The day before the day…

It’s my mum’s birthday today. She’s 84.

We had dinner earlier at home last Saturday night when Melissa was back for the weekend from her jungle school…and that was simultaneously our Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival dinner in advance, the whole family together.

Of course, we had the fried mee sua (longevity noodles) with the golden eggs…

Ming Mei Shi birthday mee sua with eggs

– a tradition we would observe for all birthdays and other special occasions.

Other than that, I ordered the same dishes that I had at this restaurant with Huai Bin that day and enjoyed a lot so there were these creamy butter prawns…

Ming Mei Shi creamy butter prawns

I don’t know whether it was because we brought the dish home and did not have it piping hot from the wok but there did seem to be a lot more gravy than when we had this same dish there so much so that they came across more like the butter scotch prawns that we would usually have here. Perhaps it was a different chef/cook doing it but nonetheless, it was very nice so it did not matter one bit.

We also had the claypot venison…

Ming Mei Shi claypot venison

…which did not come in a claypot, probably because we were not dining in…and the asparagus…

Ming Mei Shi fried asparagus

…and also the chao chai (preserved vegetable) fish (tapah) soup…

Ming Mei Shi chao chai tapah soup

In addition to all the above, I asked for another vegetable dish – the broccoli…

Ming Mei Shi fried broccoli

…and for six persons, the bill came up to RM110.00 which I thought was very reasonable.

For dessert, in keeping with the tradition of the auspicious annual festival, we had the lovely Lavender mooncakes

Lavender mooncakes from Annie 1

…from my friend, Annie, who sent them…

Lavender mooncakes from Annie 2

…all the way from KL. Thanks again, Annie – everyone loved them so much – not too sweet, very fine and smooth…very nice.

It wasn’t really a grand celebration nor was it on the actual days but most importantly, the family gets to sit down and have dinner together – that, of course, would be what mattered most.

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26 thoughts on “The day before the day…”

  1. We had some not-so-branded moon cakes, given by a magazine publisher in return of me helping them to write an article. We did not buy any this year unfortunately, poor people so have to save money 😦

    The best things in life are free!!! Now, don’t bluff! You could afford to go on a holiday to Hong Kong…and worse, Japan! Must be jolly mighty rich!!! I’m the miserably poor one actually – would not have those mooncakes or any mooncake at all, for that matter, had they not be sent to me by a very kind and generous friend in KL… Hint! Hint!

  2. Aahhh so this was your Mid Autumn dinner.. Very nice, really all very nice.. And it was your mum’s birthday too, wishing her a very happy belated birthday.. Oohh tapao and eat in at home? Good idea too, no need to ‘crowd’ with people in the restaurant, the only thing was that you had to wash the dishes, hehe..

    Thanks. Not belated. It’s today but we celebrated it in advance.

    Ya, not just the washing. This place no home delivery so we had to go and get…and send back the plates after eating…plus food’s always best when eaten piping hot from the wok.

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! 🙂

    Many happy returns to her. Yeah, the most important thing is just being together – it doesn’t matter if it’s grand or not, family is about sticking together and celebrating the things that matters. I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves!

    I’m so hungry looking at the pictures of the food. Haha! I can remember you ordering the same dishes when you bought me dinner that day – the wonderful butter prawn balls, venison, asparagus and tapah fish soup. I’ve never had their broccoli but I had their “4 heavenly kings” dish when I went the 3rd time with my dad…which reminds me, I still have yet to write about it since I meant to put all the dishes together in a post and then the holidays came in.

    Thanks again for the wonderful dinner and here’s to many more years of good health and great family memories for your mom!

    Thanks for your good wishes, Huai Bin. Ya…I enjoyed the food so much when we had dinner there – that was why I asked for the same dishes. Much better eaten in though, hot from the wok. We gotta go there again the next time you come back to Sibu.

    1. Yeah, that was a delicious dinner!

      It’s my favorite Chinese restaurant in town, we’ll go again next time I’m back and see if they have any new dishes.

      For you, we can always stick to your favourites since you do not get to eat them often. 😉

      1. Haha! Sure, I’ll always order the butter prawn balls! 🙂

        I order it every single time I went – went 3 times during my last trip.

        HUGE disappointment!!! I ordered creamy for our dinner tonight…and when it was served, it was dry butter prawns. Nice also…but I still prefer the creamy version. 😦

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! 😉
    Longevity mee sua is something new to me. I thought longevity noodles is a special type of noodles that we can buy, and my mom’s version is full of gravy.
    In my healthier days, I could’ve ordered the butter prawns and wallop the whole plate with rice.

