Go back home…

The day after the grand wedding dinner, it was time for everybody to go back home. My two aunties were on the 8-something flight back to Kuching so we had to leave the hotel around 7.00 a.m. and get there in time for them to catch their plane. They did say that they would go for a cup of coffee at the hotel before leaving so I gave them my breakfast voucher again so the two could go together.

When I went to the airport the previous day  to pick my cousin and her hubby, I went to browse around a stall there and I thought the nasi lemak set (RM10.90) looked very good  so I made up my mind there and then that my missus and I could have breakfast there once we had dropped off the two senior ladies. Besides, I saw that they were selling beef pies, chicken quiches, scones, apple crumble and I intended to get those for Melissa and stop by her school on the way back to Sibu to pass them to her.

Unfortunately, despite the girl telling me that they would open at 7.00 a.m., when we got there at around 7.30, the place was still closed. That was why we had to abort the plan and stopped by Tatau instead for breakfast at this coffee shop…

Tatau Coffee Shop

…opposite the Tatau Primary School…

SK Tatau

They had one solitary lonely-looking fish in their aquarium…


Anybody has any idea what fish this is?

We ordered what we wanted from this kampua stall there…

Tatau kampua stall

– both of us had the kampua noodles…

Tatau kampua

…and we shared a bowl of piansip soup…

Tatau piansip

The noodles were all right and to our liking but I would say that the piansip was all skin, with hardly any meat.

Actually, Tatau is quite big…

Tatau 1

…a lot bigger than Selangau

Tatau 2

…but when we were there, it looked so quiet, so deserted, real pathetic….unlike Selangau which is usually quite busy, any time of day. At the coffee shop, the customers were mostly from the ethnic (Dayak) population in the vicinity. Perhaps, because it is near Bintulu, most of the people in the town and the surrounding areas would just drive there to buy what they need instead of getting it here.

After having had our fill, we were on our way and I stopped to take a photograph of this school…

SK Kelawit

Gee!!! That certainly is a very impressive-looking school for one in the middle of nowhere, surrounded all around by jungle and it was a primary school some more. If only Melissa’s school were half as nice as this one!

After a very brief pee-break at Selangau, we headed straight to Sibu and got home a little past 11.00 a.m…and look at the loot that we brought home…

From Bintulu

Other than some of the things that we bought ourselves, I also got two packets of tau sar peah and the Aeroplane jelly from Australia from my Kuching cousin, thank you so much of them, and thanks also to my Bintulu cousin for the ikan bawal putih (white/silver pomfret), the imported beef and lamb…

From Bintulu 2

…plus the Brunei keropok and pomelos and the best-in-Bintulu Ah Jock’s kaya (coconut jam).

I certainly had a great time in Bintulu – to whom it may concern, thank you so very much to you and you and you for everything…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Go back home…”

  1. That’s Soon Hock/ Lam Kor Fish in cantonese. They are very expensive here, firm texture with plenty of fats, as though it melts in your mouth instantly! Best to steam it and to serve with premium soya sauce, with plenty of ginger, coriander and spring onions 😀

    Oh? So that’s Soon Hock. It sure looks a lot prettier on a plate. Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya, I’ve had it steamed but I like how they do it at one place here – deep fried with their very nice gravy – dunno how they call it (in Mandarin). I can remember that face anywhere! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  2. That fish looks like soon hock, like Ken said, with a hard head like that, something like keli.. Just my guess la.. I think I agree with you on the piansip.. Can only see the skins, not much meat bulging out…

    The piansip skin is nice too…but normally, one would expect a bit of meat.

    Soon Hock is nice but not if it has been kept in an aquarium for a long time. Doesn’t mean that it is alive, it will be really good. That’s just a gimmick that seafood restaurants uses. Best eaten, freshly-caught.

  3. Can tell that the pian sip skin is thick as the fillings can’t be seen unlike the ones you have in Sibu, thin & smooth. Wow, a lot of goodies to cater home. Ikan bawal & bahulu looks good and that keropok from Bintulu, any good? Guess have to wait for you to fry it.

    The keropok’s from Brunei actually – haven’t fried it yet. The bawal’s all gone, of course. 😀

  4. School surrounded by jungle? Those students must take awhile to reach the school, not easy ya!!

    I think they all live in, boarders, or come from the longhouses and villages close by.

  5. All skin no filling makes Gunners an unhappy man. You can get a lot of these if you have wantan mee in Penang too…
    I used to buy a lot of sweet treats when I go home for visit, but after a few times I gave up. My mom will scold me for trying to make the family fat, then proceeds to distribute most of them to her friends. No point to keep wasting money anymore LOL..

    Oh? Piansip is not supposed to have too much minced meat inside but there should be some noticeable traces of it. I will always buy stuff home to enjoy myself or to give away – anything worth the trouble but no, I would not buy too much – just a little something, so to speak.

    1. So much goodies you bring back from your trip! I guess you must be very tired too… all the driving, shopping and er… eating… hahaha… I love going on local trips too but nowadays I really cannot drive too long a distance. So after this trip, any plans to go somewhere else? 🙂

      Same as going on holiday anywhere, even if flying. I was all right all the while – only felt tired after I came back but just a couple of days’ rest, ok already…and I went to Kanowit again. Watch out for the post on that!

  6. oh man… the piansip is just like what we have near my working area.. all skin and a little, just a little meat 😦

    There too? And there are people wanting to eat that? Gee!!! I thought this would only be in the little towns where the folks would not have much of a choice.

  7. I like the loots that you have got, especially that box of Sun Biscuits (Tai Yang Ping), must be very nice. I am a biscuit person.

    I gave a box to my parents, the other one to my MIL. I did not get to try them myself. 😦

  8. hahahaha, i certainly have no idea what fish that is.. all fish to me are just fish.. probably i would only know it’s a salmon if i see it’s orange flesh, or a pomfret if i see it’s kite shape~~ 😀

    You need some intensive lessons from Ken then. 😀

  9. I heard this place before, Tatau, but have not been there.

    What is that Aeroplane Jelly? To make Jelly pisang? Good?

    Nothing there, no point going. Aeroplane is very famous in Australia, even way back in the 70’s and 80’s. Can get at Ta Kiong here now, expensive. I think we can make jelly pisang using our local brands, at least half the price.

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