I saw…

Yes, Melissa saw the photos that I shared on Facebook and when she came home last weekend, she was grumbling that I had gone ahead to check the new place in town with Huai Bin and did not wait for her. I told her that I could go again bringing her along this time and of course, she was thrilled to hear that and was looking forward to it.

We dropped by last Saturday night after the sunset service in the church so it was quite late already when we got there – past 8.00 p.m. and the place was crowded!

I decided to try the lamb dopiaza (RM28.00)…

Aussie Story lamb dopiaza

…which, according to the menu, is a Greek stewed lamb dish with a hint of curry and tomato in the gravy, served with either pita bread or rice…and since they did not have the former, I just had to go with the latter instead. It was very nice, just that I can think of other curries elsewhere that I would very much prefer but at least, I have tried this one and I would say I wouldn’t mind having it sometimes if I should drop by for dinner again. However, I certainly would request for less rice as there was way too much, even for me and I thought perhaps they could serve the rice by one side and everything else on the other instead of pouring everything on top like that, something like the Mongolian chicken rice that I had had here which I feel, would make it look a more presentable.

My missus had their seafood ariabata (RM19.00)…

Aussie Story seafood ariabata

…and Melissa and I did try a bit of it and thought that it was quite good. I do wish they would just do away with those bits of daun sup (Chinese celery) that I seem to notice in most of their dishes if they can’t get hold of any parsley to add a bit of green to the presentation. Somehow or other, I do not think think it is an appropriate nor is it a desirable substitute and the dish would look much better without it. Well, let’s not just take my word for it – how do the rest of you feel about this?

Melissa wanted the salmon carbonara fettuccini (RM38.00)…

Aussie Story salmon carbonara fettuccini 1

…as she has this soft spot for salmon and when it was served, it certainly did cross our minds that it was burnt!

Upon closer inspection, it  was just the things they used to marinate the fish on top – perhaps, that was the intended colour or it was burnt but the fish below was all right…

Aussie Story salmon carbonara fettuccini 2

– a bit overcooked but it was very nice and Melissa enjoyed it thoroughly. For one thing, I do know that she loves things a little burnt like when going for satay or barbecued chicken wings, she would pick those with the burnt edges and bits as she enjoys the special fragrance and taste. Having said that, no prize for guessing which of these she picked…

Aussie Story baked cheesy ham French bread

LOL!!! These were their baked cheesy ham French bread (RM7.50) but no, they came nowhere near the ones I ordered for starters on my previous visit…plus we could not find any trace of ham in it. However, this time around, the bread was perfectly toasted – nice and crusty and just the way I would love it, never mind the burnt edges – we were perfectly ok with those.

I was impressed by their coleslaw the other night but I only had a bit of it by the side of each main dish so this time around, I ordered a bowl of the same (RM3.00)…

Aussie Story coleslaw

…so all of us could have a lot more of it and yes, everyone loved it and the general consensus was that it was a head above any that we would find elsewhere!

As I have mentioned earlier, it was rather crowded that night so Frederick, one of the co-owners and the rest of the staff had to be on their toes, scurrying here and there all night long and he barely had time to chat but service was great and our orders were served pretty fast and the nice guy could recognise me and he told us as soon as he saw me that the drinks would be on the house.  I had this ice-blended white chocolate…

Aussie Story ice blended white chocolate

…while Melissa and the mum had their Monin fizz drinks…

Aussie Story drinks

…and they enjoyed their picks very much. Well, if anyone is interested, that is the brand of the Italian coffee that they are using here.

I did not think I quite enjoyed the ambiance that night though as it  was simply too noisy especially with the shrill voices of those sweet young things who seemed to take it upon themselves to deliver their speeches to their captive audience in the whole restaurant. In my previous post on this place, I suggested having a bit of music…but on second thought, I don’t think that would be a very good idea as those self-designated orators would need to speak even louder to be heard and I can imagine the whole place being turned into some kind of a madhouse. Yes, I wish to retract my statement now – thanks but no, thank you…very very much!

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20 thoughts on “I saw…”

  1. I’m first again!!! 🙂
    I think I will love the lamb dopiaza with pita bread or wheat bread instead of rice. It seems more matching to me.
    Wah…both pasta really looks mouth watering especially the salmon! It was so meaty!

    I would agree with you especially since it is actually a Mid-Eastern dish, not Greek and should go well with mid-eastern bread like pita. The mains were all good that night, nicer than what we had the first time.

  2. Do the greek serve the lamb curry on rice? LOL! Seafood Arrabiata looks good though.

    They do have Greek rice dishes like this one, for instance, though I wonder why they say Diopaza’s Greek in the menu when it’s Persian/Mid-Eastern. I would say it was not actually like curry as we know it – just a hint of it, something along the line of Japanese curry (my girl says this was nicer though…and yes, it was nice) – if it’s curry, I’d stick to our regular ones.

  3. The cheesy bread looks so good. We call it “au gratin” here in Quebec. I love lamb, and that dish looks great as well as the salmon and fettuccini! Mmmmm….:)

    It did not have the ham, or at least, we did not think we found any, even though that was stated in the menu – quite disappointing. 😦 All the main dishes we had were good and the coleslaw too.

