Just before it gets dark…

I made it a point to go and take my Trengganu friends out at around 5.00 p.m. just before it got dark (it gets darker here earlier than in the peninsula) so it would not be that hot and I could show them around some of the places of interest in town like the Wong Nai Siong Memorial Park and the Sungai Merah (Red River)…

The Bates @ Sg Merah

…the Sibu Town Square and the Tua Pek Kong temple with its seven-storey pagoda…

Tua Pek Kong pagoda

…and the jetty to see the floating grocery stores…

Floating grocery stores, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…and also the park right behind the temple (I did not even know they have such a nice place there)…

Tua Pek Kong park

…before we dropped by this restaurant for the Melanau raw fish delicacy, the umai

Fisherman Restaurant umai

…their very special paku (jungle fern) with santan (coconut milk)…

Fisherman Restaurant paku with santan

…and of course, we just had to order the midin, fried with belacan

Fisherman Restaurant midin belacan

…since this is not available in the peninsula.

They had run out of the shells so another specialty of the house, the lokan, was not available and we had their ngor hiang (five fragrances)/lor bak instead…

Fisherman Restaurant ngor hiang

…and I would say that it  was really very very good unlike some that we can get around here, either at the shops or the stalls.

The Thai guy there insisted that we should try one of his special Thai delights and we agreed upon the Thai seafood salad…

Fisherman Restaurant Thai seafood salad

…which was so very good, simply out of this world, but it sure did not come cheap – RM40.00 and even though the serving was HUGE probably enough for a table of 10, I certainly would think twice about ordering that again unless I go in one big group.

Excluding that, the rest of the dishes and the Mukah keropok that we were served upon arrival as starters…

Fisherman Restaurant Mukah keropok

…and the rice and drinks for five came up to around RM60 only so as a whole, I would not think it was too expensive.

Everyone enjoyed everything to the max and again, there was a bit too much for us to finish so we had to tapao a bit of the food home. My friend insisted on picking up the tab for this round and would not take no for an answer so in the end, dinner that night was a treat from our visitors. Sigh!!! Thanks, Martin & Grace – I thought that could have waited till we go over to Kuala Trengganu and then you two can pay for everything. Wink! Wink!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Just before it gets dark…”

  1. Oh? I didn’t know that it gets darker earlier over there, what time usually? 6pm?

    Around there. I guess you did not know that at one time, we were half an hour earlier than in the peninsula and Singapore – you were not born then.

  2. Floating grocery stores? That sounds like a lot of fun! Lovely photos, I am sure you all enjoyed your time, and thank you so much for sharing it here. 🙂

    An eye opener, eh? A window into what we have here…that you cannot find there.

  3. Yeah, that’s a nice place for a stroll alright!

    I also didn’t know about the park behind the temple until one of the times my better half came to Sibu, we were looking for parking to go to either Cafe Cafe or Min Kwong (can’t remember which) and it took us to the pagoda and we parked quite far away and chanced across that nice walkway.

    The food at Fisherman’s looks great as usual.

    Getting better and better – I think, ever since the son and the Thai friend came back to help run the place. Hah!!! At least, you found out about the very nice park earlier. Pleasant surprise.

  4. All nice food, never eaten umai before, so I don’t know how it taste like.. I like the paku with santan, gravy looks creamy and lemak-ky, but that Thai salad is quite pricey, RM40, but I see those prawns are quite big..

    Yes, the Thai guy said that they were RM2 EACH at the market…or did he say, RM4! Not in season, minimal supply…especially those that big! Quite a lot in the dish some more…so actually quite worth it, just that the serving was too big – could have been half of that and charged RM20.00 for 5 persons, good enough – after all, so many other dishes. Lots of things here that you have not seen, have not tried… You can ask my friends lah – the short trip was an eyeopener, they found everything so interesting here – like why the river is red, the floating grocery stores…etc…etc…etc… Oh! I forgot to ask them to take note of the Chinese road signs – something you would never see where you are…

  5. The raw fish looks similar to the South American ceviche.

    Yes, similar to the Peruvian dish – but for umai, a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste) may be added to bring the taste to a whole new level.

  6. That Thai guy is still at the restaurant? He hasnt gone back? He insisted on selling a Thai imprinted t-shirt to my hubby and ended up I am wearing it.

