Well, THIS is definitely clearer now than before…


No, you will NOT get any complimentary ice [SIC]/hot lemon tea with your lunch on weekends and public holidays. If you remember, I had a bone to pick over the sign that they had before and had a not-very-pleasant experience when I went and pointed it out. Well, at least, now they have an additional line, underlined some more, so I guess there is no dispute now as to who should get a free drink and when.

I had not dropped by there since…not because I was pissed off by the uncalled-for behaviour but somehow or other, it just happened that we did not go back to the place again. For one thing, parking is always such a pain…be it lunch or dinnertime and that is, at times, a deterrent, the mere idea of going round and round in search of a parking space.

Anyway, my niece, the one who is working in Singapore, was home for the long weekend and she invited us there…

Jack Pork 2

…for dinner last Saturday night. It was her birthday sometime in the middle of last month but she did not manage to come back around that time so this could be considered as a belated birthday treat.

Well, if the lighting at this place is kind of dim around lunchtime, it is even more so…

Jack Pork 3

…at night. That was why I did not take a photo of everything that we ordered that night but I did manage to snap one of their signature pork ribs…

Jack Pork signature pork ribs

…which were very good and as always, I enjoyed that a lot.

I had their classic burger before…

Jack Pork Classic Burger

…and with so many things that we ordered to share that night I did not bother to go through the hassle of eating that.

The pork belly sizzling noodles…

Jack Pork Sizzling pork belly noodles

…were not sizzling when it was served and many of us thought that they were not very nice. I tried a bit and found that the taste of the five spice powder was rather strong but that was fine by me. I would say that I quite liked it…but if you are not into that ngor hiang hoon, then  perhaps you should give this one a miss.

We had quite a few other items from their menu but like I said earlier, it was simply too dark to take any decently-good photographs that would do the food justice, so I just gave up after a while and spent the rest of the evening chatting away with everybody and enjoying the food.

My niece brought us a number of things from Singapore and all the places that she had been too since the last time she was home and my brother-in-law in Bintulu was home too that weekend with a whole lot of goodies in tow for us as well. I guess everybody must be so tired and bored of the photographs that I’ve featured ever so often showing what I got and who they came from…so I did not take any this time around. Still, I guess I should slip in a word of thank you here to the two of them for all that they gave us…and also to my niece for the belated birthday treat.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Clearer…”

  1. I nearly fell off my chair when i saw the word jack pork…. it just sounds too wrong.

    My! My! Is it that time of the month or was it something that you ate? >.<

  2. ahahhaa…. i thought you are refering to the haze. It’s hazy here in the south with PSI readings of around 100+. The pork ribs looks so good!

    That bad? It had been raining at the other end, severe flooding in KK. Thankfully, all ok here.

  3. I remember reading about your previous visit there. It seems that they really took your advice and put up proper signs with clear T&C this time. 🙂

    Yes, they should have done that right from the start. Really unprofessional to put up promos and then, add their own terms and conditions according to their whims and fancies.

  4. Oh yes I remember that incident, the brochure incident.. Haha.. Nevermind, can give people second chance.. Wow the ribs look so good, very huge portion, and oohhh look at those gravy, slurrpppp.. That burger looks good too, all my kind of favourite food..

    Yes, the food is great here – most of what they have on their menu are very good. Just the thought of finding a place to park in that area would make me think twice about going there.

  5. Nice ambience & a lovely place to hang out. Love the hanging potted plants. Are they real or fake ones? Food looks good especially the pork ribs.

    Look like real, not too sure – didn’t touch. You can expect great food here, lots are nice.

  6. Somehow the sizzling noodles look utterly unappetizing to me. It seems not put together nicely and kind of messy.

    Well, it tasted better than it looked – if you like five spice powder. Otherwise, hands off! You will not like it – very heavy on that. Wasn’t like that the last time we had it – maybe the chef spilled the bottle onto it or what.

  7. Now went out to eat, finding a parking spot is a very difficult especially during dinner time, so usually me and my family all tend to go early like slightly before the dinner time, to avoid the crowd and easy to get a parking spot, hehe!!

    Yes, that’s what we would do too. People invited, said 7.00 we’d go before 6 and roam around the area…just so we could find a parking space more easily.

  8. Good for them coz the listen to customer’s feedback with and open mind instead of just sweeping it under the carpet .

    I don’t mind the taste of five spice powder. Didn’t know that for sizzling noodle they uses it. Hmm…secret recipe kot. Maybe will try it out

    If I’m not mistaken, they use the sauce from their stewed pork belly. Five spice a bit too strong that night but sometimes, it’s because of the powder – when it’s very fresh, the fragrance/smell is stronger so should use less. Just like ground coffee – you keep too long not so nice anymore. Ya…finally, that is all settled now. So frustrating going and seeing the promo…and then, they started telling you no this…no that, only weekdays bla…bla…bla…

  9. Not so nice anymore. Still like their old menu.

    They’ve retained some of the popular items from their “Breakfast” menu…but yes, I prefer the old concept too. Too bad it did not work out.

  10. I like the wall garden. It would be nice to have more indoor plants to clean this horrible haze.

    See my reply to Azura – they’ve more at Plan B, outdoor section, in KL…

  11. The pork ribs look like a big portion. Very meaty!

    Ok, quite big, enough for two to share, at least. Was much bigger when I had it the first time, enough for three.

  12. very special indeed with that jack pork! hahaha
    they should call it pork belly noodle then right! anyway i think i will like it as i quite fancy ngor hiang hoon.. =D

    It is called pork belly noodles – maybe they should call it five-spice pork belly noodles and then, it will be clearer.

  13. i like your pic of the burning candle placed in the wall … it strikes me as something that would be an interesting part of the decor! 😀

    Yes, that’s very nice…very romantic but too dim for nice photographs of the food.

  14. I love that wall decor, the plants, very unique!

    Yes, the owners are very artistic, great decor…all their eateries along that same street.

  15. I always like the unique deco at their eateries, but like you said, the light too dim and too “romantic” hard to take pic. :p

    Worse if using smartphones…but I hear the latest iphone 6 is great for taking photos in the dark, better than digital cameras. Go, go…get one…and give me your old one. Hehehehehe!!!!

  16. I don’t blame you at all! Signs at establishments MUST be accurate! Nice Catch on your part and glad that you mentioned it and they made some changes! I LOVE the pic with the ‘greens’ on the wall! Neat! LOVE that idea! I’m a bit of a blogging fool this week and posting multiple posts per day, again! I guess I just have so much to share these days! LOL Thanks as always for visiting and commenting 🙂

    Most welcome. I hop around when I’m free and comment on anything of interest…and being an old retiree, I’m usually very free. 😀

    Ya, glad that’s all settled now. I was rather put off by it really. Their business is really good – they do not need to do such things to attract customers…and when they get put off by such misleading gimmicks, they may even stay away for good. Wrong move!

  17. Been there once but I have to say. The food did not fancy me at all. Not so nice. And yes it was too dark to take any shots in there.

    Oh? How did you get to this old post? Did you try the one next door? They’ve two outlets in Kuching now – one at Rubber Road, the other at Jalan Song, I think. Seems to be doing so well. Personally, I prefer this one…but I like the previous breakfast concept as well – too bad they’ve done away with that.

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