Two together…

I went to Andrew’s wedding last Friday, 19th September – he and his siblings, an elder brother, Alexander and two sisters, were all in my English language tuition class when they were in school…

Andrew & Sandra and family

It was indeed a very nice ceremony in one of the churches in town. The string quartet played a beautiful rendition of Canon in D on the violins as the father of the bride walked with his daughter, Sandra, into the church and up the aisle to give away her hand in marriage. What caught everyone by surprise was when the wedding rings were transported by air via an RC helicopter to the pastor at the altar – that was…different and very impressive though if I had been the coordinator of the event, I probably would arrange for some music to be played to add to the excitement – the theme song from one of those movies,  my favourite – the one from Godzilla perhaps.

Lunch was served but we decided to skip that and head on home. They gave away these door gifts to everyone who came – some homemade cookies in the very lovely mini-tins…

Door gifts, church wedding

…and that night, we went for the very lavish banquet, held at the grand ballroom in the leading hotel in town…

A & S 1

The wedding planner sure did a great job with the decor…

A & S 2

…all over the lobby and in the ballroom itself. There were more door gifts and I was wondering why they had the wedding cake in packs…

Door gift, banquet 1

…that resembled those complimentary pieces of soap in hotels. Actually, inside, one would find two pieces of (fridge) magnets, two pieces of a puzzle…

Door gift, banquet 2

…and that explained the jigsaw theme that they had for the wedding – two become one, the  perfect fit.

The menu for the dinner that night was very special, starting off with this very nice selection of starters…


…that I enjoyed so much until I realised what one of them was – pickled chicken feet! Eyewwwwww!!!!! LOL!!!

Oh dear!!! They were having those alternating coloured spotlights in the ballroom too that night so the photos of the dishes did not come out too well except for this giant bowl of chicken and fish maw plus dried scallop soup…


…and this one did not turn out too badly either – the deep-fried almond slice-coated scallops and the scallops with whatever in the middle…


…and I managed to snap this one when one of those young friends of the groom at my table was taking a shot at it using her smartphone…


– my favourite at this place, their stuffed duck with the lor mai kai-like glutinous rice filling.

There was a jazz band from Kuching in attendance, playing all those romantic songs, oldies – English and Chinese, a bi-lingual emcee from KL…and this guest performer, James…

Violin solo

…sure stole the limelight with his very nice instrumental version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

I also loved the song that they had picked for the video presentation of their wedding album…

The reception went on till very late and it was already way past 10 and there were still a couple of dishes yet to be served but we were feeling tired as it had been a long day and so we decided to leave a little earlier than most.

Thank you so very much for the invitation and our congratulations once again, Andrew & Sandra. May God shower His blessings abundantly upon the two of you in your life ahead…together as man and wife. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Two together…”

  1. Hi sir. Thanks for your well wishes. Glad you enjoyed the special day with us. Ehhh, we have no wedding planner oh. Hahahaha. Only wedding decorator :p. See u around town 😀

    Most welcome. No planner? You mean they were all your own original ideas? Wow!!! I’m impressed!!! So in this case, the wedding planner reference would mean you and Sandra and everybody else who was involved. Loved the jig saw theme/concept, very creative and appropriate. All good, absolutely perfect – truly memorable…just that I would have music with the heli and do away with those coloured lights in the ballroom. 😉

    P.S. Tried the Le Cafe place yet?

    1. Haha yes..did our own research and discussed with the wedding decorator. Le me is yet tried le cafe..haha..waiting for your review :p

      Awesome. Ummm…dunno when I would be able to drop by to try. Will see.

  2. that complimentary piece of soap looks like mcD’s apple pie! LOL!

    It wasn’t soap but I still think it looked like the hotel soap on the outside – same size and shape. McD’s apple pie is longer and thinner/not so wide…or don’t tell me it has shrunk! Can’t remember when I last went to that franchise…and when I last had their apple pie.

