Everybody’s doing it…

Well, everybody’s doing it and as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them…but no, the truth is my girl said she was thinking of having some sushi so after our late morning Sunday service at the cathedral in town last Sunday, we dropped by here

Zen kimmidolls

We had not been here for a while too as parking is always a problem round these parts but surprisingly, there were a few vacant lots that day.

They were out of this…

Zen menu

…and I did not want the salmon one that we had been having on our previous visits so I ordered the nabeiyaki udon (RM17.90)…

Zen udon

…to share instead.

I also asked for the salmon shio-teriyaki (RM10.90)…

Zen salmon shio-teriyaki

…and seeing that salmon’s my girl’s favourite, I just let her and the mum eat all that and did not have any myself. After all, there was salmon too in the dai dai roll (RM14.90)…

Zen dai dai roll

…that we also had.

The inari kizami (RM6.90) and inari lidako (RM6.90)…

Zen inari

…were very nice too. I love these in the tofu skin pouches or whatever they call them if there is a special name for that…and there was unagi in one, another of Melissa’s favourite.

Another of her favourite is the pumpkin korokke (RM13.90)…

Zen korokke

…so we had that too and also the potato salad (RM7.90)…

Zen potato salad

…that everyone enjoyed to the max. It was different from those that we had had before in the western cafes and restaurants and certainly had an edge over the rest.

My girl wanted to pick up the tab for this very delightful lunch that we had but of course, I would not hear of it. After all, I am still getting my pension and there is enough to go round and to pamper ourselves a bit sometimes…and if anyone’s interested and does not know where this place is, two doors away in the block of shops right across the road from the 7-storey Pagoda, the name and address is as follows:
Zen Japanese Fusion Dining
16, Chew Geok Lin Road, Sibu
Telephone: 084-4328101

We do have one of those franchises here in Sibu and also another local one that specialises in Japanese cuisine but my preference is this one and anytime we feel like going Japanese, this would be the place.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Everybody’s doing it…”

  1. As you know, I love to eat Japanese food so after seeing your delicious Japanese meal, I want to go and eat Japanese food this weekend again! πŸ˜€

    So you had the salmon cooked two ways – both shio (grilled with salt) and teriyaki (grilled with teriyaki sauce)?

    I haven’t the slightest idea! It’s Greek to me…but I do know teriyaki…and at one time, we could buy Aji-Shio, from Aji-no-moto, in a bottle shaker to sprinkle on food, so it was probably just msg and salt then…if we go by the name. Well, it’s Friday! The weekend’s here. Enjoy your Japanese! Hehehehehehe!!!

    1. Shio just means salt. The Japanese Kanji word for shio is ε‘© (salt) so no msg. Different case for Ajinomoto product since Ajinomoto is all about msg. Normally Japanese restaurant will ask if want shio or teriyaki and I will usually choose shio – lightly grilled with salt brings out the best taste in fresh seafood.

      Yes, we do that all the time – just rub salt on the fish and deep fry or bake i the oven. The Malays do it differently, it seems – will marinate with kunyit (tumeric) powder usually. Ya, I was talking about their special product – sold in those salt & pepper bottle shakers at one time (I remember the top is blue), labelled as Aji-Shio so that means it is aji-no-moto plus salt. Have not seen it for a while, maybe discontinued already.

  2. You must be referring to Aburaage sweet tofu, good stuff. I’m a huge fan of Jap food! My fav goes to Ramen πŸ˜€

    Ah yes! I googled that…and they call them tofu pouches as well so I was on the right track too then. The ramen and udon here, not all that enticing and not so many choices…and this being a pork-free place, I would not feel like ordering any after seeing the ramen with the thinly-sliced pork ham slices in other people’s blogs. Just wanted to give the udon a try since the fried rice I wanted was not available. For lunch or dinner, I would prefer to have rice…not noodles. Next time, I’ll see what they have in the don section of their menu.

  3. Oh gosh look at the salad! The generous toppings of roe on it. Slurp! We love Japanese food too but not as crazy as that Christopher Au lah… That one is Japanese trapped in cinapek body. LoL!

    He earns SIN$, can easily afford to eat Japanese everyday. People like us…or me, once in a blue moon, ok lah. Buang gian once in a while, esoecially after seeing everybody blogging about them feasting on Japanese all the time. 😦

    1. Err… I just had two this week…. One in jb and one in SG. πŸ˜›

      I don’t mind having Japanese…but can’t afford to go so often – not all that affordable especially for a poor old pensioner. Bet it must cost a bomb in Sinkapork when one converts into our miserable ringgit.

