Sometime ago…

This was two Saturdays ago when we had a dinner here to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 81st birthday…

Birthday cake

…12 of us altogether – her, my missus, Melissa and I, my brother-in-law and his wife and their daughter, back from Singapore and their son, home from KL and then, there was also my brother-in-law from Bintulu and his wife and one of their sons plus my niece’s good friend.

Luckily, we had made a reservation before hand as the place was packed to the brim (and parking can be such a pain in that part of town) so we had to wait for quite a while before the food was served. As what they would usually do, we were served these Mukah keropok as starters…

Mukah keropok

…which were great, and dipped in the chili sauce provided, they were even nicer.

This restaurant claims to be the only one in Malaysia serving lokan


…and everyone loved it!

Some of my in-laws tried umai


…for the first time and they enjoyed it. I’ve heard people calling this the Melanau sashimi but I don’t think it is the same – the raw fish in this dish would have been “cooked” already by the calamansi lime juice added (some use vinegar but I think it is not as nice).

We ordered another specialty of the house – the paku in santan (coconut milk) but when we were served, it turned out to be midin instead…

midin in santan

Well, it was perfectly all right as it tasted great. In fact, personally I felt it was a lot nicer than paku which I had had many times already on my previous visits.

Another specialty of the house would be their roast lamb…

Roast lamb

…which Melissa enjoyed so very much. I would have to take her back there again sometime for more.

We also ordered their sea cucumber soup…

Sea cucumber soup

…and their creamy butter prawns…

Creamy butter udang galah

…using the very expensive freshwater udang galah, were really good too.

Everybody sang praises of their fried chicken with onion rings…

Fried chicken with onion rings

…though I was not too thrilled by it. When I said that, Melissa remarked that it was definitely much nicer than the colonel’s, case closed.

On the other hand, I absolutely loved the sweet and sour fish…

Sweet and sour fish

…so so so much. My Bintulu brother-in-law brought a huge one over, I think it  was a red snapper, and got them to cook it for us. I really feasted on it from head to tail.

People always say that the prices here can be quite steep but ours that night, inclusive of drinks (some had more than one) and rice (quite a lot of it, really), came up to RM325.00 for 12 persons which I thought was very reasonable. That prawn dish alone would have cost quite a bit already. To me, that was, without doubt, a truly awesome dinner – a delightful change that was so much nicer than the ones we had before and I certainly would love to go back there again and again.

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29 thoughts on “Sometime ago…”

  1. RM325 is very ok. For 12 persons somemore. And there’s roast lamb, sea cucumber (soup), prawns, and fish! Oohh and clams and all.. All seafood.. Really worth la.. Even if BIL didnt bring over the fish to be cooked there, the price still reasonable..

    Lamb isn’t seafood…and there was chicken too plus there’s minced meat in the lokan.

  2. I haven’t tasted lokan before, get to know this thing via a TV show, an old uncle was digging somewhere near the swamp

    It’s like lala…but frankly, I don’t know how much there is in each of them. It is a small teeny-weeny thing and you would need a lot to fill one shell. They mix with minced meat and Bombay onions and stuff..,and deep fry. Wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t any at all – they just recycle the shells. Taste real good though, and it’s very popular – worth giving it a try, anybody dropping by here.

  3. I love their food. Yes, price can be steep but we knew the young taukey so he gave us a discount.

    I enjoyed their roasted lamb. Their dipping was great.

    Other than the first 4 dishes, I havent try the other dishes you had. Yummy.

    Next time you go, invite me to tag along, can? 😉 😉 Hehehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Haha. Maybe can organise a blogger gathering there?? It would be fun to meet other Sibu bloggers. Other than you, I dont know any Sibu bloggers. Lol

      I don’t know of any either. There may be a sprinkling blogging in Mandarin.

  4. lots of unique delicacies here, ya. happy belated birthday to your mom-in-law, and here’s to many more family birthday gatherings in the years to come 🙂

    Thanks for you well-wishes. Yes, some are uniquely Sarawak…but not the roast lamb, of course. I was told that the son had a restaurant in NZ before but the father got him to come back to run this restaurant of the family that has been around for many many years now – not sure if the recipe came from there or whether the father had always had it all this while.

