Don’t let me be misunderstood…

Now, don’t misunderstand – despite the name, this place…

Noodle House, Sibu

…is not all about noodles. Maybe they started out as that, a place selling noodles but I wouldn’t know as I was not familiar with it when it just opened.

My daughter was still in secondary school (and I did not even have a blog then) when I heard about it and somebody told me it was at Lai Chee Lane so I went looking around the shops along that lane but failed to find it. About a year later, I heard of it again…and went looking for it again and still, I could not find it. I cannot remember how I managed in the end but actually, if you come in via the aforementioned lane, you will have to turn left at the first turning into that lane going towards Hua Kiew Road (in fact, it is nearer to this road…than that lane) and you will find it on your right, one half of a small building on its own with private parking spaces all around so you will not need to worry about paying the fees. Actually, it is somewhere right behind the Sibu Central Police Station and if you come in from Hua Kiew Road, it is the second turning to the right and you will see it behind the block  of shophouses in front along that road, on your left.

They used to have a topic in the English Language syllabus in school on “Directions” and I could not understand why the students seemed to have so much problem telling people the way. They certainly did not seem to know their left from their right…and it seems that they ‘re not the only ones. People will give me directions and I would have a tough time trying to locate the place and in fact, when I do find it, it would not be quite like what they have told me.

Anyway, going back to this place we were talking about, I quite like their mee sua (Foochow longevity noodles), their kueh chap and also their sizzling kampua with black pepper beef. Others may like their other combinations of the latter but I have not tried all of them and those that I did try, I can’t say I’m a fan.  Their original/classic kampua isn’t all that great to me either and I can’t say their pian sip (wantons, they call them) would sweep me off my feet. I’m no fan of their lor mee, their Q-Q noodles and their beef noodles either…and while many are quite fond of their laksa, I did not think it was quite like the authentic thing though it does taste rather nice. If I’m not mistaken, those are about all the noodle dishes that they have here…so perhaps, they started with those and kept on adding to their menu bit by bit till what it is today – a whole lot of other delights, just that they’re not noodles.

One of the newest additions would be their peri peri chicken with potato gratin (RM25.90)…

Noodle House peri-peri chicken

…and I suggested going to give it a try last Saturday as my girl used to frequent that South African/Mozambique-Portuguese franchise when she was in Wellington, New Zealand, the one that is well-known for this peri-peri sauce…and she agreed. However, when we got there, she had a change of heart so her mum had that instead. We all tried and thought it was very good…and my missus loved it very much as it was somewhat spicy, just the way she would love it. I thought it had its own special unique taste but at that price, I don’t think this would be  enough to make me go back for more…though I would say it was quite reasonably-priced considering that they actually gave half a chicken. I wish they would make plain bowls of rice available (at a price, of course) so people would be able to order those to enjoy with the chicken on a sharing basis.

That was what happened the other day. I did not want to order their stewed/braised pork belly rice (not many pieces of the meat in this) but I wanted their stewed/braised pork belly (RM6.50)…

Noodle House braised pork belly

…so I ordered their nasi lemak (RM7.50)…

Noodle House nasi lemak 1

…to go with it and that came with a complimentary bowl of very nice soup.

Yes, the rice was very good – I could actually taste the lemak-ness, the santan or coconut milk in it…

Noodle House nasi lemak 2

…(though I would not mind a little bit more of it) and so was everything else that came with it.

So what did my girl order for herself in the end? She had this…

Noodle House sizzling honey pork ribs 1

…their sizzling roasted honey spare ribs (RM24.80) and for some reason or other, that too came with a bowl of potato gratin instead of the usual deep-fried potato wedges, not that we’re complaining. In fact, she liked it a lot and licked the bowl clean!

She could not manage the mammoth task of finishing that huge stack of ribs…

Noodle House sizzling pork ribs 2

…of course and no prize for guessing who had to help her with that. Hehehehehe!!!!

Personally, I prefer the ribs at this place to the ones here. Both are nice, very nice, but in the case of this one, the sauce does not go completely into the meat so one would be able to actually enjoy the taste of the meat…and other than that, the one here is tender enough but not so tender so there would still be some bite to it. This is a bit cheaper too unlike that other place where they started off at RM24.00…but the very next time I dropped by for more, they had jacked up the price to RM26.00, dunno how much it is now…plus theirs seem to keep shrinking on each consecutive visit. Tsk! Tsk!

My missus and I had plain water with our orders while Melissa had her favourite – the mixed fruit soda (RM6.90)…

Noodle House mixed fruit soda

…and the total came up to RM72.60 for that delightful lunch. This time around, my girl insisted on picking up the tab and would not take no for an answer, thank you so much, darling!

We intended to have some of the nice desserts here but in the end, we were all too full and did not think we could manage so that would have to wait till our next visit to the place…but for one thing, I would avoid going during lunch hour as it was packed to the brim, full house, and many had to go away, disappointed and I told my girl this, “If my class were ever this noisy, I would have mengamuk-ed already!!!”

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29 thoughts on “Don’t let me be misunderstood…”

  1. Finally getting nasi lemak with lemak-ness in it! So sad that it’s so rare these days to get nasi lemak that is actually lemak kan?

    Aww so sweet of Melissa. She’s all grown up now Arthur….

    She is. Ya…this one, I quite like all along…and that day, I specifically ate the rice first to taste it without all the nice stuff they served it with and yes, it was lemak, not very lemak…but it was ok. Plus it was not too hard and dry like in many other places.

