Another night…

On our second and final night in Kuching, I insisted on dropping by here…


…to try the Thai cuisine there. Why? A friend of mine was sharing something on Facebook on what he had there and was praising everything to the skies – he certainly sounded very enthusiastic, like it was the best in the world or something to that effect. I asked if they had a lady chef, thinking that it might be the one from here but no, they had a man at the helm.

One could choose to sit inside or outside – the place was big, mostly white and to me, I thought it was sort of clinically clean. As far as the decor went, other than those bronze lions beside the sign at the entrance, there wasn’t much else and definitely nothing that would be indicative that it was a Thai restaurant. We browsed through the menu…


…and it did give us the impression that this was more a fusion Thai-Chinese place as I noticed that they had a lot of the usual Chinese dishes listed in it as well.

We loved the pineapple fried rice (RM8.90)…


…and they gave this sambal belacan (dried prawn paste dip)…


…to go with it. I thought it was nice, very spicy…but no, they did not use our very-much-nicer Bintulu belacan.

The tom yam seafood (RM25.90)…


…was to our liking too and we did wish we were having plain rice so we could flood our plates with the very nice soup. However, at that price, I certainly would expect a lot more seafood inside.

The salted egg squid (RM14.90)…


…was good as well…but I wish I could say the same about the beef green curry (RM18.90)…


They marinated the beef so much that it had completely lost its meat texture plus the curry in itself was not as nice as what I had before here. I thought the gravy was kind of powdery or something like that.

I did not think the steamed otak-otak (RM15.90)…


…was all that great either. Don’t get me wrong now – it tasted all right and I would give them full marks for the presentation, just that it really wasn’t anything to shout about. Other than that, the texture felt something like luncheon meat…


…so all in all, I did not think it would be something I would be dying to eat again.

I was kind of disappointed that they had run out of pad thai…and I was discouraged from ordering my favourite – the mango pulut dessert as. according to the guy, the mango was sour.

It looked like it was a one-man show, probably the proprietor, running around taking orders and waiting at the tables (there was only one other table besides us) and perhaps, we caught him at the wrong time, for I thought that initially, he was kind of rude…or unpleasant and that sort of pissed me off. Later he became a lot more friendly and was quite nice – I found out from him that the chef wasn’t Thai but came from Johore and he himself came from KL. Hmmmmm!!!

I would think this would be a good option if one is looking for something different for a change and thinking of having Thai, definitely nicer than the one here or here…but when we only had one night left in Kuching, I kind of regretted my choice as I would prefer to go some place else that would be worth a lot more dropping by in that limited time that we had.

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24 thoughts on “Another night…”

  1. Well at least he was trying to be honest to you that the mangoes are sour right? 😀

    He was already much nicer and friendlier by then, not when we first came in. Maybe he thought these two shabbily-dressed old fogies would probably just order a plate of fried rice and share or something like that.

    1. he did make the mistake… and will make a bigger one when we both step in… hahaha…

      Bet he would be delighted. The mere sight of us would tell him we would be ordering a lot to eat. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. I must say tomyam seafood soup and the green curry is a must-order whenever I go Thai food restaurant..

    Both tasted great, just that the beef in the green curry was like tofu or jelly and the gravy tasted kind of powdery.

  3. At least you have tried. I havent been there myself!!

    Yes, as they say, tak kenal maka tak cinta…

  4. Wah, all very nice.. When I see Thai food, I think about these: pineapple fried rice, green curry and tomyam.. And you ordered all these! Clever.. That beef green curry looks so creamy and rich, I think I can drink the gravy as it is.. As for tomyam, I like the white one.. The red tomyam looks real spicy and oily, hehe.. Wait, no desserts?

    Other than the mango pulut, the other items in the menu did not interest me and since the boss said sour, no need lah… Already very full plus he did nit suggest any either. I can;t say for sure but the green curry had some kind of powdery feel – maybe they used ready mix, powder form…or added some powder so it became like that. Some curry powder (maybe not pure, too much flour or what) may have the same effect in the curry we cook.

  5. ……and himself from KL…sweat and speechless!

    It is ok as long as what they dish out is good. Not all Sibu people going over to the peninsula and opening kampua stalls here and there can come out with something that is quite like the real thing…but as long as it is nice, I guess it is not so bad.

  6. fuyoh, Thai!! just read Sharon’s post on Thai food, and Sibu Food Mayor also posting about Thai food, so “ngam” lah, *wink wink*.. awww, the salted egg squid looks good and i also like the presentation of the otak-otak, really “upscale” the class of this street food huh?? haha~~

    Yes, I would give them the double thumbs up for presentation…but I would prefer it even if the presentation is not very nice but it tastes awesome. The test of the pudding is in the eating.

