Good or bad…

We were a British colony during those days when I was a kid – I was already 11 years old when Malaysia came about. All the while, we had the idea drummed into our heads that anything that was made in England would be good and anything made in Japan would spoil in a few days, similar to the general opinion of things made in China these days.

Even in this present day and time, I would hear quite frequently that certain products, still available in the shops, are no longer as nice as those in the past, the ones made in the UK…and there may be some truth in that but I do feel it goes across the board. Generally, things these days aren’t as good as the ones long ago when they were made to last and they did not shortchange buyers on quality…but I am sure many would want to disagree and I would not argue and defend my case. I guess there are two sides to the coin – there may be some good in certain things and some bad in others.

Let’s take those imported biscuits, for instance. I love the Scottish shortbread…

Scottish shortbread
*Archive photo*

…from the UK but I’m not particularly fond of the ones from Australia though the ones from Butterfingers are pretty nice…

Butterfingers & Kjeldsen's
*Archive photo*

I used to enjoy those Danish cookies as well but lately, I find that they’re mighty expensive and somehow, they do not seem as great as before anymore. Personally, I would prefer the All-Butter Viennese from Marks & Spencer…

M&S cookies
*Archive photo*

There have been other imported biscuits that I’ve bought but I can’t actually put my finger on any that swept me off my feet. There have been good ones and there have been others that aren’t really great either. Like the other day, I bought these…

Shortbread 1

…and it was more because I loved the tin a lot…plus they were not all that expensive – I think it was in the region of RM4.00-Rm6.00, I cannot remember exactly now, not as expensive as the more popular brands. I did not read the label there and then but it turned out that they were made in Indonesia…

Scottish shortbread 2

…and they were quite nice, not too bad at all – a bit too sweet for me but I loved the vanilla fragrance. However, they were nothing like those Scottish shortbread or Danish butter cookies and came across more or less like any other biscuits including the Malaysian-made ones. In fact, I do enjoy our Tiger brand ones which would be cheaper and just as nice. Anyway, I still love the tin (that seems very airtight too) and at least, I get to keep that.

That same time when I bought the aforementioned, I also came across these…

UK biscuits

…and they were made in the UK all right, no mistake about that and since they were over RM4.00 a packet, not too pricey as well, I decided to give them a try. Unfortunately, the malted milk ones were nothing sensational – again, I would prefer our own Tiger ones…while the oaties were not that great either – I’ve always loved our Jacob’s ones and I would think they are very much creamier and nicer than these.

To sum up, I do feel, therefore, that not all that are imported are necessarily superior and some of our own may be just as nice or may even be better (and cheaper too) but like I said earlier, there are two sides to a coin and different people have different taste buds so what some people may feel is good, others may think otherwise…and vice versa.

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17 thoughts on “Good or bad…”

  1. I absolutely love this post, and those tins are beautiful! I also love Scottish shortbread, and the Walker’s tin is the prettiest of the bunch!

    I keep them all. I also have the Prince William & Kate William commemorative tin.

    1. Some people have the thinking that expensive & branded products are the best. I think our Malaysian Tiger brand biscuit is as good as the imported ones…roar like a Tiger. I do collect nice biscuits tins too.

      Yes, and I like Julie’s cheese cracker sandwiches too…peanut butter and Jacob’s Weetameal… Lots of nice local ones actually.

  2. wah, a lot of brands here that i haven’t eaten before. floras of ryedale sounds like such a european name, so it’s surprising and amusing that it was made in indonesia, ya (though that explains the price!). wonder if it’s a dutch company, heh πŸ™‚

    Yup, the name and the design of the tin sure had me fooled – did not expect that to be Indonesian-made.

  3. Scotland is my 1st home in the UK πŸ™‚
    I studied in Edinburgh before I moved down to London.
    Can you get haggis in Malaysia? You should try it, not bad πŸ˜‰

    Not in Sibu. Even ham & bacon are hard to come by – can get but mighty expensive. 😦

  4. Nowadays, most of the stuff have their manufacturing site in China, Vietnam or Indonesia, even the food items. Only the brand in UK or European brand. And every profit oriented company would focus on cost saving, so it is no wonder that the food we buy is constantly getting worse in terms of quality. If you buy electronic gadgets it is worse. In the good old days, things were designed to last. A TV that can last 20 years is a good TV. Things nowadays are designed to breakdown shortly after warranty expires. Gotta get customers to buy new sets all the time, otherwise who will give us increased revenue year over year? 😦

    Exactly. No problem at all till after the warranty date – they’re really smart. Have to read labels carefully, I guess…like Tim Tams – there are those Indonesian-made ones tha they all say are not so nice..

  5. Butter cookies, I like! I always buy the K brand Danish cookies, they are not cheap.. I have always wanted to buy the big tin, but when I look at the price, haiz, I just grab the small tin instead. But everything in moderation ya, too much is not good, and FIAT-tenning..

    Fattening, you mean? If flattening, I want!!! Flatten my big tummy. Hehehehehe!!!! Makes no difference to me, already so fat…but simply too expensive. They even sell in small box packs this days – good to appease one’s craving, I guess…but not cheap and sure not enough for me one. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. I used to keep the tin before. My mother and grandmother would keep their sewing tools inside the tin. Some old people would keep money inside. LolπŸ˜ƒ

    You know what? I went to a restaurant yesterday to tapao food…and I wanted to pay – then the lady boss came with a MILO ice cream container in an ordinary blue plastic bag. She untied the bag, opened the container to take out the loose change to give to me. Gee!!! No one would ever guess the container was full of money! LOL!!!

  7. Some of these imported foodstuffs are made somewhere else and that could explain the drop in quality. I do agree that some of our local biscuits and cookies are equally good if not better. But then again, it is a matter of taste. I don’t eat much biscuits or cookies anymore. I ate a lot of those when I was small.

    I loved NICE biscuits when I was small – can’t seem to find them anymore. I don’t really eat biscuits either but will want to try new/different ones if they are cheap or affordable. The rest, most if not all, were given to me by family and friends…and of course, I’m not complaining. πŸ˜‰

  8. Those biscuits from Marks & Spencers are very good right? TM bought some for me the other day and my family and I wallop them within 2 days, LOL!
    Even their potato chips are nice.

    Only the All Butter Viennese. The rest aren’t anything great. A nephew of mine once got me some from Harrods too – not nice. 😦

  9. I like those cookies from Mark and Spencer…. each time whenever I see that outlet I will go in and buy… and this only happens quite rarely cos Ipoh does not have an outlet.. I have only been to the ones in KL and Singapore.. Penang, not sure got or not…

    Nope, I don’t think they have it in Penang either. I only like their All Butter Viennese – all the rest that I’ve tried from there weren’t anything to shout about. In the mid-80’s, 1986 to be exact, they used to have very nice Scottish shortbread – fingers, petticoat tails, thistle, they had them all. I used to buy (a lot) when near their expiry dates – it was like RM2.00 each only…and later, RM2.00 plus buy one, get one free. I would sapu all that they had left! Too bad they do not sell those anymore.

  10. well, i really didn’t much fancy inported biscuits or any other sweet tooth from UK or any other european country,
    i think i’m more excited about their savoury and cured meat…..

    We’re one of a kind. Not really into sweet things anymore…plus these from overseas are generally way too sweet. That is why I prefer Scottish shortbread to the rest – must be the salted butter used, very fragrant and not so sweet.

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