Something to keep me going…

You would have seen in my previous post, the fried rice, kampung-style, that I cooked earlier last week and as I have mentioned it (many times) before, my girl isn’t all that fond of it this way as she  had had an overdose of that from having it almost every day at the roadside stalls across the road from the teacher-training institute where she was in Sungai Petani. After having seen the multitude of flies and the uncovered food there, I had cautioned her about eating their nasi campur and to be on the safe side, I told her that it would be best to have something cooked on the spot and served piping hot from the wok.

This was why last Saturday morning, when she was home and there was more leftover rice in the fridge, I fried it differently for our breakfast – with the made-in-Canada Ma Ling luncheon meat that I got from my friend, Philip in the US, and some eggs…

Fried rice with luncheon meat and eggs

Melissa loves luncheon meat so she would not mind fried rice cooked this way. This was the last can from the lot that Philip gave me when he was home this year. Actually, there were two left and I gave one to my father to try – luncheon meat, Ma Ling no less…and from Canada some more. He uses dentures and it seems that it hurts when he eats anything hard or tough…and of course, he does not have a problem with luncheon meat and like most everybody else, he enjoys it too.

And that same Saturday morning, my friend, Yan, dropped by my house to give me these…

Bread from Yan

…loaves of bread that she made herself. She had sent me a message earlier in the week to see if I would be home as she would be flying in from Kuching and she would like to stop by my house on the way home from the airport to give me some of her own-made pumpkin bread and milk bread…

Pumpkin bread & milk bread

Of course, I would be home! Warga emas (senior citizens) like me do not go out all that much. LOL!!! We tried the bread and they were so good we could eat it on its own and as a matter of fact, upon Melissa’s request, I had to put aside some for her to take back to her school to enjoy during the course of the week. Thank you so much, Yan, for remembering me and wanting to let me try your lovely bread.

That evening, like what we would usually do every Saturday, we went for the sunset service at a church here (so we would be able to drive Melissa back to her school on Sunday and help her resettle for the week) and I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine stopped me to give me this bag of goodies…

Goodies from Perth

They were from her daughter and no, she was not my student nor did I get really acquainted with her personally but I knew her then as she was in the debating team representing her school and I was the teacher in charge of the one in mine. I remember she went overseas to further her studies soon after and the last I heard, she was married and was residing in Australia and has been there since – Perth, to be exact.

Yes, I do feel extremely flattered that this silent reader of my blog is so thoughtful as to go through all the trouble to send me this just because she enjoys reading what I write…


Some bloggers blog for money and that would keep them going as long as the cheques keep coming in but not me. I thrive on comments even though there aren’t all that many, averaging around 20 a day, sometimes more and sometimes less (even though I get around 1,000 views a day) as that is an indication that there are people out there who actually drop by to see what I have up my sleeves and yes, I do find a sweet gesture such as this one most encouraging indeed – at least, I know there are some who actually appreciate what I am doing, day in and day out and that sure is enough to keep me going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Eileen.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Something to keep me going…”

  1. ahhh roti! my favorite! I eat roti a few times in a week (as dinner), my fav goes to sourdough 😀

    You make your own or you buy? My cousin makes her own artisan breads, nice…but I’m not really a bread person.

  2. i like this post from start to finish .. luncheon meat fried rice is one of my favourite dishes from my childhood years, and the home-made bread looks beautiful, while all the candy bars look like a real treat. it’s heart-warming to read about eileen’s gesture and your response to it too 🙂

    Glad you like everything. Ya, luncheon meat has been my favourite since my childhood days too…and THAT is so long ago! LOL!!! We enjoyed the bread and yes, Eileen is so very thoughtful – took me by surprise. Little gestures like this sure help make one’s day.

  3. Ahhh nothing can go wrong with luncheon meat fried rice.. Yes I renember reading your post on advising Mel to order something cooked on the spot like fried rice or mee goreng.. Your plate of fried rice looks so good.. Those pumpkin and milk bread look so soft and fluffy, and yes, I would eat it on its own too..You are always so lucky to receive goodies from friends.. I want that loot of chocolates, haha..

    I gave all to Mel to take back to her school and enjoy there. Chocolate is therapeutic, I hear. 😉 Indeed, I do consider myself so very lucky – everybody’s so nice and generous.

  4. Very lovely thought from your reader.
    I like everyone else, enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for all the sharing.

