We want the same thing…

Everytime I sent my car to the car wash, the boss and the girl, probably his wife, would order a plate of noodles and share it between the two of them. I thought it smelled really good and at one time, I went and asked what noodles those were and the girl replied, “Mee Sedaap!” I never went to try as by the time I sent my car there, after 9.00 a.m., I would have had my breakfast already so I would not be hungry and would just sit and wait for them to get the job done.

Well, after returning from Bintulu that day, my car was very dirty especially after those two patches of road construction – going and coming back, so it was time to drop by there again.

I noticed that the coffee shop across the road

Wan Foo Coffee Shop

…had a new stall…

Wan Foo chap fan stall

…so I walked over to check it out. It turned out to be a chap fan (mixed rice) place but I was early and they only had a few dishes ready…

Wan Foo chap fan 1

It wasn’t time for lunch yet…

Wan Foo chap fan 2

…but the food did look pretty good. I guess I would have to go back there another day if I wanted to give it a try…and since I was already at the coffee shop, I decided to give the aforementioned noodles from the kampua mee stall in front…

Wan Foo kampua stall

…a try.

This was what I got, just the noodles and nothing else (RM1.50)…

Wan Foo mee sedaap

…and to me, it was all right – much nicer than when we cook our own at home probably because of the extra oil and fried shallots added and you would get a bowl of complimentary soup but I thought it was rather pricey considering that a packet of the noodles would cost only 60-70 sen but it sure was cheaper than a plate of kampua kosong (without meat) which I think, if I’m not mistaken, is RM2.00 a plate now. Between the two, I think I would go for the kampua noodles – in my opinion, they’re nicer.

I went into the shop by the side so I did not see the banner in front…

Wan Foo chap fan banner

…and if anyone is interested in having a go at the chap fan there…or the mee sedaap, it is to the right of the Medan Mall, Wong King Huo Road. The car wash is to the back/other end of the block of shops on the extreme right and this coffee shop is right opposite.

Round the corner, behind the mall and the shops opposite is this new hotel…

The new Medan Hotal

People used to tell me that it was going to be that hotel affiliated to that cheap airline but obviously, those rumours were totally unfounded. It has since opened its doors and commenced business already and I hear that the rooms are reasonably priced at RM98.00 only onwards. I wonder what will happen to the old one by that same name at the Sibu bus terminal (which is cheaper, at only RM65 for a standard single, Queen).


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “We want the same thing…”

  1. Economy rice is no longer economical right now but that Rm 1.50 kampua sure looks like a good substitute.

    That’s instant noodles, not kampua…Mee Sedaap, served dry!

  2. RM98 for a decent accommodation per night sounds good to me 😀

    I hear that’s inclusive of breakfast and they’ve seen the photos in the papers – big room. Yet to check out if they’ve set up a website or not…

  3. Chap fan or economy rice but to Bananaz its buffet

    Buffet, you take the food yourself. I think they do that at some Malay stalls – you take, then they look at what you’ve taken and charge and you pay.

  4. You are absolutely korek, the packet of noodles cost 60-70 sen, however you may have missed out on the cost of the ‘chef’ (the bozz himself), the cooking gas, the stall rental, the capital expenditure of the nice looking plate, folk & spoon, the pay for the cashier (the bozz himself), the pay for the ‘waiter’ (the bozz himself), the pay for the dishwasher (the bozz’s wife), cost of the dish detergent etc etc & etc. Therefore the RM1.50 per plate is considered cheap hahaha.

    Ok, ok…you’ve made your point but I think Princess Ribbon has a better idea.

  5. Hope the RM65 for a standard single, Queen got no change when we get there. Can book now, do a bit of hedging? hehe.

    When are you coming? Can call them. I think you can book online, not too sure. RQ for 1st Floor, no lift.

