Oops!!! It’s actually Opps, and not Oops, but never mind! In the words of William Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This place…


…has been around for quite sometime now. It used to be a Thai chicken rice place, selling pretty nice chicken rice though I could not see anything Thai about it. That one did not last too long and eventually closed down and I think it reopened at one place right across the road and that soon disappeared as well. The present people took over the original location and have been there since so probably, it is doing pretty well to sustain their business all this time.

It is a very nice place, pleasant and clean and the decor is something like those franchise kopitiam places…

Opps 2

…but I do not think it is affiliated to any of them in any way.

I think, if my memory serves me right, my friend, Annie-Q, did tell me that this place is owned by her friend or relative but she has never dropped by herself either. I don’t think this is the name of the owner…

Opps 3

– probably something given by a well-wisher when they commenced their enterprise here.

Anyway, I went out for breakfast with my friend, Philip, one morning and I actually wanted to take him here for the classic original authentic Sibu kampua, the kind we had way back in those days when we were growing up but the very thoughtful and considerate guy said that I had blogged about the place before and suggested coming by here instead for the coffee and the half-boiled eggs (2)…

Opps half-boiled eggs

…perfectly done, plus the kaya toast…

Opps kaya toast

– RM4.60 for the complete set. Philip loved the fact that they were very generous with the butter unlike most places where they would just use a bit or worse, replace it with margarine.

I opted for Set B – which entitled me to the same coffee and half-boiled eggs and instead of the toast, I got a packet of nasi lemak

Opps nasi lemak 1

The rice was quite nice…

Opps nasi lemak 2

– yes, you heard me the first time. I did say “quite” and I did feel they could be a little bit more generous with the peanuts and the ikan bilis (dried anchovies) but generally, I would say I did enjoy it.

There are many other things on their menu so if anybody is keen on dropping by to try, it is located along Keranji Road near the Sibu Public Library…

Sibu Public Library

…opposite this coffee shop on the other side of the street…

Wee's Corner

…and no, that one isn’t mine, not at all…unfortunately! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Oops…”

  1. :O :O :O Rose Chan ?! Let’s get stripped!

    You naughty naughty boy!!! I knew you would fall for it but aren’t you too young to know that famous icon from Penang? 😀

  2. You sure that’s not yours? Maybe it’s Melissa’s. Hehe. The nasi lemak, the hard boiled egg is so lovely without any blue ring on the yolk. I love it that way ❤

    Unfortunately, no. I hear that the egg would have that blue ring if it is not so fresh, dunno how true.

    1. The blue ring means you’ve overcooked the egg.

      Oh? Always thought it was grey though… 😀
      Got this from a website:
      Eliminate the ring by avoiding overcooking and by cooling the eggs quickly after cooking. Run cold water over the just-cooked eggs or place them in ice water (not standing in water) until they have completely cooled. Then refrigerate the eggs in their shells until you’re ready to use them. Hard-cooked eggs in the shell can be refrigerated up to one week.”
      No wonder mine would not have that colour – I would place under the running tap as soon as I remove them from the fire…to cool so I could peel them easily. Delicate fingers, tak tahan panas. Hehehehehhe!!!!!

  3. err…that Rose Chan signboard also got my attention! hahha… I also feel like having toasts and half-boiled eggs tomorrow. Could that kopitiam belongs to your Wee clan? You can get a discount every time you go there. haha…

    Another hamsap fella! 😀 Unfortunately, we have nothing to do with that coffee shop. I wish I were though – these people are really loaded, make tonnes of money.

  4. heheh, well, it’s a cute name for a kopitiam … even cuter if they had named it oopsie kopitiam 🙂

    I had a dog named Oopsie once. 😀 That actually sounds exactly like the acronym for that teacher-training university in Tanjung Malim, Perak.

  5. Never been to this Opps but it does look like a nice place for breakfast. Remind me of a shop in Kuching. Almost similar in term of layout and menu.

