Last Friday evening, after dinner, we went out to walk around a hypermart at one of the mega malls here. Normally, my girl would be tired and would just laze around after dinner and then call it a day. It being a long weekend, I suggested that as I thought she could do with a little break from the same old routine…and of course, she was delighted with the idea.

As we went browsing around, I spotted this…

Made in England curry paste

That was the curry powder my mum would use those years when I was still a kid, made in England, no less. I think I have mentioned it before that during those colonial times, everyone had that same mindset that anything made in England would be good and anything made in Japan would spoil very soon…just like those made-in-China stuff that we have these days.

It was good but it was just the powder so one would have to go through all that hassle to prepare all the pounded ingredients and everything. These days, we would just use those packet curry pastes, just add a bit of extra ingredients and the curry would be as great as any other.

Then, we came across this…

Bangers 1

…and we were so tempted to buy.

It sure looked impressive, what with the Union Jack in the bottom left corner and all. At that point in Β time, I did not notice that phrase in Malay to the right: “Berat bersih“…plus the prices sure gave the impression that it was imported, probably from the UK or we just jumped into that conclusion without checking properly when in fact, it was made in Malaysia…

Bangers 2

Not suspecting a thing, we decided to grab a pack and this one that we picked was the cheapest – at over RM27.00 for 8 in the box, I thought that at over RM3.00 each for something imported, it was quite all right. Prices may range from over RM30 to RM40, depending on which type/flavour you buy. I also expected it to be as long as depicted in the picture but unfortunately, the bangers inside were not even as long as the width and yes, there were eight of them but some were a bit longer, some shorter.

Ah well, since we had already bought it, we might as well give it a try and the next morning, I grilled some for breakfast to go with some croissants that we bought at that same place…and egg, fried and some sliced tomato…

Banger croissant & egg breakfast

Thankfully, it was VERY nice – anytime better than those cheap local brands with the same texture (and taste) as SPAM or luncheon meat plus the taste was different too, very much nicer and more like those sausages that I had had at some of those classier restaurants and I would say that they can be even tastier than some of those imported ones that we have around here too.

Of course, I enjoyed that breakfast platter that I dished out…but at those prices, I don’t think I would be having that again…or at least, not so soon.

Author: suituapui

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28 thoughts on “Bangers…”

  1. Hmm… yea, i didn’t expect them to be that “short” haha, hard to “bang” la like that πŸ˜›

    Speaking from personal experience? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  2. I love your breakfast plate, it is beautifully presented. I love to cook and everything I make is tasty, but presentation….well, not so good. πŸ™‚

    Didn’t really do much – thought the plate was kind of sparse… 😦

  3. LoL at Ken’s comment. So naughty that boy! How come your egg is not sunny side up?

    Ya, that cheeky little boy! Tsk! Tsk! πŸ˜€

    Aiyor!!! You dunno meh? I love my fried eggs the traditional Mak Nenek style – wok-fried…with the nice golden fringe and the yolk still runny. More oily though, have to let it sit on some kitchen towels for a while to drain away a bit of the excess oil. I’m not into the ang moh pan-fried sunny side up…and worse, if they use the ring! Really don’t like those! Like eating rubber. 😦

  4. I love a classic bangers, it a common food here served with mashed potatoes. Such a comfort food

    Ah yes! Mashed potatoes! I was actually thinking of making some to go with the bangers, and some scrambled eggs too…but I got lazy and decided to go without the potatoes…and just fried the egg. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. The packaging is very impressive. Never thought it is locally made. Glad it turned out good.

    Yes, even the brand name. So deceiving. Ya, thankfully it was good. My girl loved them too – we had a few that morning for breakfast and she took the rest back to her school to enjoy during the week.

  6. “Full flavoured, coarse textured, prime British STYLED sausages with selected spices” – whatever the heck does British styled mean? Sausage then sausage la LOL!
    Nice is nice, but the length is so short… and one can’t help imagining things when the first comment by Ken is as such πŸ˜€

    I haven’t the slightest clue! I don’t remember having any when I was there that left a lasting impression – in fact, I can’t remember having any at all. Probably they had one or two in those awesome breakfast platters at their B&B’s – I love those! But if they had any, they were overshadowed by all that ham and bacon. Oooooo…nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen! Heaven! As far as sausages are concerned, I love the German ones.

    Oh? I thought if they’re big and long, only then would one’s imagination run wild? Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. That looks like a very hearty breakfast. Over RM3 for a sausage, not sure if I would spend that kind of money on sausages. But as long as you enjoyed them, that’s the main thing!

