Corner of the street…

An old acquaintance has taken over the coffee shop at the corner of the street…

Corner coffee shop

…and that was why the guy who used to sell his kampua noodles here had to move to this place in another part of town.

Back to that friend of mine, he used to run the coffee shop here but I guess since the supermarket and departmental store had closed down, he would no longer enjoy much business there. I heard that when he moved, the kampua noodles stall at the old place came with him…

Kampua stall

…and that was why the guy who was originally here had to give way. My missus wanted their pian sip soup but they had run out for the day so she had the mee perut sapi (beef tripe noodles), RM4.50…

Mee perut sapi

…from this stall…

2nd stall

…instead and she said it was quite good.

I heard that the chap fan (mixed rice) there was very good but it looked like the stall at the back had closed down or moved elsewhere. There was another stall selling salad chicken rice but I did not feel like having that so I opted for the nasi campur (Malay mixed rice)…

Nasi campur 1

…from this stall…

Malay food stall


I really enjoyed that – it was very nice and it was only RM3.50 for the rice with the masak hitam chicken, the fried cangkuk manis and pumpkin plus a generous helping of the nasi lemak sambal that I requested for…

Nasi campur 2

Cheap, eh?

Actually, I dropped by that day as I wanted to try their po piah (spring roll). People have been telling me about it but so far, I had never got down to stopping by and giving it a try. Unfortunately, they were not making any that day so I guess I would have to go there again some other day for that.

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19 thoughts on “Corner of the street…”

  1. Masak merah… masak hitam…. has anyone tried masak putih/ ungu atau biru ke?

    Well, you Penang-ites are the ones with the WHITE curry, the Thais with their GREEN curry and the Kelantanese have their BLUE nasi kerabu and there’s BLUE cheese as well…and you can try cooking sweet potato porridge with the Japanese variety and you’ll get your UNGU porridge…

  2. Very cool! And it’s so fun to see stop signs in other parts of the world, too!

    LOL!!! Very different from over at your end, eh? Everything.

  3. the RM3.50 price tag did catch my eye too! By the way, small town meh? 😛

    Waves, have a good Thursday Arthur! Finally found some time in the wee hours in the morning to blog a post out. busy jaga baby, bersih rumah nowadays.

    Yes, very small…and cheap. You must hop over sometime – can be great for a short break. LOL!!! The joys of fatherhood! Enjoy it while it lasts – these are the best years of your life, believe it or not.

  4. The Chap fan moved to the opposite shop due to the increased of the rental as told by the stall’s owner.

    Oh? The opposite shop? That would be the Ah Ling bak kut teh shop then. Thanks for the info, will know where to go next time.

  5. Malay economy rice usually doesnt come cheap. This one is exception.

    Yes, especially when you ask for extras, it can go up to at least RM5.00. I thought this was very cheap.

  6. RM3.50 for chap fan, a great deal, some more chicken drumstick. Normally Malay fast food are quite expensive. Mee perut sapi looks good too.

    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be around RM4.50.

  7. Yeah, Malay chap fan is rather cheap compared to Chinese or Mamak nasi kandar. I guess it’s the same everywhere. They emphasize on rezeki cukup rather than maximize profits.

    Not here. Usually they would be a little bit more expensive considering the fact that there are not so many of them here so generally, they do not enjoy that much business. I guess this would help them to make ends meet.

  8. I love beef tripe noodles! That masak hitam chicken looks delicious.

    The noodles were all right, my missus said. I didn’t try. The masak hitam was good, the pumpkin could do with a little bit more simmering to get it to be softer, nicer…or to me, at least.

  9. ah, that’s life.. many times when you are not thinking of having it, it is just staring at you.. and when you finally decided to go for it, it is not available for you that moment you drop by.. good lah, a reason for you to make another trip there~~ :p

    Supposed to be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – the first time I went on a Saturday so they did not have it. This time I went on a Wednesday and for some reason, they did not have it either. I heard it isn’t as nice as the one that I used to like a lot so I’m in no hurry to go back and try this one.

  10. Mee perut sapi? First time I hear.. But yummzz, look at that bowl of beef soup, looks so rich and flavourful.. Did your missus finish the soup? Oh, from your rice picture, I can see cangkuk manis and pumpkin already.. I don’t mind having “chap farn” everyday or on days I don’t know what to cook..

    You never heard of it before? Gu tor in Hokkien, dunno what it is called in Cantonese, tripe in English – I think it is the stomach. I prefer the Malay chap fan or nasi campur – nicer…and no msg overdose unlike the Chinese ones.

    1. I think in Cantonese, it is called Ngau Nam fun, am I right? Mixture of beef, the stomach and the tendons… only different way of cooking perhaps…
      Yes, the chap farn is very cheap! But surprisingly, Ipoh still has this type of price at certain shops..

      That’s good. Over at your side, more customers, larger population so actually, no reason to be expensive…same as the Chinese chap fan stalls here – business is good enough, no need to jack up the prices but it seems to be getting pricier by the day. 😦

      I don’t know Cantonese but in KK, for a mix of tendons, tripe and meat like this, they call it ngui chap, I think.

  11. I know there are a few quite cheap economy fast food in kuching.. but RM3.50 from a muslim stall for this plate of nasi campur is definitely worth it !!!!

    Most certainly is. Maybe puasa month, business not so good, dependent on non-Muslims only, so cheaper?

  12. RM3.50 for the nasi campur is cheap…

    Nowadays, the Malay rice here is not cheap..

    …and in SIN$ X 2.6 – that’s why I do not bother to go to Singapore anymore these days. With the money, can get stuff a whole lot nicer here.

  13. this place looks familiar……

    i love cakur manis…yummy….but last round at your home you got masak for us , right? nice

    Don’t think we were in this area – the shops on the other side from Ruby. Yup. I think it was with pumpkin, can’t remember…so long ago liao. You’ll have to come again.

  14. Rm3.50 is quite cheap, mine here is like double up the price!

    Here, with the extra sambal, I was expecting something like RM4.50. Maybe they did not charge me for that.

  15. I love malay chap fan, very nice. Sad to see most malay stalls at my office building, one by one closed down or move out, because of the expensive rental. 😦 😦

    Oh? Here, getting more and more…but they are Melanaus, Muslims…and some are from West Malaysia.

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