    Ok. Where is my share of the goodies? Lol. 😉

    Thank you, thank you. These? All gone liao…mostly, with my daughter for her to enjoy at her school. Let’s see what else in town you haven’t tried – I find anything nice, sure will send to your house. 😉

    1. Lets find a day for breakfast together. Still quite a lot of places I haven’t been to. 😉

      I’m free on weekdays – just let me know when you’re available.

  5. My type of fried rice. Like it with luncheon meat or chinese sausages. Bread looks fluffy and can be eaten on its own reminds me of Gardenia Butterscotch bread which is my favourite.

    Yes, just as nice – just eat like that, good enough.

  6. Gift packs are always awesome! Especially if it is chocolates 😀 !

    Ummmm…I don’t take sweet things so much anymore, not because of anything – just grew out of it, old age perhaps…but my girl enjoys them, and my missus too!

  7. What a great post! So many wonderful things! Made in Canada luncheon meat, eh? How cool! 🙂

    Yup! All the way, right from where you are!

  8. I loves the fried rice the way you did it…

    Easy, simple does it. Some people would add those frozen vegetables – bits of carrot, sweet corn and peas. As always, I would just make do with what I have in the house.

  9. I also love luncheon meat fired rice. Simple and nice and delicious. Wow …so much tidbits ! Must brush teeth tau !

    Mine? Not many left – all the danger has been done. LOL!!!

  10. Will have to find more of those Canadian Ma Lings, they’re not always available.Glad your father enjoyed them!

    Oh, please don’t. I’ve found a very nice one here now, Porkies – Danish, I think. Nicer than the Singapore or Euro ones. Will get you some to try when you come back in December.

  11. Now, when I thought back, I have not been cooking fried rice for a long long time..There is no left over rice ever since my mom starts to cook for me and the kids.

    We save every bit left, even one or two spoonful – after some time, there will be quite a lot – enough for just the two of us at home, or three…when my girl comes home on weekends.

  12. I have tried using luncheon meat to fry rice and I love it a lot! Mmm… I love those goodies that you got. Very nice to munch while watching TV 🙂 The pumpkin bread looks good. I am pretty sure I would love it too.

    Nice too if you use ham or bacon…or even sausages. My girl would love any of those – anything but ikan bilis. 😦 Ya…let’s see what else I got – come tomorrow’s post. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  13. That fried rice look so good. :)~ now that I’m studying away from home i miss simple homecooked food. 😦 Yeah getting comments is definitely more rewarding than earning money from blogging (although money is good as well! haha). It ignites the passion for blogging when you receive a good comment. 🙂

    Yes, money is good but like a chef, cooking for money vs cooking for the love and passion for it, sometimes there is a difference especially when one sells one soul for monetary gains – brings to mind the movie “Chef” with Robert Downey Jr.

    Oh? You’re not in Kuching anymore? Can cook your own – rice is available everywhere and luncheon meat too…or SPAM or ham or bacon or sausages, all may be perfect substitutes.

  14. I like luncheon meat and the fried rice look very good!! Anything with luncheon meat it will be good. hahahah

    Gorgeous bread and it look so fluffy!! Lucky you and very nice of Phyllis! I always like homemade bread.

    Christmas come early, so many goodies!

    Yes, so very blessed. All the nice people here, there and everywhere. Really appreciate these generous gestures. Luncheon meat fried rice, anyone can cook – can’t go wrong with the luncheon meat, sure nice one.

  15. I like everything here in this post.. from the fried rice (with luncheon meat very tasty!) to the chocs! I just took a kit kat ice cream drumstick this lunch… enjoyed it so much… why are unhealthy food so irresistible?

    Just a Kit Kat for lunch? Aiyor…no wonder so slim and always maintain your hourglass shape. Me, gone case liao lor…but never mind. Just eat, enjoy. 😀

  16. After been so long, finally have time to drop by here to leave a comment!!

    Yah, if do it for money or freebies, sometimes, the food/product wasn’t that good, we also hard to tell the truth, will feel quite bad for it, so just do it with the sincere is more than good enough!! =]

    Yes, have not seen you around for a while. Was wondering why you don’t drop by anymore. No matter, I still hop over to yours whenever there’s an update.

    You’re right – that is why I don’t do food reviews upon invitation – would feel obliged to say nice things. Even when I have to pay for what I eat, I would be somewhat subtle and try to be constructive, give suggestions perhaps as to how something could have been better instead of saying this or that is not good, so horrible.

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