One more round…

I mentioned in an earlier post that my brother-in-law from Bintulu was home for the long weekend and he brought us a lot of stuff from there, mainly fresh fish…but we had not got round to cooking those yet when my other brother-in-law, the one in Sibu, called to ask us out for dinner…again. It seemed that he had given him one big one too and like the last time, he went and asked a restaurant in town to cook it…and this time, he chose this one that we go to quite a lot.

So there we were that night, 10 of us altogether, to feast on the fish…

Fish, sweet and sour

…done in my brother-in-law’s favourite style, sweet and sour. Needless to say, it was very fresh and very nicely done but in my honest opinion, they did it better at that other place. They charged a bit more there though, RM25.00, to cook the fish whereas here, they did it for RM20.00 only.

My niece, the one currently based in Singapore, wanted the Foochow-style tofu soup so we had that and knowing that this would be Melissa’s favourite, I ordered it too…

Ming Mei Shi creamy butter prawns

This had always been everyone’s favourite without fail every time we had it and it sure was a hit again that night – their deep fried pumpkin in salted egg batter…

Ming Mei Shi salted egg pumpkin

I only had a bit of it though as I was way too busy feasting on the awesome fish – the head! It certainly was finger-licking good! Hehehehehe!!!!

I can’t remember whether I had any of the vegetable dish…

Ming Mei Shi Fried cangkuk manis with egg

…though – maybe I did have a spoonful or two…and I also had a piece or two of the lemon chicken…

Ming Mei Shi lemon chicken

…which I must say, came nowhere near what we had here.

The bill that night came up to a whooping RM168.00 but minus the drinks and the rice and the RM20 for cooking the fish, I estimated that the total for the five dishes that we ordered would be around RM120.00. For one thing, the pumpkin (RM20.00) and chicken (RM32.00) dishes were extremely big – they could have just served around half of each and charged less…as in the case of the prawns (RM30.00).

Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed the food and it certainly was a delightful family gathering. The very next day, my brother-in-law and his family went back to Bintulu, my niece flew back to KL and then proceeded back to Singapore while my missus and I drove Melissa back to her school, a day later than usual because of the public holiday.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “One more round…”

  1. Though slightly pricey (but I’d expect it to be around that price or more in KL), most importantly everybody had a great time feasting. That is what matters most and the food looks really good. I wanna have a taste of the pumpkin too 😀

    Come, come. I’m right here waiting. What for you go to Penang? Got event to cover there kah? Better come here – grab hold of those cheap promo air tickets. My Trengganu friends came that day, hubby and wife, only RM100 plus return. Cheaper here…and nicer too! Penang, you’ve been all the time…and everything you can get in KL, anyway…maybe except the beach. No beach here either. 😀

  2. As usual, everything looks so good. You really know how to eat good food! If the fish is fresh, I’d go for “ching jing” (steamed).. But well, it’s your BIL’s favourite – sweet and sour deep fried way, so his way then, sedap also, I like, but I still like my fish steamed.. Oohhh I like that plate of pumpkin with salted egg too.. Ngap!

    I was glad they did it my BIL’s way as my girl is not really into steamed fish. I don’t mind as long as the fish is very fresh – sweet. We went to Green Mountain once – a fishing village, long drive from Kuching and had their steamed white pomfret (bawal putih), very plain with just a sprinkling of chopped garlic on top. So very nice that we ordered another one…but the 2nd one was disappointing. Not as fresh, I guess.

  3. That’s a grand feasting. All looks so good and each dish is cooked to perfection. Most important, everyone enjoyed the food and great company.

    Yes, always nice to spend time with family…and also good friends.

  4. Really a feast! As long as everyone enjoy the good food and time. 🙂

    Yes, going to have one, farewell dinner before you go back to Kuching? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  5. Why everything deep fried one 😦

    Yes. Like the chicken drumstick in your current post…and I guess the meatballs were deep fried too?

  6. Maybe they saw you, so they serve the pumpkin and chicken in big portion kot 😀
    I should not laugh at you, I get the same treatment, when I tapao lunch, I always get extra big scoop of rice, when I request less rice, the auntie will stare at me for a few seconds perplexed 😦

    Count our blessings. My colleague and I used to frequent one fried mee stall…and everytime, he would get only a little and mine would be like a mountain, same price. He voiced his discontentment out loud once and the lady heard…and quickly fried a bit more and served it on a plate for him, all apologetic. 😉

  7. The price quite reasonable…

    My fren went Sabah with her friends, 4 of them, went eat seafood, RM400 for 4 person…

    Sabah, apa lagi? Especially KK, VERY expensive…but very nice and the place is nice too. I hear seafood in Sandakan is cheap.

  8. So much goreng stuffs leh.

    The fish kira cheap la. Here at least rm50 gone

    RM50 to cook or for the whole fish? If for the whole fish, cheap lah!!! Dunno this one but the one he brought back the last time was RM65 – uncooked…but very big, very fresh and very nice.

    Ya…seems that at these chu-char places, no matter what you order, they will deep fry first – said that would seal in all the sweetness in the meat or seafood to be cooked, nicer. I would not bother to do that at home though, thank you very much. Not healthy and such a hassle.

  9. love the photos of the delicious dishes in this post … and i love the last two words of this post … public holiday 😀

    Yes, and you people have another one coming up – Deepavali. So lucky, we do not have a holiday here for that, business as usual. 😦

  10. It’s pretty wonderful to have a family gathering where there’s nothing but food and conversations to permeate the air, if you ask me.. =D

    Can I have a bite out of the lemon chicken?

    Not really nice. I can take you to that other place where they make the sauce using fresh lemons. Much nicer.

  11. All foods look good. Give me the fish and one vegetable, that will be enough for me. Yum yum!

    Actually! I spent most of my time enjoying that huge fish, not much time for the rest. Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. I really like that big fish and sweet and sour is my favorite too. Did they use chicken strips for the lemon chicken? I prefer chicken pieces.

    Pieces. Deboned chicken chop…and they cut into bite-size pieces. No problem with the chicken – just did not like the sauce. 😦

  13. Wow! What a big fish! Sweet n sour…Very appetising. Hmm, you guys must love all the goreng stuff..all dishes, except the vege, are fried!

    The soup also, not fried. Somehow, it turned out that way – did not really think about it when ordering, not that we love things deep-fried a lot…except maybe for my girl. She loves deep fried stuff.

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