    Thanks. These are our Foochow longevity noodles – different from elsewhere. I had a tough time trying to buy mee sua at an Oriental shop in the UK, kept asking for longevity noodles and the lady insisted that would be what she was showing me – something like hung ngang (big bihun), Hongkong immigrant, Cantonese…and I had a different type in KK, Sabah too. I guess it varies between the different dialects. Are yours something like these?

    1. Yes yes, is that type of noodles.

      That’s probably Cantonese. Ours here, we have the Foochow mee sua – soup or dry-fried like the one you see in this post.

  5. Happy Blessed Birthday to your mum. Double happiness, celebrating birthday & mooncake festival. As always, food is good except the soup which I prefer the usual ones to this. Coincidently, I also get to enjoy Lavender mooncakes, a gift all the way from KL too. Best part is low sugar and ain’t that sweet.

    Lucky you…and lucky me!!! Have you tried this Foochow-style soup? My missus loves it – a little sourish. I’m ok with it, great for a change from the sea cucumber or Foochow tofu soup we would have everytime. Variety is the spice of life.

  6. Yes. Important is family get together. I like the dishes especially the mee sua and prawns.

    Happy birthday to auntie!

    Thanks. A family that eats together stays together.

  7. Happy Birthday to your mum! Quite a good idea to tapao food from the restaurant and have it at home, though some dishes are better eaten on the spot. I prefer celebrating at home as the atmosphere is warm and relaxed.I take it that the mooncake in the last pic is pandan lotus (not green tea), my favourite!

    It was green tea…but no hint of the tea. We all thought it was pandan before I checked the box. My mum has not been able to walk for sometime now, would sit in a wheelchair…and not for long, so no choice – would have to have such gatherings at home.

  8. Yes. Important is family get together. I like the dishes especially the mee sua and prawns.

    Happy birthday to auntie!

    Thanks. All good just that I thought the asparagus and the broccoli both tasted the same, can’t taste any difference.

  9. I also want to wish your MOMMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Good children you are all… celebrating mom’s birthday each year.. hope we are also blessed next time! 🙂 Yes, I was also wondering how you brought home these dishes and still looked so presentable! So you just put them in your boot and then return the empty plates the next day? Cheap price too!

    We dropped by that night itself to return the plates, did not want to wait till the next day even though we could do that. Sibu very small mah, not a problem at all. Some restaurants here – you can order “a table” and they will deliver to your house. If many tables, you can even ask for somebody to set up a temporary kitchen outside the house – to cook/heat up the food and serve piping hot.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  10. hahah…so you are hooked on the Lavender Moon cakes!

    Not really. They’re nice, that’s all…but no, you would not find me going out of my way to buy come this time next year. Of course, when nice and generous people buy and send to me, I would be ever so thankful and grateful… 😉 😉 Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Wow…I can see lots of delicious dishes for the birthday celebration.I always enjoy seeing the mee sua, what’s not surrounded with golden eggs.

    You had that before in Sibu? Nice, eh? Ruby does it very well too.

  12. Wow 84th birthday! That’s a big number.
    Mee sua looks so yummy!
    In my kampung restaurants, they got this habit to dye those “golden” boiled eggs “red”.
    Not deep-fried boiled eggs.

    They dye the outer shell red, right? They still do that here, distribute to visitors visiting women in confinement but these golden eggs have taken over for birthday banquets in restaurants.

  13. happy birthday to your mom!! 😀 😀 😀 lavender mooncakes sound lovely! i ought to try me some.

    Thanks. The festival’s over, dunno if there are any left. They may be going cheap if they are.

  14. Happy Birthday to your mom!!

    This is good about Sibu right? We won’t Happour food and get them to sent over or we can pick up ourself. Soup looks very good, my favourite.

    You are most welcome. Buying you mini one at least easy to eat and can try different one. 🙂

    Yes, we all enjoyed them. Thanks for your birthday wish, soup was great – wouldn’t mind having taht agian. Ummmm….auto correct, is it?

    1. Oooppss…I mean we can just order the food from the restaurant, then we can pick it up or get them to send over to our house. We used to do that a lot while my grandpa still around.

      LOL!!! Ok, got it now. Was trying to figure out what “Happour” actually was… 😀

  15. happy birthday to mom, and wishing you all many more happy family meals together 🙂 i want longevity noodles too, they’re tasty! the prawns look great too, and i don’t think i’ve ever had claypot venison before 🙂

    Thanks. No plans of hopping over here? You can get to try all the stuff you would not find where you are. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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