We agree…

I was thinking that perhaps we could go back to that nice restaurant opposite the hotel for lunch but my two aunties who had their breakfast at the hotel cafe were informed that starting that very day itself, there would be an eat-all-you-can lunch buffet promotion for only RM10.00 nett per head and we went in to check out the spread. We all agreed that it was pretty good and since it was so very cheap, we all agreed that we would have lunch there.

There was nasi lemak but they called it pandan rice and I thought it was nicer than when I had the former for breakfast and that wasn’t just because of the pandan added. There was the sambal to go with it and a choice between hard-boiled and fried egg…

Sambal and egg

…plus all the usual condiments…

Nasi lemak condiments

Other than those, there was also the fried chicken and the curry…


…and the fried pumpkin with cangkuk manis

Pumpkin and green bean dessert

…with green bean and sago soup for dessert…and there were some nice mini-papadums too.  Other than these, there was a free flow of iced lemon tea or drinking water, plus coffee and tea.

I don’t think this was mine – perhaps it was my missus’…

Helping 1

…and as you can see, it was a lot more neatly-arranged than mine…

Helping 2


I had a second helping…

Helping 2 - 1

…and the second time around, I opted for the fried egg…

Helping 2 - 2

…which I thought wasn’t too badly done.

Everything was to our satisfaction but we all agreed that the green bean and sago dessert was not sweet enough. Nevertheless, we all agreed that that was fine with all of us as at our age, a little bit less sugar would definitely be a good thing.

After sitting around, chatting and catching up on things in our lives, we all retired to our rooms to rest and get ready for the grand wedding banquet that night.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “We agree…”

  1. Tsk tsk, so many Nasi Lemaks in a day, tsk tsk.

    The last one was the previous morning, not on the same day. This one’s nicer than what they served for breakfast.

  2. Everything looks good to me la!

    Yes, hotel…can’t possibly be, in any way, bad but I would not say it was so so great. Still, for RM10 nett, who’s complaining!

  3. Yummzz I can never get bored of hotel post and hotel food.. I actually like reading about hotel buffet spreads.. Now this time the breakfast spread look more presentable and appetizing than the previous one, hehe.. One day I would like to try cooking pumpkin+cangkuk manis.. Looks simple to cook..

    Not when you had to stay in hotels in eat the food for a week many many times in a year. I used to do that before I retired on my working trips, so much so that I would be put off by the mere smell of hotel food. That is why I don’t get excited when they promote anything hotel in their blogs. You’ve had one, you’ve had them all…

    Ummmmm….this was the eat-all-you-can lunch for RM10, not their breakfast. Slow down, girl, you’re going too fast.

    1. Haha ooops, yeah lunch and not breakfast.. When I see nasi lemak, I only think of breakfast.. I was wondering about the pumpkin and cangkuk manis – for breakfast ??? Hehw..

      Yes, it was lunch, my dear…

  4. So you actually just had 2x nasi lemak in a buffet spread? Seems like you are one who is quite fed up with hotel buffet (like me). Still, RM 10 only, cool…

    2 helpings, you mean? Yes. Ahhhhh!!!! Another one who’s just like me. The others are fine with hotel food though, just me – from all the travelling and staying in hotels those days when I was working…and like all hotel packages, we had SIX meals a day!!! After the first day or two, you would see me eating in the coffee shop next door already.

  5. I love chicken fried, boiled, broiled, barbecued, roasted. I just love chicken, and the fried chicken looks good! 🙂

    Yes, it was nice and the curry was pretty good too.

  6. Pretty good deal for RM10! I guess you would have eaten more than RM10 worth hee..hee…

    I certainly would make sure of that. That’s why I don’t bother going to hotel buffets anymore – at the prices they’re charging, it is virtually imnpossible to get one’s money’s worth.

  7. So yummy, long time didn’t have nasi lemak for breakfast already (I used to have last time, hehe!)

    Lots there, everywhere.

  8. What a deal! It’s hard to get a coffee in KL for that price these days.

    Indeed! Those “branded” ones would be around that price – just for the coffee alone. 😦

  9. Yes, very worth it for RM10 especially one is a bigger eater than me.. hahaha… I think I will take less rice and more choices of food… 🙂

    Not that many choices but in a town where ckt was RM6 and the ethnic nasi campur was RM8, this at RM10 was indeed a steal!

  10. Buffet promotion for RM10, good deal. You can have as many helpings as you like. All looks good to me.

    If you go and drink a cup of coffee at a hotel or cafe, you would have to fork out almost half of that already…at least.

  11. ooo, pumpkin on a buffet spread! i love pumpkin, so i’d definitely take many many scoops of that 😀

    That was what everybody did. Seems to be the favourite of many!

  12. STP, it’s indeed so nice to see u posting about places that r so familiar n dear to me, being orang Bintulu! I like!

    Oh? You’re from there too? Coming to the end of my Bintulu posts already, hope to hop over again someday.

  13. nasi lemak…sedap but cannot eat frequently coz cholestrol

    You have been misled by the lies spread by the US regarding our tropical oils so as to promote their corn oil. Coconut has a whole lot of health benefits. Here’s one: “Coconut oil has a saturated fat called lauric acid, a type of MCT. It has been shown that lauric acid increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood to help improve cholesterol ratio levels.” Come, click this link and read:

  14. That’s a real deal, especially you had two plates! But I wouldn’t be able to eat that much…too ‘lemak’ for second helping 🙂

    No, it was definitely not all that lemak…or I would have gone for a third, fourth and fifth helping. It was just ok, quite ordinary like nasi lemak elsewhere…and if you’re another one of those who think anything coconut is bad, go click the link in my reply to smallkucing’s comment and read. Many people have been deceived long enough.

    1. You under declared your helpings! Kakakakaka

      I most definitely did NOT!!! When I was younger I could handle at least 4 or 5 helpings, not anymore plus I did not want to be too full – expecting a lavish dinner at the wedding banquet that same night.

  15. I still waiting for the malay stall to open and i want to eat my favorite nasi lemak at my favorite stall!

    Buffet lunch at RM10? Nice and very good deal!

    It definitely was. I’m not sure if the Malay places have resumed business or not. Some here may close for the whole week, some even one whole month. 😦

  16. RM 10 for a buffet lunch!!!!

    That’s a steal! Sometimes, the nasi kandar places charge me RM 14 for a few different pieces of meat.

    I’ll go for the nice fried egg alone, definitely worth it.

    Not surprised, those nasi kandar places. Their knives are very sharp. I would avoid them as far as I can.

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