  6. Food always smells better when we are smelling/eating from someone else’s, hehe.. Ooohh just mee sedap and nothing else? If I’m the boss or wife of that carwash, I’ll just bring a few packets and cook in the shop.. The chap fan looks alright, ‘clean’ & ‘untouched’ yet, I saw sweet &sour pork (koo low yok), luncheon meat fried egg and another porky dish.. Looks ok to me…

    Ya, they can bring and cook their own, a whole lot cheaper that way. Yet to drop by and try the chap fan – I thought it looked good too.

    1. Is there a kitchen at the car wash place where they could cook?

      They don’t need a kitchen to cook instant noodles, do they? Can do it easily behind the big counter in the shop.

  7. So what you ate is the mee sedaap that the car wash boss and his wife always eat? I think the stall could add in a fried egg and some vege and charge RM2.5 for the plate of mee. Is there an option to order the mee with some ingredients?

    I didn’t ask. The two always had it plain like that. I guess we can always request for an egg – that’s RM1 at the shops.

  8. I like to eat the pineapples when I eat sweet and sour meat dish. Looks like the food in the chapfan stall is cooked at that shop itself so the dishes get done one by one. Some chapfan stalls get their dishes done somewhere else and sent to the stalls by car or van so all the dishes will be ready at the same time.

    Oh? I don’t think we have that here – all cooked on the spot so better to have chap fan in the late morning, freshly cooked.

    I love the pineapples too…and also the cucumber, even though I am not fond of it cooked. If any in any sweet and sour dish, I would eat and I love it! Just ok with the tomato, if any.

  9. New place? Looking forward to come down to Sibu this October. Happy weekend to you! 😃

    Same to you. October, I’ll be around. Maybe we can meet up…and I can say hello to my old friend, your mum too? 😉

  10. They always order the “mee sedap” when you are around? Do you always go at the same time, or they purposely wanna eat in front of you?? 😀
    RM 1.50 is alright lah, 60 sen for the noodles, 10 sen for the extra oil and shallots, 10 sen for the gas, 30 sen for human labor cost, plus the rent and profits leh..

    Yes, I always go at the same time – a little before 9. They’re supposed to open at 9 but they’re always late, say by 10-15 minutes. I like to be the first, no need to wait in line for my turn and for them to wash my car. And the moment they start for the day, the people from the coffee shop opposite would send the mee sedaap over… Dunno if they have some kind of standing order.

    1. You think like இBananazஇ. He said roughly the same thing about the price. 🙂

      Very valid point. That is why when living overseas, it isn’t too bad to cook one’s own and eat at home while on the other hand, eating out is not really affordable – all these expenses will go into the price of what they sell.

  11. Wow, kuat untung, double the price. At least add 3-4 thinly sliced char siew and some greens/or sprinkle some spring onions on top. What say you, hehehe?

    Then they will charge you more. Even kampua – if you calculate the cost, you will see that they make a lot of profit. They are all very very rich, those kampua sellers, actually.

  12. Sometimes hard to decide on what you want especially when eating chap fan as many variety…

    There was one place here – I asked for everything so instead of around RM3.00 (inclusive of one glass of soya bean milk), I ended up paying over RM10.00. 😦

  13. Mee kosong? Why just noodles without any meat or vege? But if it tastes very good, I guess it is good eaten just on its own!

    Like how one would have it at home, I guess. Maybe that’s why they can eat it at that car wash shop opposite. I think the workers are all Malays and maybe, the girl too.

  14. mee sedap? as in instant noodle?
    rm1.50 kira okay la…hv to think of the fella have to pay shop rental and petrol to go borong the noodles.

    Ok lah, since you all say so. In fact, I think the cost price of fresh kampua is even cheaper and they’re selling the kosong ones for RM2.00!

  15. This hotel certainly have lift…

    I think the is ok for RM1.50 because that’s what I bought for the normal economy noodles by the road side

    I guess so. Can’t expect people to climb so high. LOL!!!

  16. Sweet and sour meat look very attractive!!!

    Mee sedap, so little portion enough ka? I would have ask for 2! hahahahha

    Enough lah, just wanted to try. Not that nice, ok only… I wouldn’t want more.

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