We wanted to check out this new chicken rice place in town the previous weekend when Melissa was home but it was not open for business yet. In the meantime, my friend, Rose, had been there but judging from her review, it certainly was not something to look forward to. However, when Melissa came home again the following weekend, her mind was already made up – that she would go there to give it a try, so there we were…


…that Saturday afternoon.

The service was quick and efficient and in no time at all, we were served.

I ordered the Jumbo King set (RM15.50) which was intended for big eaters but the girl said that there would be enough for two…and that included a big glass of herbal tea…

Herbal tea

…and a big plate of chicken rice and a big bowl of soup…

rice & soup

…plus a big plate of their steamed chicken – one drumstick plus breast…

Steamed chicken

Looking at the amount of everything, we felt that there was, in fact, enough for three.

Melissa and her mum shared that while I ordered the drumstick set (RM6.00) for myself and got the rice, only slightly less and a plate of chicken that looked almost as much as the jumbo set – just the bowl of soup and the drink were much smaller.

I also asked for the chicken liver, small (RM2.00)…

Chicken liver

…and good grief! They gave so much of that…and I was kind of worried that I might end up with a gout attack. Thank goodness nothing of the sort happened. We also had their bitter gourd fried with egg (RM6.00)…

Bitter gourd with egg

…for our additional vegetable dish. They have a few types of herbal soups on the menu too but we did not order any as they all had chicken claws in them. Eyewwwwwww!!!!!

Rose was complaining in her blog that everything was bland and I would agree with her but I think that was because of the lack of seasoning used. To me, that would be a good thing – less salt and less or no msg. One would be able to taste the flavours of everything, just that it seemed they just used the normal kind of chicken. I think if you use the better and more expensive type, the meat is sweeter and nicer and you can just eat it on its own. Like Rose, we had to resort to the use of the blended chili dip…

CKCR chili dip

…which, unfortunately, was not hot enough for us – we are more accustomed to stuff a whole lot spicier. The liver was fine and the bitter gourd was ok – not great, just ok…and yes, we had had better chicken rice elsewhere, I’m afraid.

If I am not mistaken, this is a Miri franchise and looking at this review, it certainly seems to be very popular among the people there. As for us, all things considered, let’s just say that we are in no hurry to go back there again…especially when we do have some nicer places of our own here.

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29 thoughts on “Open…”

  1. I don’t take the spare parts but the chicken seems looks good in the picture. And, it was affordable too. The rice looks cute, in triangle shape, must be put into a triangle bowl before serving. Ah…. bitter gourd. … you should try the bittergourd soup in JB.

    There is a place selling bitter gourd bihun here but so crowded, would need to stand beside one and grab once the people are done. I would just go elsewhere and have something else. Are there triangular bowls…with such pointed ends? How do they stand?

  2. Oh i like that pyramid rice, pharaoh would be proud that his creation is now being used on hainanese chicken rice LOL!

    Ahhhhh!!!! I’m impressed by your general knowledge. Ask the young kids today – they probably will not know what you’re talking about…despite a string of A’s to their names in school.

    1. Very unique pyramid chicken rice. Chicken liver, RM2, so cheap. I like chicken liver but never know it can lead to gout attack.Love the juicy chicken meat & bittergourd with egg too. All in all, everything looks good.

      They say all innards, never mind what animal…bad for people with gout tendencies. Red meat too…and anything with high protein content, even taugeh. I’m fine with food, usually, just beer…Tiger.

  3. ooo, i have to say, the rice, the chicken and especially the liver all look really good though. the plate of liver reminds me of my childhood dinners, when my grandmother would steam a whole chicken for six of us every saturday, and we’d have chicken rice with meat and liver. i’ve loved liver ever since i was a kid 😀

    We never had that. We had the drumsticks, the good meat…my mum would eat the breast and the innards that nobody wanted. I started to like much later but we had pork liver regularly – I think I prefer that. And beef liver too, nice in rendang.

  4. One would expect a rice ball instead of rice pyramid when one thinking of Hainanese chicken rice. Haha.

    yeap, just so-so. Nothing great about it.