    It is. Very comfortable and pleasant. Good place to meet friends, sit and chat…a lot nicer than at the coffee shops.

  6. Pity the coffee is no good.

    Not worse than most if not all the coffee shops in town these days. Will go back to try the other things on their menu. If only it is a lot easier to communicate with the people there though – these sweet young things are all mono-lingual these days, it seems.

  7. I have to say that I’m quite interested in the public library, have you been inside before?

    Used to be a member when I was young – not at this present location though…and used to bring my daughter when she was small.

  8. I first heard Rose Chan in one of the lunch gossip talks when I started working here. Where can I get decent videos of her? XD
    That half boiled eggs look.. heavenly…

    I don’t think they had videos at the time. She’s so famous that she inspired the song “Rose, Rose, I love you” and there was even a musical based on her story. Yes, I would say the eggs were perfectly done.

  9. Owh. I love the half boiled egg & toast. Great breakfast to start off the day. Rose Chan, very famous…ahem…ahem…you mentioned her name, almost everyone knows.

    Everyone does? Gee!!! I thought only old folks like us would know. 😀

  10. Yummz, I love to look at breakfast sets.. With half-boiled eggs and kaya+butter toast.. Yes, like you, I like it when they use butter and not margarine, more fragrant.. I like nasi lemak bungkus too, one packet is never enough for me..

    Normal ones, I would need two but the one they have here is big, one is enough. My friend liked the fact that they were very generous with the butter unlike at some coffee shops where they use butter. not margarine – very stingy, will just use a bit.

  11. oh, half boiled eggs, toast and nasi lemak with a cup of kopi (but you didn’t have any drinks??).. these would be making a great breakfast to kick of the day.. 🙂

    We had – coffee, part and parcel of the set but I did not take any photographs of them.

  12. Rose chan? ahem ahem…is it the……..

    wah got Wee’s restaurant ah….sure not yours? maybe have share there :p

    Sigh!!!! If only wishes do come true! 😦 Ummm…that kind of entertainment for SWK lah, not for you… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  13. I like the half boiled eggs… so nicely done! Mine always end up either too watery or too cooked.. I guess I have to use that plastic gadget.. let the water drip to a certain level and then it is done!
    Actually Wee is not a common surname, right? Looks like your “ancestors” is owning this shop… can go and say “My surname is Wee too”… by the way, what are they selling? You didn’t go and try?

    Nope, too many coffee shops in town. I hear they have some nice stuff there as well. Wee is Hokkien, Foochow’s Wong…and there are others like Ooi and so on – all meaning “yellow”. That’s hard-boiled, not half.

  14. I thought you have your own shop. lol! It’s been awhile I’ve seen the public library…

    They used to have different colours for the panels – now they’ve painted it all white.

  15. Ah, you got very good memory! Yes, she is my secondary school friend, and i am surprise it still staying good and strong. :D:D I been there once only, having their breakfast set, some sausages, egg and baked beans, but look very pathetic and not interesting. But i read their mee suah very good, i have not try that yet.

    You know i grow up in this area, there is one row of houses? I used to stay there when i am young. That’s why i use to go to that Library when i am young. :D:D

    Oh? Yes, there are houses opposite the library, never really take notice of them. I think I did see a photograph of what you had – their American breakfast. I wouldn’t want to order – not after the Big Breakfasts in NZ or even in KL. I’ll try the mee sua next time. Of course my memory is good! An elephant never forgets. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  16. Hehehehe, this post is more about names rather than food, I think😉.
    Oopps, Opps, Rose Chan, Wee..
    The set of nicely-done half boiled eggs & kaya toast look good and very economical.

    Everything’s ok with their RM4.60 sets for breakfast. Yet to try the other things on their menu.

  17. Those classic breakfast is all time fav and will have them over the weekend. Weekday is too busy with work and kids. Overnight oats will do! hahah

    I don’t have any particular favourite but I simply must have a good breakfast to kickstart the day…and strong black coffee. 😀

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