Same day…

On that very same day, before we went to the church to attend my ex-student’s wedding, we had to go somewhere as we had a bit of business to see to…but that did not take very long and since we had almost an hour to kill, we dropped by here…

Kiaw Hin, Sibu

…for breakfast.

This coffee shop is beside the Methodist Book Room which is right next to the church where the wedding would be held. I used to drop by to buy the Sibu Foochow-style sio bee which, I think, are one of the better ones in town and my friend, Philip, in the US did try their paos (steamed buns) once and he said the one with the stewed pork was quite nice. However, what I gathered was that all the paos are made by some other people – they only make the sio bee and the chang

Kiaw Hin, Sibu - chang

…which I’ve also tried before and I did think it was nice too, by our local standard, that is.

However, I had never tried anything sold at the stalls at this coffee shop before but on one or two occasions, I did notice that their noodles were red in colour, something like my favourite in Kanowit so that day, I ordered the kolo mee

Kiaw Hin, Sibu - kolo mee

…from this stall…

Kiaw Hin, Sibu - stall

…and boy, was it red!!! Despite the colour, I thought it tasted really good, just like the real thing one can get in Kuching and can, in fact, rival a few that I have had at some places there and the best part is that it is not one of those kampua noodles here and there around town, disguised to look like kolo mee and sold at almost double the price. I wouldn’t mind dropping by here for this again though I wish they would tone down the colour a bit – I feel that is a little too red for comfort. Perhaps when I go here again, I would order the same, minus the red colour and see if it tastes as good, white.

Well, don’t just take my word for it. When I shared the photograph of these noodles on Facebook, my Kuching friend, Rose, quickly went to try and she liked it…and  the following weekend, she went again because the kids asked for it! They must have loved it a lot!!!

My girl did not want anything to eat so she just sampled a bit of my noodles and she too thought they were good and she also tried her mum’s pian sip

Kiaw Hin, Sibu - kolo mee

…which we liked as well.

Lunch was served after the wedding but we did not want to linger to mingle with the crowd so we left and stopped by here

My Chef Restaurant, Sibu

…for a light lunch since we already had breakfast…and we would be going for the wedding dinner in the evening. My missus ordered the fried noodles, wet (with sauce/gravy) thinking that she would be getting something like our Sibu Foochow-style fried noodles but no, it came out looking like this…

My Chef - fried noodles, wet

Thankfully, it tasted all right though it simply wasn’t what she had in mind.

My daughter had their fish head bihun once before when she and her mum dropped by and she loved it so she wanted that…

My Chef fish head bihun

…again. I tried a bit and I thought it was all right, just that the serving was rather huge and of course, she could not finish the whole lot – they could have cut down on the quantity and work a bit more on the quality.

I ordered their butter prawn rice…but later, they came back and told me that they had run out of seawater prawns…but I could have the same with the freshwater ones at RM25.00 a plate. No, thank you!!! I opted for their sweet and sour pork instead…

My Chef sweet & sour pork rice

…and yes, it was very nice. I would say this was very much nicer than  my missus’ fried noodles or my girl’s bihun.

After that quick lunch, we headed home for a nap and rested till it was time to get ready to go for the grand wedding banquet that evening…