    Rice balls would be Melaka’s. They used to do that at Back2School…dunno if they still do. But the one in Melaka’s over-rated, nothing special other than the fact that the rice is made into balls. I loved the old man on a bicycle by the road side at Green Road in Kuching in the morning way back in the 70’s. His would be big chicken rice balls – like tennis or hockey ball size…and the steamed chicken would be embedded in the balls. Sold singly in a plastic bag. So very nice.

  5. I would prefer the chili sauce to be more spicy and a bit sweeter as it goes well with the chicken.

    Yup. SCR’s chili dip is definitely a whole lot nicer.

  6. I wondered how they make the rice has the pyramid look? They use bowl with pyramid shape?

    I haven’t the slightest idea. When it’s round, it is pretty obvious they use a bowl.

  7. OMG I love everything you ordered.. Chicken liver is a must-have if I eat chicken rice.. I will usually order chicken rice – BIG, with steamed white chicken and liver, two livers! And also the chilli is very important too.. If the chilli’s nice, then I only need the chilli, rice and liver, no need chicken! Yummmzzzz.. Love this post..

    You’d probably love this place then.

  8. eih, i love the way how they present the rice.. a rice pyramid, that’s kind of nice.. so different from the usual dome.. and did you know when it comes to chicken rice, i can only eat the rice alone without the need to go with the chicken?? haha~~ 😀

    That would depend on the rice. For me, not the one here. We used to have a very good place – the rice was so good but the last time we went, I was disappointed. Heard from others too that the quality had dropped…terribly since other people took over that one.

  9. The portions are big, I like! But too bad the taste did not live up to expectations. Oh, I love chicken liver! I would have ordered that too 🙂

    It could have been better. We have another Sarawak franchise here – I think that one is much nicer, between the two. I don’t go for chicken rice that often so it doesn’t really matter.

  10. But the pictures look so good… everything seems so tasty.. even the rice has a pyramid presentation… that shows the first impression is very important..

    Presentation 100%, place and service 100% – but the taste is, at best, just ok to me.

  11. Hahhah…I don’t like the shape of the rice being presented. I want the old school one.

    Looking good the chicken. HB like steamed chicken, I guess he can try it the next time he goes back.

    Ya, I guess he can…though I feel he may want to go some place else for something better. I am not too fond of the shape either – especially considering what pyramids were for in ancient Egypt.

  12. Wonder the rice can go ‘bad’ after a few days as it was proven pyramid can preserve freshness of cut apples etc? My watch battery got charged up after it was pronounced ‘dead’ after sitting inside a ‘pyramid’.

    It did? What pyramid was that?

  13. The chicken looks really, really good!!! And I love herbal tea! 🙂

    Ah yes! The herbal tea was nice – strong or not over-diluted or washed down and very cold.

      1. You are serious? If meditate inside is much more powderful. Got a friend in Penang also my sifu who is into Melchizedek thingy may try to get the measurement from her and you create one in Sibu. High time Bananaz must go inside the pyramid so that cannot get ripen fast.

        Gosh! You’ve got an over-active imagination… LOL!!!

    1. Bro better control eating ‘spare parts’ bad for health and gout may be on the increase. Bananaz can’t even eat too much nuts though Bananaz go nuts over nuts.

      No worries. We buy chicken parts – drumsticks, thigh, wings…hardly ever whole…so we do not have the spare parts and we don;t buy those of the rest either. Will only eat once in a while if any when eating out. I am not a fan of nuts – will buy all the time…for my girl. She loves them!

  14. That’s certainly a generous portion and the chicken looks very juicy.

    Yes, a lot and juicy…but too bad it lacks the desired taste and sweetness. Kind of bland.

  15. I don’t eat spare part, but i like liver, whether it is chicken or pork, i am like you, try to control, have it once in a blue moon.

    Not really a chicken rice fans, can have la, but cannot be often, but my boys can have it everyday and anytime. :S:S Should ask them to try and give comment next time. They can tell you which one is good which one is not. hahahhaha

    Wahhhhh!!!! Experts! I prefer roast to steamed, so not too crazy about this one. New Capital, also steamed, but is a whole lot nicer, maybe you’ve had that before.

  16. Taste wise, ok only, huh…but the plate of chicken looks juicy and nice. I’ve seen chicken rice ball but not pyramid shaped chicken rice! Hahaha..interesting. I like chicken innards too..

    Gimmick. It is still…chicken rice, never mind what shape it is presented in.

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