Taking over…

There was a bakery here once…

My Chef Restaurant, Sibu 1

– the one with the best cream puffs in town but eventually, they closed shop and some people took over to run this eatery at this exact same spot and not too long ago, I heard that the place has changed hands again and now it is…

My Chef Restuarant, Sibu 2

…and after hearing some favourable reviews of what they served here, we decided to drop by and check it out.

Melissa ordered the tomato fried kway teow (RM4.50)…

Tomato fried kway teow 1

…and we thought it would look a lot nicer with some green vegetables, bits of sawi/chai hua or something…

Tomato fried kway teow

…for a bit of colour and taste as well. This was very nice though, definitely better than elsewhere with their excessive use of tomato sauce and as nice as some that I have had in Kuching…plus I did not feel that overdose of msg that would put me off instantly.

My missus had the chao chai hung ngang (RM4.50)…

Chao chai hung ngang

…or the big bihun in preserved vegetable soup and she said it was very good. Melissa said she would prefer this smaller version of the hung ngang but bigger than the ordinary bihun that they used for this dish.

I opted for the Mongolian chicken with rice (RM5.50)…

Mongolian chicken with rice

…and yes, it was very nice too.

I don’t know what sauce it was…

Mongolian chicken

…sourish but very very slightly with a hint of peanut and black pepper, not something that I had had before but I thought it was really good.

It seemed that they do have on their menu dishes that you can order to eat with rice and since we liked what we had that day, we certainly would go back to try what they have to offer. If anyone is interested in dropping by as well, it is in the block of shops to the left of Delta Mall (second from the right) along Jalan Pedada, the same block as ASTRO, and they open from 7.00 a.m. until 1.30 p.m. and from 6.30 p.m. onwards in the evening.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Taking over…”

  1. It looks like they received a lot of broth with their dishes. I really love a flavorful broth. It adds something extra to an already delicious meal. Oh, the sauce for your dish sounds great.

    Yes, we all enjoyed our orders. Will certainly go back again to try some of the other things on their extensive menu.

  2. So, this place seems doesn’t seems dissapointed you. Come back and try other food in the menu and let us know . No kampua noodles sold here ?

    Yes, it was good, thankfully… Too many of such places sprouting out everywhere and the food served is at best, just edible…nothing worth going back again for. Can’t remember if I saw kampua on the menu – they probably have since it opens early for people to go for breakfast. This was lunch. I would usually opt for something heavier.

  3. The Mongolian sauce seems lighter than the ones I have had in Penang. I wonder if this is actually a Hokkien dish (assuming Foochow and Hokkien is loosely related?), I don’t remember ever seeing Mongolian chicken or pork in KL, even in Penang only certain restaurants offer this style.

    I haven’t the slightest idea. I know they have it at one “exclusive” restaurant in Kuching, Mongolian chicken too but I have not tried that and I had Mongolian crabs in Miri before – yes, the gravy was much darker…but I think I prefer this one.

  4. That tomato kway teow has more sauce than I’m used to. I think I prefer a drier version.

    This is the Kuching-style. It is supposed to be like that except that usually there would be some green veg so there would be a bit of colour. Very nicely done – those at most places here would have very thick tomato sauce gravy, not the same as the originals in Kuching and not to my liking.

  5. Oh yes I agree with you that the tomato kuey teow needs more greens.. Haha.. I can only see the flat noodles with some fish cakes on top.. I also see some light green thingy, cucumbers? Mongolian chicken? Sounds interesting, never heard of peanut+black pepper sauce, but if you say its good means its nice la..

    Cucumber? No, tomato. Actually, they could do without those – the ones in Kuching would not have those – the tomato sauce would be enough for the gravy. The ones in Kuching would have greens…and the ingredients, prawns, sotong, pork – a little bit of each, not much. The one here, the saving grace is the fact that the gravy is (almost) the same as the ones in Kuching. Many are doing it here but no, somehow, they do not come anywhere near the authentic thing. Not something to my fancy.

    And no, it was NOT black pepper sauce – I could taste a hint of black pepper in the sauce (and a hint of peanut taste). There’s a world of difference in that. I don’t like black pepper sauce, not at all!