  4. Lovely review. Now you made me want to eat there. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    You too. Go ahead, food’s nice…but I still prefer the Italian place…and it gets very noisy here when it is so crowded and that’s why I would prefer Payung too.

  5. Ha, ha… there’s no hiding anything these days. With a blog your daughter knows exactly what you’re up to, even when she’s not there. 😉

    Indeed. No getting away. 😀 😀 😀

  6. Don’t think that dopiaza thing is Greek. Seems more like a Turks kind of dish. But then, they are right next to each other so maybe some region shares similar food.
    Again, if we order any food that came with burnt marks, no need to pick, mom will scrape them all off before we do anything 😦 .

    I keep telling my daughter to leave that behind…but she loves eating that! Imagine me going to order fried bihun or char kway teow for her and asking for “chow tar” (burnt)…and the look on the guy’s face!!! Yup, I mentioned that in my reply to an earlier comment – it’s Persian…and if I’m not wrong, I think Persia is today’s Iraq.

  7. Seafood Arrabiata & cheesy bread would be a pefect choice for me. I am the opposite of Melissa, I will not choose the burnt edges and will scrape it off before taking. But I know a lot of people would prefer the burnt edges and say it taste better, well, up to individuals.

    You must be like Real Gunners’ mum. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😛

  8. ooo i don’t think i’ve ever had dopiaza, so i’d probably order that! and the pasta dishes look quite appetising too 🙂

    That’s why I ordered that – game to try something new…not the same old things all the time.

  9. I agree with you on the Chinese celery leaves. It is no substitute for Italian or English Parsley. They are quite generous with the dressing in the coleslaw, the way I like it. Not like the one I had recently, so dry and tasteless. Me too love the burnt parts of any roasted or grilled foods. It taste very nice though I read that it is not good for us. But just a bit once in a while is probably no harm.

    Yup, we hardly go for satay or BBQ chicken wings, maybe once in a blue moon…so I guess we can console ourselves that it is ok. 😉 Yes, a lot of dressing, can do with a bit less actually…and I really think the leaves do not make much of a difference, with or without…since we do not eat them. But at least, this was better than the Italian place when it first opened – they had bits of lettuce. I blogged about that way back then. Now, they’re wiser…and just simply do without it.

  10. Haha. Of course la she ‘merajuk’ you didn’t wait for her to go to this place. 😜 Anyway, it looks like a worth place to come more than one time. 😄

    😀 No worries mah. If she wants to go, sure I will take her one. Anything she wants… 😉

  11. Same with my girl.. hahahaa.. she will also say “Aisss Mi.. why never wait for me??” hahaha.. I can even imagine her expression as she says that.. but only for those western type of food or Japanese food. Other than that, she doesn’t mind because she doesn’t like to take rice… 🙂
    I think she will love Melissa’s choice.. salmon is her favourite too..but minus the burnt part, she will separate them slowly from the meat… I guess Melissa is not a picky eater as my girl. 🙂

    Yes, this one’s western…and thus that response. Don’t think she would be all that excited if it had been Chinese. These young girls, all the same. 😉 Melissa is very picky (and slow too) but she loves burnt bits, more fragrant, she says…and yes, salmon is her favourite too. Not cheap though… 😦

  12. Wow…the salad was so good that you have to order another bowl. I got to mark down this since I love salad.

    Btw, thanks for getting us the buns and kek lapis. We had the buns but not the cake yet.

    My pleasure. I would have bought more but HB didn’t buy any checked-in luggage and he did say he was buying a lot of kompia, one bagful. Never mind, wait till he comes again or when you’ll be here with him. 😉 Hope you like the kek lapis too – I know the hati parek is good, dunno the blueberry, new one. They ran out of evergreen, your favourite…and sisik ikan, my favourite.

    Ya, you can check this place out when you’re here.

  13. Oh the lamb dopiaza looks so yummy!
    I don’t think I have tried that before! Not even in Greece! 😉
    My favourite Greek food is moussaka.

    I would love to try that but no, not available here. I’ve had Greek desserts in Auckland, baklava – nice but a bit too sweet for me…and saragli and one more: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/just-desserts/
    It seems diopaza is Persian, not Greek but never mind. I would want to try anyway as I never had it before.

  14. I read your post and I had to come here again to comment.. Coz the food all looks so good.. I would prefer the lamb with pita.. But since they didnt have it, rice also not bad la.. If you say nice, means its really nice.. I trust your taste..Oohh I also like that ‘slightly burnt’ meat, especially steaks.. I would chew the ‘burnt’ corners and spit out once I’ve sucked dry the juice, teehee..

    Hello!!! Yes, haven’t seen you around for quite a bit. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. No worries, feel free to do so anytime, most appreciated. Yes, like in the case of bak kua or char siew…I love those burnt edges, so fragrant. Yum! Yummmmm!!!!!!

  15. Oh..I like Melissa’s Salmon and Cabonara, my kind of food and I like that french bread + coffee, that will be good enough.

    Aiyor…just that bead and coffee? No wonder so slim these days. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

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