  5. oh, happy 81st birthday (though belated) to your mother in law!! the cake and all the food looks great and delicious!! i like the sea cucumber soup and the creamy butter prawns~~ 🙂

    All good though I did not care for the chicken all that much – well. my girl said it was better than KFC, so ok…as long as they all enjoyed it.

  6. I will have to agree looking at all the dishes that it was indeed an awesome dinner! Happy Belated Birthday to you Mum-in-law and wishing her many more happy and healthy years to come!

    Thank you. I would make it a point to take anybody dropping by Sibu here for some of our unique local delights. Worth the price, that’s for sure and service is good too.

    1. nope, u no bring me… i go sulk now ok…

      This time you come, sure I will bring you. Last time, the son and the friend not back from NZ…now they are back to help, I find the food is very much nicer.

  7. First happy birthday to your mother-in-law, as also today is Gorgeous Grandma’s Day so here to wish all grandma Happy Gorgeous Grandma’s Day!

    Guess Rm325 is fine for so many people, and most important thing is the taste is nice, right?

    Oh? It is? Thanks for your wishes. Ya…plus it comes only once a year and it is good to settle for nothing but the best.

  8. All the food looks so delicious.. all suitable for me.. and the pricing! Not expensive at all… very reasonable.. yes, you should go there again.. Is this the shop that you brought us to on the first day of my arrival? 🙂 I cannot remember the name already.. its been ages already!

    Indeed, so long ago since when you came…and so sombong, don’t want to come anymore. No, we went to a full-fledged Chinese restaurant, none of these exotic local delights. I did bring Mandy and Yee Ling and her two girls here once, the rest of you have never been here.

    1. let’s sulk together RC!

      When you all come, I will order balitongs…and you all can suck together. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

    2. hahaha…the sombong-ness never ends!! I really must try the lokan la.. wonder how it tastes like..

      You’ll have to come here for that… Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  9. Looks and sounds divine! I just love roast lamb!

    My daughter loved it – had two huge slices. Will have to take her there again soon for more…

  10. Awesome birthday dinner. Thumbs up for all the food. Reasonable price. Bet everyone has an enjoyable dinner with great company. Happy Belated Blessed Birthday to your MIL and many many more to come.

    Thanks. Yes, good choice, and a nice change from the usual places we would go to for our family dinners.

  11. Cant bear to read this post….too many good food already …sigh…

    Is this what they call food porn? Hehehehehe!!!! Why the sigh? Lots of nice food in Sink-a-pork and JB too leh. 😉

  12. Nice birthday dinner and gathering. All the food look good. The roast lamb looks heavenly! And I know I would love the sweet n sour fried fish 🙂
    All these for a very reasonable price, too.

    I had A LOT of the sweet and sour fish, so very nicely done. I think the rest were not so keen on getting their hands dirty, eating in public. I didn’t care – just enjoyed myself, that’s more important than anything else. You think the price is reasonable too, eh?

  13. omg, nice food here. The roast lamb looks good enough to cause me to salivate. And for only rm325, 12 person?? Affordable yet delicious, mana mahu dapat..

    Affordable? I guess that’s cheap…by KL standard lah. For us here, a bit pricey…but it was ok, since the food was really nice and it was a special occasion.

  14. When I was residing in Sitiawan oso we can do that. Bring our own fish and they’ll just charge us a minimum fee for it. Here in PJ, I’ve not come across any. Even if we have, I dont think I’ll have any fresh fish to bring …

    I guess that’s true, nobody would have any fresh fish to bring along to be cooked. You were in Sitiawan? Hubby’s place kah? Thought you’re from Malacca, true-blue nyonya.

  15. Fisherman, i know this place since young, but never been there.

    And i didn’t know they serve other food too, like sea cucumber soup, roast lamb, chicken and fish. Food looks very yummy!!

    Ok, i just had roast lamb two days ago at my uncle’s house, yum yum!

    Come, come. Long Raya hols…we can go and you can try their lamb, real good!!! Even my missus who is not a fan of lamb loved it!

  16. Wah, 81st birthday!
    The food looks great, so as the cake!

    The cake’s from our favourite baker in town, will always order from him, no other – home-based business.

  17. I made umai once before, it’s yummy ya. Kind of like a ceviche.

    It is very nice but it will depend on the type of fish used. Some will just used the frozen fish fillet from the supermarts, not nice.

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