Blowing in the wind…

That day, when I went to get some of the ingredients to cook the Sarawak laksa, I used the shortcut and walked through the narrow alley to get from Market Road (where I had parked my car) to the Sibu Central Market along Channel Road. There are a few shops along that little lane selling all kinds of things and I saw one selling those little portable fans so I stopped to ask if they had any that run on batteries.

No, I do not need a battery-operated fan but I thought my girl could keep one at her school on stand-by. Not too long ago, something went wrong and they had to go without electricity for two or three days, my poor girl. They do have electric lines all along the main road but for some reason or other, that school still uses generators (that run on diesel, I suppose). I think they have two and at 5.30 in the morning and in the evening, the lights would go blink blink as they alternate from one generator to the other. Thankfully, somebody finally went and fixed the fault so power was restored. Still, I thought it would be best to be prepared.

Well, this shop did have one, made in China, and I bought it for RM16.00…

Rechargeable fan & light

– I was given a RM1.00 discount by the nice lady boss.

There is an emergency light by the side…

Emergency light

…and according to the not-very-easy-to-understand instructions (owing to the atrocious abuse of the English language), I think if you keep the thing plugged in, the light will come on automatically if there is a blackout.

Other than that, if you press the button a second time, the orange rim will light up…

Light 1

…and if you would like it to be brighter, you can just lift the rim like this…

Light 2

Let there be light…and there is light! Hehehehehehe!!!!

It is also stated on the box that if you use only the light, the power will last for 8 hours and likewise if you use only the fan…


But if you use both, it will be good for 4 hours only. If you press the button once, the fan would go very fast or you will get a “strong wind“, according to the box and if you press the button again, you will get Β a “small wind“. LOL!!! Recharging will take around 10 hours, it says…and yes, it runs on batteries too – three of those large ones.

Coincidentally, that very afternoon, there was a blackout in the area where I stay for some two to three hours and thankfully, I had this thing at hand and I could use the fan to keep myself nice and cool the whole time. I do think it would be good to keep one around your house if blackouts are somewhat frequent…and maybe, I would go back to the shop sometime to get another one for our own use.

For your general information, those of you who have not managed to get hold of a copy of the book…

*Archive photo*

…can now browse through or download the e-book copy of it here:

However, if you’re a local and you would like the hard copy for keeps, you can go to the Sibu Resident’s Office, 5th Floor of the new Islamic Complex (opposite St Mary’s Church) to ask for it – they will give you one but if you can tell them some nice stories like you would like Β more to send to your overseas siblings or relatives or friends, you may get a few more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Blowing in the wind…”

  1. Canggih la, i have one that connects to USB cabel, i think i got it for like Rm 5?

    Somebody gave me one too – I never used. I thought that’s for keeping your laptop cool? The blades were not protected plus if you run it on your laptop battery, it is not going to last very long, is it?

    1. Oh not a laptop fan, that’s another type but yea, you can’t use it for too long nor it lasts long. Basically a crap but my ex-office shuts down the air-cond after 6 pm, so we need that if we were to stay back for work

      Oh? It isn’t? I just assumed, never used it. Dunno where I’ve put it now. I guess something is better than nothing. Still not crazy about those open fan blades, even though plastic – shouldn’t be too dangerous. Wowwwwww!!!! You work so late? Oh me oh my!!!!

    2. hey, am I the one who gave it to you? hahaha.. I remember bringing it for you last time in Penang…but it is not RM5 la… cannot get so cheap… nowadays cannot find these already.. I dont mind getting one for my laptop too.. πŸ™‚

      Yes, it was you. Now I cannot remember where I’ve put it. Will have to look… Old people, all the same – memory not so good. Hehehehehe!!!!

      1. aiyoh… look into your store room at the bottom of your stair case.. I think I saw it lying there in cobwebs.. hahahahaa…

        No, it has always been in the computer room. Maybe in one of the many boxes…or hidden under them. The storeroom is not big enough for my missus…so now the storeroom has been “extended” into the computer room – leaving only enough space for me to sit and go online. She hoards EVERYTHING!!! 😦

  2. Very pretty and colourful fan and full of useful functions. Really worth the RM15 you paid for it. Melissa must be very pleased with it.

    Thank you for the link to that book. I can only read it online, because when I tried to download it, it gave me an error. “Publication unavailable Bad Request”. But it is ok, I can read it only. Thanks again for sharing the link.

    Oh? I think somebody did say that on Facebook as well. Maybe it’s a “Read Only” file? If you go to Ken’s blog, you can’t copy and paste anything. I do that sometimes when commenting in friends’ blogs – lazy to retype, just quote…but you can’t do that in his. Very well protected.

    Yes, Melissa likes it – the fan.