  4. Wow….Finally you had Japanese food. Seems like the first time I see you makan Japanese food. Well done !

    Gosh! Maybe you were not following my blog before or you can’t remember things so well. I’ve had Japanese here and here for instance at one other place, here at that franchise place in town and I did go to the one in Kuching once, and countless times at this one – here, here and here, just to mention a few to refresh your memory…and I went to one in Auckland, New Zealand too.

  5. I have always liked fried rice…especially chicken, vegetable or shrimp! πŸ™‚

    They have very nice fried rice here with smoked salmon but I did not want to order that again – been having that again and again on our previous visits.

  6. I love everything you ordered… My favourite? That scoop of potato salad! Yep I always, always order that when I go dine at Japanese restaurants.. Not cheap.. One scoop is always > RM6.90.. And yes, like you said, it taste very nice and different.. Different from the ones we make at home.. At home we usually just mix potatoes with egg and mayo, maybe some avocado too.. But I think the Japanese potato salad has much more stuffs in it – onions, cucumbers, maybe?

    No idea but so flavourful, nicer than the ones at the western restaurants.

  7. Been to Zen last year. Once. Like you said, parking is a pain in ass. Haha. So never think of going here again.

    But the food you have all looks so delicious,,even the salad is tempting. Maybe will go back there one of these days before I go back to Kuching. Back home, the Japanese eateries are mushrooming but not every places are nice.

    Not sure which is the best in Kuching. I only went to the franchise one – the one we have in Sibu now. They say there is another franchise there too and that one is nicer. Not too fond of the one we have here – the sushi on the carousel aren’t really great, a la carte’s good but the service sucks big time (had to wait for so so so long I would never want to go again) and it’s expensive.

    1. That new franchise would be Sakae Sushi. Definitely better than the other one.

      Yes, not sure why. The services in that particular franchise all the same. Either in Kuching or Sibu. Really suck!

      Yup! That’s the one, everyone says much better. Oh? In Kuching, like that too – service so poor – we had to wait for THREE hours…until happy hours, and then got special discount. Not in the least amused, I’m afraid – once, never ever again will I go there.

  8. Seems like you are having a feast there. How much was the total bill?

    Not really a feast, just ordered enough for the three of us – just right, not too much and not too little. Total, around RM91.00 inclusive of green tea for three. Not cheap, Japanese…but once in a long while, ain’t too bad. After all, it’s only money – can’t take with me when I go…and anything to make my girl happy!!!

  9. Though not a fan of Japanese/Korean food but all you order looks great. I bet my kids would love it. As far as I can remember, I have twice only. Call me a typical Chinese, hehehe!!!!

    I never liked Japanese – I’d prefer stronger tastes, spicy and all…but since I’ve been going with my girl, I’m beginning to enjoy it more and more.

  10. Hi Mr Arthur. Can you please do me a favour? May I know where to get your book: A Guide to Sibu’s Most Favourite Food? Thanks.

    Resident’s Office, 5th Floor, the new Islamic Complex, Jalan Awang Ramli Amit (opposite St Mary’s Church). Just go and ask, sign your name and you’ll get a copy. If you can tell them nice stories…want to send to who overseas, they may give you more. Here, read about it here:
    or here:
    Hmmm…I guess you don’t read my blog regularly, otherwise you would have seen these recent posts. >.<

  11. Japanese food! That I love a lot! But somehow I am not too fond of the tofu skin pouches. I mean, so far the one I tasted was very sweet. Perhaps the one you had is different.

    They were not exactly sweet – I think they add some nice Japanese sauces, very tasty and fragrant. In fact, I prefer these to sushi anytime.

  12. Tsk tsk tsk……how can….must let the young treat you sometimes la……She also will feel happy mah.Earn money , treat parents

    It’s the thought that counts, cukup lah. Actually, graduate’s starting pay is not all that much – my pension plus interest from my savings, almost as much wor! I encourage her to save – maybe she will want to further her studies…or buy a car…or a house…get married. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  13. These prices seem very reasonable.

    Yes, and the food’s great and the service is good, place not crowded and noisy – everything’s just right for a delightful family lunch outing.

  14. Sedap!!! So nice of papa… Why are parents like that one…we always like to pay for our kids even though they are working.. πŸ™‚

    Old habits die hard, I guess. Besides, we still have our income, not totally dependent on them.

  15. The potato salad certainly caught my attention with lots of ebiko. Slurpppp

    Yes, it was very very nice. I wonder what they have in it – I think there is egg, dunno what else. Different from the potato salad elsewhere, definitely nicer than all the rest.

  16. My family loves Japanese food but cannot so often, lah…
    I don’t normally go for potato salad but the one in your photo looks good, with such generous topping of roe. And we love salmon too, preferably grilled with just a dash of salt and pepper. πŸ™‚

    They make very good potato salad at the pork place a few doors away…but this one wins hands down – really very nice. Sure would want to order that if we go there again.

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