  3. I have never known a former teacher to have so many friends and people whom he/she keeps in touch with, and I think this is so wonderful!!! What a lovely post! 🙂

    Well, you have now…and yes, it really feels so good when students are bothered enough to keep in touch. One of them just “found” me on Facebook – from my first 5 years of teaching in that little town of Kanowit and in no time at all, everybody from the time wanted to be “friends”. The ones from my first year of teaching, 1978, are planning a reunion in December and they’ve invited me. I do hope to be able to attend.

  4. the couple and their families look very happy 🙂 and the jigsaw theme is quite fun and creative 🙂

    Of course lah! It’s a wedding! And the first among the children. Yes, I loved that jig saw theme too, very nice.

  5. you know what, both of my parents are lecturers,
    they said that the students who still remember to invite them to their weddings are the “bad” ones instead the lovely students….
    i didn’t notice that…
    the stuffed duck looks delicious, lovely big fat Chinese wedding for its luscious delicious dishes….

    See my reply to zmun2’s comment regarding the duck. Ummmm…all my students were lovely ones – just that some were not so academically-inclined and were naughty and playful or restless but one top student who’s a specialist now earning tonnes of money, more in a month than I did in a whole year, once said they were all very scared of me…even though I was very nice and even long after they’ve left school, they would still feel scared. (I would prefer to call it respect. Wink! Wink!) Maybe that was why the young friends of the groom were reluctant to sit at my table that night…even they all came over to say hello. Watch out! Godzilla’s in da’haus!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!

  6. Congratulations to the newly weds. I love that first family photo.. I also like that homemade cookies in those mini tins.. I love mini cute looking tins.. Oohhh I love that fridge magnet too.. Haha I love everything and anything cute.. Yummzzz that pot of soup and stuffed duck look really good..

    Thanks. Ya…the two pieces of magnets are joined together and stuck on my fridge now. Food was superb that night – bet that must have been very expensive. 1K at least, perhaps…but that price would be considered pretty normal in KL, I know – the usual and you do not getting anything half as nice.

  7. Congratulations to the newly wed couple. Nice food & deco. Well, well, I like the cute mini tin, creative jigsaw concept and beautiful song with meaningful lyrics makes it all perfect.

    Thanks. Yes, it was very well-planned and everything went on very smoothly. Very nice.

  8. I think the same too, all is great except it would be better with some music effect for the chopper’s entrance. I’m thinking more like Airwolf 😀

    Wahhhhh!!!! You know Airwolf? You must be as old as me. 😀 😀 😀 Jan Michael Vincent! The heartthrob at the time.

  9. Likey the puzzle thingy and talking about Airwolf, that ring tone has been with me since day one back in the 90’s until I changed to “HoeSanna” recently. Am thinking right now why not have two ringtones instead, see if can get back my JMV’s Airwolf. I did a powerpoint presentation using the Airwolf theme music during one of our post Egypt trip celebration in our company with pixz of choppers, F18s, flying up and down etc with title “Touch Base with CEO”.

    Ya, you’re from my era so of course, you know Airwolf and all the movie and Tv theme songs way before this one. Hehehehehe!!!! Wah!!! Use as ringtone some more. I had Smooth Criminal as my ringtone once. Hmmm…pandai you! Till today, I don’t know how to put music into my powerpoint slide presentations. 😦

  10. The newly wed couple is indeed thoughtful. I like that homemade cookies in that lovely red tin. So nice and meaningful. Food looks so good here.

    Usually good, this place but that night’s even better. I think they went for the more expensive package. As always, the more you are willing to fork out, the better you’ll get.

  11. I love going to weddings esp of my friends. Love seeing them happy with their other halves. And of cos the banquet food! 😀

    Me too!!! All the happiness, all the good vibes all around. Food, I’m ok…sure would enjoy that but mostly I would just enjoy being there basking in the joy and the love.

  12. Pickled chicken feet! LoL! That’s why it is safer not to know what you are eating. As long as they taste great, just keep on eating and dont ask. Hahaha!

    LOL!!! How very true! I was enjoying it so much…thinking it was jellyfish! 😛

  13. I agree! Those mini tins are very nice! I also like the puzzle pieces! And that sign with the quote – lovely!!!!!

    Yes, beautiful wedding. Well-thought out and planned, very nice.

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