  2. I am drooling over the chicken and spare ribs. Yum! And I love their sign with the business hours…attractive and professional.

    Lovely place but small and it gets very crowded and when that happens, it gets too noisy. Food’s good.

  3. I think i would probably order noodle-dishes as they named themselves as the noodle-specialist so they must be really good in cooking noodles no?

    Can’t say they’re ALL my favourites but I see a lot of people ordering – even those that I do not really fancy. I guess as always, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. What I like, others may love. To each his own.

  4. Owh, love the nasi lemak. Finally you have found one that suits your taste. I like how they neatly arranged the condiments at the side of the plate.Some would just dump everything on top. That stack of ribs looks good but say…No…No…No…to the stewed pork belly, too fat.

    Look at me! Can’t get any worse, I’m sure. So might as well enjoy to the max. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Lol. Not only kids, even adults also cant differentiate left to right and give a proper direction. Thank for my sil, she brought me here. It is indeed at a very secluded back part of the area. Not visible from main road.

    I have tried and loved all the food you have mentioned. Oh. A new addition? Didnt have that when we went few weeks ago when my girl were writing comments in their feedback slip. Lol.

    I love peri-peri. The best in Kuching have to be in Elephant’s in Ang Cheng Ho road. My favoirite. I will give this peri-peri a try the next round I am there.

    Yes, a lot of people had a problem finding the place. I agreed to meet my friends there…and I had to stand outside to wait and texted and called and waved…everything!!!!

    This new chicken dish was not on the menu, not on that order slip either – you’ll have to write it yourself. I saw their update on it on their Facebook page and there’s a poster of it on the glass in front – I did not see that under the glass on the table either. It was nice, different…but I would stick to the ribs.

    Heard of Elephant, never been. Next time you’re back in Kuching, you take me there, can? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Sure! When you come over, I will bring you to Elephant. 😉 Just let me know In advance when you are dropping in.

      Sure will. 😉 Btw, they’ve two new flavours for their lava cakes, Noodle House – started on Sunday (we went Saturday), yet to go and try.

      1. I would prefer the choco flavour. Nevertheless I still like its mille crepe. Hope they still have it in the menu because that day it was out of stock for all mille crepes. That was why my girl was upset and wrote the feedback. Hehe. Ok. Noted. Will check it out when go over there.

        They have! The lady making is out of confinement already. That day we went, they had slices of double chocolate & vanilla left – fresh supplies coming in on Sunday, the guy said. Go, go…bring your girl there. 😉

  6. Wow nice food, as always.. I love potato gratin.. I used to order seafood au gratin or fish au gratin over here, and I really love the cheesy creamy sauce.. Your nasi lemak looks good too, big portion.. Oohhh and the ribs, yummzz.. Drooling already la early morning..

    Anyone who comes to town, I will always bring them here…like them…or her…or her…etc etc…etc…

  7. But if you run a restaurant, you would love it to be this noisy 😀
    Noodles specialist means “we can make many types of noodles”, not “we can make the best quality noodles”. It is the same with those higher end noodles house here..

    For one thing, I would turn off the music – some, I think, are forced to talk so loudly in order to be heard. I talk loudly, you have to talk even more loudly to be heard by your friend(s), Tom, Dick and Harry all talk loudly for this same reason…and in the end, there would be such a commotion, the Domino effect.

    Well, if that is your definition, there are not many types of noodles here either, just those few that I mentioned…and lots and lots of other things, not that I’m complaining as there are some really nice stuff here….even mille crepe and chocolate lava cake, and they do it so very well. Think I have to go back sometimes to try the new varieties.

  8. Wow..the portions looked so BIG… I surely have to share if I were to order what your girl did.. or the nasi lemak… the food looks very nice though… and yes, we parents have to sit back and let our kids pick the tab at times if not all times… hahahaha… That’s the way ah ah… I like it!
    Oh by the way, there is a song ending with “Don’t let me be misunderstood…” right?

    No, that’s the title of the original by a British Group called The Animals but there was a disco remake by Santa Esmeralda and it was a huge hit…on the dance floor, of course! I’m sure you know their “You’re my everything” – that one for lam-sing, climbing coconut tree one. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  9. Loves the honey spare ribs, but portion is big…

    Less than SIN$10.00!!! Come, come…bring your SIN dollars and you can have a BIG feast here. Kampua is around SIN$1.00 and kompia, around 15 cents each only.

    1. My friend went Sabah, 6 days, Air Asia, mountain climbing ard Kota Kinabalu, seafoods, hotel, etc, spent ard SIN$2k…

      KK is VERY expensive, VERY nice…but VERY expensive. Still, SIN$2K for 6 days = around RM1K per day. Stayed at 5-star hotel, fine dining every day kah?

  10. Finally a nasi lemak that has got lemak to your satisfaction though it could do with more lemak 🙂 The roast chicken sure looks good! But like Melissa, I think I would have gone for the ribs because I don’t know how to roast ribs at home hee..hee…

    They do it very well here. Never tried ribs but I guess it can’t be too far different from roasting pork…or lamb or chicken.

  11. Oh everything looks good (as normal.) I haven’t had rice in a while. Perhaps I’ll make some this weekend.

    Yes, this is one of the nicer places to go for a bite but lately, it has become so popular so it gets very very crowded and noisy and some people have stopped coming here. I would avoid peak hours and weekends usually.

  12. Looks like now they have a lot new items on their menu. Time to give it a try on my next trip back.

    You haven’t been back for sometime now. Come,come…let’s go!

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