Let’s try it again…

After my blogpost on this place sometime ago, what I know is somebody did drop by to give it a try and a few days later, we dropped by again as well to see what else would be good.

She did not think much of their crispy noodles…

My Chef crispy noodles

…but nonetheless, I ordered that to see how far I would agree with her. Like going to the doctor, for instance, sometimes it is good to have  a second opinion.

Personally, I thought it would be nicer if they had had some tomato sauce in the gravy like how they serve their crispy noodles in Kuching – the gravy would be the same as what they would have in their tomato kway teow. Otherwise, they could have had the egg sauce instead, something like wanton hor, the way they cook those Cantonese fried noodles in KL (or at least, that was how they dished out the ones I used to go for at a coffee shop in PJ Old Town in the mid-80’s, with lots of shredded wombok/Chinese cabbage). On the whole, I thought it was all right but it wasn’t something I would want to order again.

My missus had their char kway teow

My Chef char kway teow

…and she thought it was quite good. Melissa tried a bit and felt pretty much the same about it as well.

She liked the Mongolian chicken rice that I had the previous time we dropped by here so she ordered that for herself. Yes, it was good and she liked it but I did notice that they were not so generous with the very nice gravy this time around – there just was not enough to mandi (bathe) the fried chicken that came in the dish completely and it certainly would be very much nicer to have more of it to go with the plain white rice.

My niece, home from Singapore at the time, said that she dropped by here for dinner and she quite enjoyed what she had as well. According to her, they have fixed prices on the menu, RM8.00 for all vegetable dishes and RM12 for all the meat and stuff. I am not too sure about this as I did not bother to take note, both times when I was there. She did say, however, that the servings were not very big – maybe just enough for two but not more than that. Well, actually, I wouldn’t mind the servings being small, provided the food tastes good.

When I went to the counter to settle the bill, I noticed these figurines on display…

Figurines 1

I guess that must be the Laughing or Smiling Buddha…and the one in front here…

Figurines 2

…is Na Cha though I do not recall ever seeing any of them holding up those tael ingots of gold like that. LOL!!!

Well, we’ve been to this place twice now and we’ve tried some of what they have to offer. Since it is located very near to my house, I guess we may drop by again sometime. We’ll see…