Let’s go round again…

On the first day of my Trengganu friends’ visit, I took them to Kanowit, less than an hour’s drive away, and needless to say, I had to bring them to enjoy my favourite “red kampua” noodles

Kanowit red kampua

…for our breakfast. I certainly would not miss that every time I drop by Kanowit and they thought it was really so very nice…and other than that, I also ordered a bowl of pian sip soup…

Kanowit pian sip soup

…for them to try. Action speaks louder than words, so they say…and even before they had finished the first bowl, they had asked for a second one – it was that good and they really enjoyed it so much.

After having had our fill, we walked around the town and also the market where I bought them some lenggeng to try, the yellow ones…

*My friend’s photographs on Facebook*

These are our local wild version of the longan or mata kucing and that afternoon, back in Sibu, I managed to get some of the green variety (inset) at twice the price and like me, they liked these more as they were not as sweet and the flesh was very much thicker.

After that, we headed to the nearby Iban longhouse at Rantau Kemeding…

Rantau Kemding 1

…which was really very long…

Rantau Kemeding 2

…and they had a great time walking around the place and talking to the people who were around at the time. I was thrilled to bits when I was able to get one lady to part with a bottle of her top quality own-made tuak (Dayak rice wine) to take home.

On the way back to the town, we stopped by the St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church…

St Francis Xavier's Church, Kanowit

…after which, we proceeded straight back to Sibu. They were somewhat envious that even a tiny one-road town like Kanowit has a very nice and impressive church like this one while they do not even have a decent place where they come from. In their own words, they have been “wandering in the desert” all these years.

It was almost 1.00 p.m. when we got back into Sibu town and as we were still quite full from breakfast, we agreed to go for something light here. My friends had had Sarawak laksa before when they were in Kuching once and they said that they did not like it. I found out that they had it at a hotel where they were staying – no wonder!!! What can anyone expect from hotel food? At best, it may be all right but more often than not, it is never anything near the real thing.

I insisted that they tried the one here…

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

…and it came as no surprise at all that it changed their minds completely. They loved it!!!

They did not really like the oven-toasted kompia with minced meat filling…

Thomson Corner kompia

…not after those heavenly deep-fried ones that they had the day before when they had just arrived.

They thought the pian sip, dry…

Thomson Corner pian sip

…came nowhere near what they had in Kanowit and I must say that I would agree with them on this.

They found the sotong kangkong

Thomson Corner sotong kangkong

…different from the ones in the peninsula which would come with rojak sauce while the ones here would have their own special sauce and they quite enjoyed it. Other than these, they also tried the ang tao cendol and they were of the opinion that it wasn’t too bad.

After that, I sent them back to the hotel for a nap and a good rest before we headed out again in the evening for a tour of some places of interest in Sibu and also for dinner.