    Lovely dish. Pity they didnt have lokan that evening but ngoh hiang was a good sub.

    I would say the ngor hiang is even nicer…but of course, lokan is something special.

    Ohhhhh???? Once, he was promoting tours to Thailand, he would be the guide. Very enterprising guy, eh? 😉

  7. You did mention the salad itself cost RM40, then how come with all those 4 great dishes including rice & drinks, the price come around RM60. The floating grocery shops reminds me of the floating market in Thailand. Very creative to have this of shop but I haven’t seen one in Kuching.

    So OVERALL total altogether, around RM100. I think the veg dishes here are around RM10 X 2, and the meat dishes around RM20 or less X 2…total around RM60 lor…plus the salad RM40, RM100. We all drank iced water except my girl, water here is free. Kuching, no villages, longhouses along the Sarawak River…no business.

  8. So 1 hour would be enough to do a quick tour of Sibu huh? How small is the town actually? Is it smaller than Hatyai for example? Hatyai is pretty small, the town proper only has 2 streets.

    Not too sure about Haadyai – I only went to the market, bought a belt, touched here, there and everywhere! Sibu town centre is bigger than Sg Petani town centre, definitely MORE than just two streets – not including the new “townships” that are coming up, both here and in Sg Petani. There are other places but my friends were here for only a few days, two full days…and we spent half a day going to Kanowit (this one’s just one street) – had to pick and choose…and it was like hit and run, no time to waste at each place. Even had to skip the largest temple in SE Asia – Taoist, Buddhist and Confucianism combined. A bit far (by our standard), out of town.

    Oh yes! There’s a rough sketch map of Sibu town CENTRE in a post coming up in a couple of days – you can see for yourself. I did say it is a little town, not big…not too small either. Just nice.

    1. ahem….we already went over but someone from Singapore have not go over leh :p

      Can come again and again and agian…already over one year! Can’t remember anymore, must refresh memory.

  9. yummy umai…. LOl

    hahaha ….got pertandingan paying. who got the fastest hands. You ah…always very “fast hands”

    Old liao…not so fast anymore. Before I could pay, my friend already on his feet, blocked me, insisted on paying… 😦

  10. Some nice photos of Sibu there. You should post more pixs and shared with us. Once a while belanja friends with expensive food , never mind the price. But if it’s not value for money then better go to another place next time.

    Yup, most important thing is the food must be good, so satisfying…worth forking out the money. If cheap, not nice…no point also – wasting money. I did not take many photos of places and sceneries – my friends took a lot but so far, they have not uploaded on Facebook – otherwise, I could go there and curi. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. haha, at least i know the nice park behind the temple.

    Ok, going to try the food at fisherman next time, looks very good.

    Ya…I did not know it was there! Very nice. Must give Fisherman a try – coming home this end of year holidays?

  12. Again, I love all the choices of food above! RM60 for the above is indeed very cheap… well, I guess the standard of living in Sibu is not too high.. no wonder our author here can afford to eat out most of the time.. ! hahahaa…

    You also eat out all the time there leh – so either the food there is so very cheap…or you are very very rich! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. it is Terengganu… not trengganu… neway, u received the loots?

    Old habits die hard. When I was in school, that was how we spelled it. See…”Terengganu (formerly spelled Trengganu…” Wiki also says so… Hehehehehe!!!! Loot? What loot?

  14. Nevr had Melanau raw fish dish before, ever since i love ceviche, i guess i would that too…
    it’s been a while since my last fern dish, i hope it’s gonna be rain and the fern start to blooming…

    Yes, lots of ferns on rainy days. We have these two types…and another one, they call it paku uban (grey hair fern) – which has fine hairs…like old man’s grey hair. I like that one too but it is not popular, slightly bitter. You can try making umai – very easy…just add lots of lime, chili, sliced Bombay onions. Here, we add a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste) too, makes it taste much nicer.

  15. A lovely place for an evening stroll and sight seeing. Got nice temple and park and river breeze 😀.
    Dunno when got chance to go over. Very unlikely will be going with my family unless I join your blogger friends if they are going over…

    So far, no news of anyone coming this way. Will let you know if I hear anything. You can always come with your family – very hard…one waiting for another, in the end, will come to nothing usually. Smaller group, easier to take around and entertain too.

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