  7. Some hits and misses here, eh? But as I always say, at least you tried. That in itself is satisfying so that at least you know what your are missing or not. Sometimes even nice people can be a bit short when they are under stress. I admit I am guilty of that sometimes.

    I guess so but if you are in this line, you would need to be able to hide your feelings. There are very grumpy people, I do know of more than just a few – people still line up to go and eat. I would never bother to go back, never mind how good what they’re selling may be.

  8. So you MIA from the blogging world for all these delicious food and come back to haunt us with these pixs. How evil ! Now I craved for v that tom yum and green curry. Sobs. …

    MIA? Not really. I always have my mobile modem with me so I would be able to reply to comments and comment in other people’s blogs, no problem at all…when I travel. Lots of Thai restaurants in Singapore and JB, and bet there are really good ones there. Go, go…sure is a nice change from your usual Japanese stuff.

  9. I love Thai food anytime, anywhere! Otak otak is thai or peranakan? Those above looks like fine dining… 🙂
    There is one shop in Ipoh here that serves nice thai food.. maybe because the wife of the owner is a Thai and she is the cook in the kitchen…

    That’s peranakan – in Singapore, they call in otah-otah. Maybe this is the Thai version, closer to Penang’s peranakan style, different from Muar’s or Singapore’s – up north, very close to their country. Hope to drop by Ipoh some day to try what you have there…

  10. Quite common as the signage could be misleading. Thai Village but nothing Thai only KL & Johor. Some signages in KL put up ‘Best Penang Rojak’ or ‘Best Penang Char Keow Teow’ but the bozz dunno Hokkien coz Puchong mali.

    Ya, they did have some Thai dishes in their menu but the people are West Malaysians, nothing Thai about them.

  11. ooo the beef green curry looks good, but too bad it wasn’t … good that the salted egg squid saved the evening 🙂

    The pineapple fried rice and the tom yam would be worth having again. Other than the two, I would prefer to try something else – maybe there are others that would be nicer.

  12. Not really a fan of Thai foods but the salted egg squid & green curry looks great. Btw, where is this Thai Village?

    Gosh! And you live in Kuching! 😀 In that building next to the block of shops opposite the Padungan fire station.

  13. I pass this place everyday and always say i will drop by but so far, that hasnt happened. 🙂 When i miss Thai food, then maybe we’ll visit. The pineapple fried rice looks like something Bangkok Thai can dish up too. Hope u had a great stop in Kuching! 🙂

    And where is Bangkok Thai? I love Thai food…and I heard this one was good. I tried googling but could not find any reviews – just their own somewhat inactive Facebook page with a couple of not-very-nice photos. Heard of another at BDC, opposite 4 Points but somebody told me not to bother going to that one. 😦

  14. The tom yam looks good! Certainly looks spicier than what we get here.. also the presentation of the otak-otak was pretty creative! Too bad it didn’t taste as good.

    Yes, when I was served, I was full of great expectations. Too bad it was not as good as it looked…not bad but no, I would not want to have that again.

  15. I tried this steamed otak otak (i think they called it ho mo pla) when me and HB went to BKK. I didn’t quite like the soft texture but it is very flavorful and a touch too piquant.

    I guess you’re like me too…or I’m like you. Tasted all right but I did not quite like the texture either.

  16. I’ve never seen otak-otak in a Thai restaurant, didn’t even know it’s Thai. And the so-called beef tastes more like jellyfish, for all we know, it could’ve been horse meat, it has none of the beef texture. But as someone said, the main thing is to try and then never go back again.

    Yes, we’ll never know unless we try but pity it was such a waste of that one night we had left in Kuching – I would not have wanted to go if somebody did not praise it to the skies on Facebook like it was the best in the world…and I was expecting something like what I had in Sibu once, cooked by a middle-aged Thai lady. Unfortunately, it came nowhere near.

    I think from now on, I would just depend on my cousins’ verdicts on eating places – much more reliable than other Tom, Dick or Harry. Not only do good looks run in the family, good taste too. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. Bad choice sometimes…

    Misguided. Shouldn’t have taken my friend’s words for it – I guess one man’s meat can be another man’s poison. To each his own.

  18. Hmm…otak otak with the texture of luncheon meat doesn’t sound appetizing…

    Hey is this at BDC or somewhere near Green Heights? I remember a place by the same name where the owner was also very rude when I went in 2004, he kept asking what I was taking photos for (at the time, no one did that except bloggers and there weren’t a lot then) and was really paranoid that I was a spy from another restaurant. The food wasn’t good either.

    No, not the one at BDC. I also saw photos of that one on Facebook and I commented…and somebody we know came by to tell me not to bother going there – so that was it. This one is in Padungan – that side where the cat statue is, the one they dress up nicely come any festival. No, their otak otak, can just give it a miss.

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