an auspicious day or very commonly, a wedding day. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I guessed as much from Mun’s translation in her comment earlier.

  9. ooo, that wrinkly surface on the egg tarts are pretty strange! i wonder what caused them to turn that way … though it’s nice to hear they still tasted good (i’d have expected the texture to be off) πŸ™‚

    Something gone amiss in the baking it seems. Saw this advice given in somebody’s blog: “If you see the custard is about to puff up, take it out from the oven immediately. Once it puffs up, the egg tart will wrinkle when it’s cooled.” In other words, they did not get it 100% perfect, fail! Thankfully, everything else was ok – but nothing that would make theirs stand out from the rest that we have in town.

  10. The food looks really good and colorful also important that you were able to hang out with your daughter.

    Last evening I made a beef dish for my daughter. She wanted something similar to the Chinese food that she likes from a local restaurant. Since I didn’t have broccoli, I used cauliflower instead. Since she wanted it to be sweet I added a bit of honey. In hindsight I should have added carrots, but the only vegetables added were cauliflower. There was enough left over to add to her Zojirushi lunch jar today.

    Potatoes would be good too, other than those carrots. Yes, I get to do that once a week but not this coming weekend – something going on in her school. 😦

  11. Yeah over here it’s the same too. Weekends are busy days for the hawkers and they will close shop or run out of ingredients pretty early. So we usually eat out on weekdays, dont have to fight with others. πŸ˜›

    The beef noodles looks good!

    Very good. The guy’s a uni grad but chose to go into this line – went and worked for some famous guy in KL for almost a year to pick up the skill.

  12. I took egg tarts this afternoon too… wrinkled on top… is it due to the baking? Something like Portuguese egg tarts? The price is almost the same… some shops are selling at RM1.20, some RM1.50 and in dim sum restaurants, of course more expensive, around RM2 each.

    Same here, prices vary. That’s what I gathered from somebody’s blog – wrong timing while baking will cause wrinkling.

  13. eating pastries nowadays are expensive right? I remember there was once I wanted to buy 4 eggtarts with RM10 on hand, ended up I short of money and I went back to car to find more money to pay. That was embarrassing as I didn’t know egg tarts cost more than RM2 each. O.o

    I like that Day Day Good signboard though.. hahaha…

    You would be using the service of one like that, I guess. πŸ˜‰
    RM2.00? Wow!!! That’s expensive – something like those exclusive dim sum places. Should be cheaper elsewhere.

  14. I remember when egg tarts were RM 0.50 each!

    Yeah, egg tarts are getting expensive nowdays, the ones we like over here is 4 for RM 10.

    Hmm…yeah, it looks like the custard has slightly curdled from the wrinkly surface but as long as it’s good to eat, that’s all that matter! πŸ˜€

    Yes, it tasted ok, like all other nice egg tarts – I’ve had worse…but I don’t remember them selling for RM1.50 at the other bakeries. Not too sure, prices going up all the time so maybe that is the standard price now.

  15. There’s one ‘old time’ bakery here (used to be called Tong Kee but was renamed TK Pastry) famous for their egg tarts. Their egg tarts are unlike the ones in your photo..more like the Portugese tarts with layered and flaky crust. Most people like their egg tarts that way. But I prefer the type without the flaky crust…I’m weird, I guess. But the custard must be fragrant and not too sweet. And that’s the way I like it, ah ha..ah ha.. πŸ˜‰

    Yup! My blogger-friend, Mun, just blogged about it yesterday…
    I’m ok with both…as long as they’re nice.

  16. My sister recently bought a black cat piece much like the ones you posted here πŸ™‚ I think they are cute πŸ™‚

    I used to buy nice stuff like this but these days, I am too lazy to wipe, dust and clean, so I just keep them in boxes and put them away. Easier to just wipe an empty shelf or surface. We do get dusty quite a bit here in our hot and dry tropical climate.

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