    It was good but it was more for my girl. She’s a lot more into such things and as long as she loves them and she’s happy, I’m also happy. πŸ˜‰ I probably would rather go for a plate of kampua…and still have some change leftover…like you. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. I like this post, very yummy breakfast post.. When I see your first picture (without scrolling down all), I thought it’s goma sauce, those Japanese sesame dressing, very nice.. You really whipped up a good delicious breakfast, look at that fried egg, very nice, I can’t fry nice eggs like you πŸ™‚

    Get a wok and use more oil, you’ll get it just like that. Not all that healthy though. πŸ˜‰

  9. Haha why did they put the British flag on the box…. so misleading lah! Anyway if u can find a brand called Edwards of Conwy there, they do great pork sausages.

    Exactly! Can’t blame me for jumping into conclusion, really! Don;t have that here – most imported ham, bacon & sausages that we have here are from Australia. My niece just gave us an equally impressive-looking pack – made in Singapore but with a German-sounding name. Will blog about it when we’ve tried that…and then I can compare.

  10. aha…so local made also can be sedap one,right?

    Yup. If I’m not wrong, some of the local cafes and restaurants make their own an d they’re very nice too. If only the prices were more affordable… 😦

  11. Have you tried the Ayamas English breakfast saugages?

    Any good? I used to buy before, the ones with cheese – ok, not great, that SPAM or luncheon meat texture – might as well fry sliced luncheon meat, nicer. I think I did see the ones you mentioned…but I’ve not been buying since that ban on their products two years ago, not all that keen on buying…since what I had before were not all that great.

  12. I wonder if we have that brand of bangers over here. Quite pricey but since you said it was very nice, I won’t mind trying at least once.

    Yes, I would give it a double thumbs up if not for the price…so one thumb up only lah!

  13. Oooohh….me like this kind of English breakfast! Here at least can sell more than RM15.hahah

    Oh? RM3+RM1 plus for the croissant and around 50 sen for the egg and tomato, onlt RM4.50. Hmmmm…can make big money like that, if in the business. πŸ˜€

  14. I would like to commission you to make me food with overnight shipping to Germany, suituapui… πŸ˜€

    Oh no!!! German sausages are simply the best! You wouldn’t like these, I’m sure. πŸ˜€

  15. I really really like this kind of breakfast, egg, sausage, bread and tomato!! Reminds me those time the breakfast I always have, the different is I put the egg and ham in between two breads and step it together and eat it with milk…Wow!! I want to have it again!!

    What’s stopping you? You can make your own – lots available in KL…or you can go to those cafes – you have all the nice ones there like Plan B. Here, there are places serving their so-called American breakfast but they all suck big time, really miserable – they don’t even look nice! I would not bother going for those.

  16. Yeah, we have seen that brand before too, it’s a local brand. I also thought the Union Jack picture was a little misleading. Imported sausages would be around twice that price, there’s a place which sells chorizo sausages for RM 32 for a pack of 4 sausages – no fancy packaging, it’s imported in bulk but it’s very nice.

    I’m very intrigued by the curry powder that you showed – never seen it before. What is the first word in the first line? It’s obscured by the metal grill in the shelf – “something” Curry Powder.

    It looks very interesting!

    I can’t see the word(s) either. Will check it out if I drop by there again. I’m not really into chorizos or maybe the flavour I got was not what I would care for – brought a whole lot that day from New Zealand.

  17. The local bangers quite pricey, huh..wonder why they print the Union Jack on the packaging when it is buatan malaysia?

    Your breakfast platter looks good – love the egg with golden crispy edge πŸ™‚

    The traditional style, the way my mum used to cook it. Quite hard to get it like that around here these days but there are still some doing it this way at the Malay stalls though most will just use the ring – I never like that.

    Ya…the flag was certainly most deceiving – like the Scottish tartan pattern on the very nice tin of the shortbread I bought not too long ago – made in Indonesia. Tsk! Tsk!

  18. The last time we went to Las Vegas (about 2 years ago now) we frequented an English Pub inside our hotel. My hubby had their Bangers and Mash (he’s NOT Veg) and he thought the dish was way too salty for him. I had Samosas and they were awesome! I also remember having Sparkling Pear Cider which was so memorable! WOWZA!

    Yes, I’ve had very salty ones so they would have to go with bread or something. These were ok, not too salty – can eat on their own, not a problem.

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