This is our song…

Did you have that special song at your wedding, the one where you and your spouse had your very first dance as man and wife? No, I did not have one but I did have a videotape (Yes! That’s right! It was so long ago already!) recording of the church ceremony and what I did was to take excerpts from the whole thing to compile one short clip and then I dubbed the audio track with this song that I sang myself with one of those minus-one recordings that I had on cassette tapes.

It has been the general practice for sometime now to show a special video clip featuring the bride and the groom and so far, those that I’ve seen, the most popular songs used for the purpose are Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and at one time, it was Shania Twain’s “From this moment on”. These days, it is not uncommon to have a band in attendance at wedding receptions and they will play all the beautiful love songs that are most suitable for the occasion but if I were to engage one, I certainly would want to double check their playlist as at one wedding in Penang, I was wondering why they chose to play Trisha Yearwood’s “How do I live” which, I feel, is a rather inappropriate song with lines that go:
Without you,there’d be no sun in my sky.
There would be no love in my life
There’d be no world left for me.
And I, baby, I don’t know what I would do,
I’d be lost if I lost you if you ever leave,
Baby, you would take away everything real in my life…
Gosh!!! I wouldn’t think it is a good idea to think such depressing thoughts, not at one’s wedding. What do you all think?

Generally, the people here are more into Chinese songs and one song that I’ve heard being sung quite a lot would be this one…

As a matter of fact, I’ve sung at weddings a few times myself and those that I’ve presented included Elvis Presley’s “Can’t help fallin’ in love”, this version of Nat King Cole’s “When I fall in love”, Olivia Newton John’s “Let me be there” and this one…

In fact,  a blogger friend sang this very song at his own wedding for the grand entrance of his bride and according to him, he changed the lyrics a bit. I guess he didn’t quite like this line:
“…I know you haven’t made your mind up yet…”
…but other than that, I would think the rest would be perfectly all right and it certainly is such a beautiful song.

Among the more contemporary ones, I think I love this one the most…

…though I can’t imagine dancing to it, considering that it does not have that kind of melody that would make you wanna sway and sweep one off one’s feet, so to speak.

So what song did you have at your wedding? Or if you have yet to tie the knot, which one would you choose to be your song?