  6. Saw this shop and yesterday actually parked in front of it to go shopping in Delta Mall! Lol!

    Ok, since you said alright, I will go over and try it one of these days. They serve only oriental food???

    Yaloh, that tomato kway tiaw could do with some green. In Kuching, they seldom serve with the sliced tomato wedges. I noticed over here they love to add tomato wedges. Lol.

    Exactly what I said in my reply to an earlier comment and I am sure a leaf of sawi/chai hua is much cheaper than a tomato plus it will make the dish look a lot nicer with the touch of green. Not too sure – I think I did see some western dishes…but no, thank you. I have had enough of these half-baked wannabes, not even if they’re cheap or relatively more affordable. I’d much sooner go and try something else – post on one coming up soon.

  7. Chao chai hung ngang looks better than tomato fried kway teow but am not a fan of it. Fried kway teow doesn’t look appealing and agreed that some greens should be added to give it a bit of colours and oh boy, Mongolian chicken, the best among all.

    Have you tried ATR’s? I’m sure Gerald’s a lot nicer. My missus loved her order, better than many around and the kway teow too though I am sure there are nicer ones in Kuching – nothing like the real thing, like kampua in Sibu.

  8. Well, it’s good that all three dishes turned out to be alright. I have not heard of Mongolian Chicken, only Mongolian Hotpot. If I see it in any menu, will be sure to give it a try.

    I’ve had Mongolian crabs in Miri a long time ago, very nice but the gravy was darker – haven’t had anything Mongolian since. 😀

  9. oh, the best cream puffs in town!! totally closed down or moved to another shop?? hmmm, but the good thing is, you probably have something new and nice to try one.. hmmm, the big bihun in preserved vegetable soup looked very nice!!!

    My missus would always order that, if available. She loves it. I’m just so-so with it, not really into anything sour. Yup, closed down – so sad. I have yet to find a place with very good cream puffs since. 😦

  10. I like the Mongolian chicken with rice, feel like I want to have something like any favor chicken with rice!!

    Very good. Wouldn’t mind having it should I drop by this place again.

  11. The Mongolian Chicken Rice really look nice. from the picture, I bet the chicken is crispy and tasty. 😄

    My girl tried and she loved it – anytime better than KFC, she said.

  12. of all , i think hung ngang looks the best coz am not really into fried stuffs. Change hand so many times ah…..hmm…feng shui not good leh maybe

    I was thinking the same…

  13. Rose will want to try this out, I am sure.. 🙂 So this shop changed from bakery to eatery… hope it stays that way, My Chef! LOL..

    Hope it does well enough to stay in business. It seems that people here not really into taste, cost slightly more than elsewhere, they will not bother to come back already – will go some place cheaper. You get to see the crowds where everything is cheap, never mind that it does not taste as good.

    1. As for me, I don’t mind going for the tasty food even if it is a bit more expensive than the cheap ones but less tasty… Eat to live, right? Mun’s blog theme.. 🙂

      …and live to eat! No point paying for something even if it is very cheap if it is not nice, might as well don’t eat. 😦

  14. tomato fried kway teow? Now I haven’t tried this variation of the fried kway teow before, thanks for sharing :D…

    It’s a Kuching special – dunno if they have this in the peninsula. We have lots of pale imitations here in Sibu but this one comes pretty close, not too bad.

  15. The Mongolian chicken intrigues me,I mean,the gravy 🙂

    Very nice. Drop by and try it for yourself when you’re back in town. You’re not here atm, are you?

    1. Okay, i will try it next time. OHH nope, I’m still in town in fact..

      And when will that be, may I ask? 😉

  16. Hot Flavor closed down? Surprising, thought they are doing quite well and they got you, the big supporter?

    Love the chao chai hung ngan and with some red wine.

    Already, long ago. Replaced by The Wonderful Cafe, also closed down. Hope this one will last longer. 😦 My missus likes chao chai hung ngang, me – so so only. I’d rather have mee sua.

  17. i love sibu version of chao chai hung ngang… i dunno but the ones i had in kuching don’t taste as good as the one i once had in Sibu..

    Maybe it’s the traditional Foochow red wine. If using low quality ones, the dish will not be nice.

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