  3. hahah… the fan is so cute! I remember I got these fans for my kids when they are still babies. Is it powerful enough ? Nice to have lights there and yes, it’s really handy for a blackout. You should also get some mosquitos patches for her as there will be a lot without electricity (air-cond).
    Thanks for the link too but I don’t seems to be able to download and read offline.

    Ahhhh!!!! Another one! See my reply to zmun2 above.

    We put up mosquito netting over all the windows in her unit in the teachers’ quarters. Not a problem at all…unlike “Charlie” when she was in the teacher training institute in Sg Petani. She still has the scars to show. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Btw, should make a show out of this book instead of that lousy show which I mentioned to you last time.

      Can’t remember which one but yes, they came, not much in-depth study done and just did a show on some things the sponsors or people they knew told them and that was it! I think that one – the show started with the host of the show coming/arriving after a few days’ sailing in a ferry boat and that certainly was a whole lot of crap! Nothing of the sort around here.

      1. Yup? It was that show. The ferry one. Hahha

        Went to places that I’ve never even heard of… Not the regular or more popular ones in town, some of them.

  4. That looks really neat – love the pics and the color of it in the pics! PLUS…I LOVE the song ‘Blowing In the Wind’

    I guess it looked all right. Can’t expect much for around US$5.00. Yes, great song.

  5. Call me jakun, I’ve never seen this fan with lights somemore.. Portable fan, yes.. Portable (torch) light, yes, but not both in one, haha.. Oohhh kam ngam? Same day no electricity for a few hours, so you can test your new portable fan.. But since it says it can only last for 4 hours, you have to charge for 10 hours after that..

    Maybe the charging process is slow? Like some phones – if fast, they say the battery gone case already.
    Never mind, use batteries – I googled and read that they last much longer. This is small. Actually, they have big ones too…the size like the box fan behind in the photo, with a light by the side. RM100 plus. Last time, Cosway had it, probably the box fan type, not sure…but when I went to ask, they say they’ve discontinued this product.

  6. It must be your instinct that day to buy the fan and that afternoon no electricity and you get to use it! Lol.

    I think I will get one too. In case of emergency in Kuching. Something to cool the kids. Can I tumpang you one when you go get one?? But if you are going. Otherwise please dont trouble yourself.

    I always mean to get one. Looking for something like this. 3 or 4 in one with radio, light and fan. Company C used to have one for redemption but long long time no available.

    Will KIV, no problem, can get one for you when I go by that place. I always use that alley to go to the market. Blackouts are rather frequent in Kuching, it seems. I see people complaining all the time on Facebook.

    1. Yes. And my place always the longest. When I stayed there I encountered it twice. Both in the evening. Lasted more than 2 hours. The longest one was 6 hours!! *faint*

      Ok. If you go there. πŸ˜‰

      LOL!!! Poor thing! At least, Sibu not so bad hor? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  7. We have one of those in my KL home. Now that you reminded me, I need to get one for myself in Penang. Blackouts are not frequent here, but they always happen without notice >.<

    Of course there would not be any notice, something gone wrong somewhere, unexpected…and the electricity board here would not answer any calls. @#$%^&!!!! I have their number on speed dial…and I would catch hold of them unaware as soon as there’s a blackout – they would answer, not knowing that it is a call to complain. 😦

  8. Nice cute fan and so handy. I like how the rim can be lifted if one wants a brighter lighter. Small thing with a lot of function. Should get one in case of emergency.

    I’m not too concerned about the light – I can always light up one of those little perfumed candles I have in the house. It’s the fan…and fanning oneself non-stop for some two or three hours with a piece of cardboard can be really taxing on the wrist! 😦

  9. What a nifty fan! Good that it has dual purpose. I hate it when the electricity supply gets disrupted. So hot! And at night have to use candles or torchlight. It is best to be prepared. I must look out for this very useful fan.

    Would come in handy. Now that I’ve tried it, will certainly get one for ourselves here.

  10. what a coincidence, that you actually get to use the light for the purpose it was meant to do.

    Thanks for the link to the book online, going through it now πŸ˜€

    Oh? Maybe you want to hop over to Sibu to try all the nice stuff you see in the book? πŸ˜‰

  11. what a cute device … i don’t often get blackouts at my place (maybe once every couple of years), but this could be a cool thing to have on hand when that happens πŸ™‚ eight hours of power is a good amount of time, enough to get a good night’s sleep πŸ™‚

    Yes, can easily get one through the night. Lucky you – no black outs – where’s your area? Heard of the water problem there and more recently, the blackouts? Not true one? Maybe only at some isolated parts and everyone makes a lot of noise.

  12. Oooo, I like the fan. Real cute and handy! And cheap, too! πŸ˜‰
    Hmmm, no food pic on this day..,only detailed explanation of the fan…like a post promoting the fan! Hehehehe πŸ˜‰

    Useful, helpful information, must share mah… Not only about food.

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