Across the river…

Philip would use a tambang (boat ferry) to cross the river from the city centre…

Kuching city centre from across river

…every year to come to this place…


…which is located right across the road from the jetty once you disembark from the boat. This year, with me in tow, he drove all the way there, crossing the river via the Satok Bridge.

It looks like it has become a major tourist attraction now…


…and is quite a favourite among the locals as well.

You will have to take off your shoes as you enter…


…and are free to browse around the place looking at all the cakes on the shelves.

They certainly are very creative in naming their cakes, I must say. This is the name of a Malay movie…


…which had a hit with its theme song sung by a guy from Kuching and a lady singer…and I am sure everyone is all too familiar with this very popular and addictive online game…


Oops!!! I remember how I used to pound on the students for this spelling error…


Sup apa? Sup kambing? Sup power?” I would scream into their ears, not that it helped one bit and I would see that same error again and again and again. Sigh!!!

They have the sisik ikan too…


…but I tried their sample and personally, I think the one we can get in Sibu is not as dry and much nicer.

They have samples for everyone to try…


…and I thought their Lumut and Cadbury were pretty good. I was wishing though that those who had tried would be considerate enough to cover the cake trays with the lids as I did see some flies fluttering around at that point in time…or perhaps the workers could be vigilant enough to do that once somebody was through.

Philip did not want to buy what he wanted right there and then and chose to go back to the place again the next morning before we left town. On the way back to the city, he spotted this stall…


…by the roadside selling durians…


…and being a true-blue lover of the fruit, he simply had to get one to enjoy…


No, this wasn’t 3 for RM10 – those would be the small ones by the side. In fact, he paid RM8.00 for what we had…and I also had a few seeds just in case even though I am not really a fan of the fruit.

On the way back to the hotel, we drove down Jalan Haji Taha to this place for some nice cold dessert – it certainly was a hot day that day and I thought that would be a welcome relief. The last time I was there, I went to the shop and I remember somebody saying that what I had would be nicer if I had gone to the stall at their house, some 100 metres to the right. That was what I did this time around…

Swee Kang 1

They had just washed the premises, obviously, so it was nice and clean.

We placed our orders and the guys got to work right away…

Swee Kang 2

…and we did not have to wait long before we were served. Probably it was mid-afternoon on a working day so there was nobody else other than us but while we were there, a few other customers also came by.

I had their ang tao peng (iced red bean)…

Swee Kang ang tao peng 1

…and I wouldn’t know if it was because we were feeling really hot and thirsty but what I had…

Swee Kang ang tao peng 2

…was so very nice, a lot nicer than what I had at the shop on my previous visit.

After that very refreshing break, we headed back to the hotel to rest, only to emerge again when it was time for dinner.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Across the river…”

  1. good good good… be our tour guide when we pop over ok… claire, u interested?

    When? When? I have to book my ticket to go to Kuching and meet you all there…

      1. only know 1 claire… the peace, guitarist, love to travel and makan Claire!

        The one who keeps saying she will come over but never does…and always heads elsewhere instead.

      2. hahahaa..ok, I got it, SWK! Actually I have landed on Sibu soil Once upon a Time already… perhaps someone should plan another gathering in Sibu once again.. hopefully next year… then it will be a joyous affair!

        Next year… Adoi!!!

  2. I think I also like the red bean dessert compare to the rest of the stuffs you posted except the durian. Lol … Anyway, it’s really hot lately and a cooling dessert is so comforting! Eh…wait …. I’m no.1 commenter today ! Chop !

    You are?

  3. Take off shoes to enter the shop? Hmm, seldom hear about ‘rules’ like that… :p

    It was a small home-based business, in the house…and it still is but on a much larger scale now but still done in the house. Enter Malay(sian) homes, must take off shoes…you come to mine, also the same.

  4. Lol fireman also go there to buy kek lapis hehe.

    I don’t always eat kek lapis but I love it. Normal cake is a bit soft and I prefer this kind of hardness haha.

    Happy Wednesday!

    I like a few, not all. Generally too sweet for old folks like me so I do not usually buy to eat.

  5. I would prefer Mira’s cake or Zatil’s (located at the Toll Road) as their cakes are moisture than Dayang Salhah’s. Luckily you weren’t stuck on a ‘peak hours’ at Boyan. Stsrting from this weekend I bet the place will be crowded with people..

    My friend, Philip, loves hers – must go EVERY year to get the original and the fruit cake. If sisik ikan, the one at my regular Bandong stall here is very much nicer…and not so dry.

  6. So how the experience of sitting in the sampan? ^^

    Yes, it is famous for its kek lapis. My sil will drive all the way there to buy for cny when she was staying in Kuching.

    Did you go to the Lumba Kuda stall for ice kacang and belacan bee hoon?? 😉

    We drove too. I did not want to use the tambang. No, went to Lumba Kuda in 2009 – did not think it was all that great…and lots of people eating the belacan bee hoon – I went there after Kim Joo, so full so I did not eat…and when you’re not eating, it can be so so so smelly.

    1. Yes. Used to be so nice back then but time changes. Food quality also not the same. Once in blue moon go there for its food was tempting.

      Was very crowded too then, dunno now. Have not been since.

  7. Sisik ikan kek laipis, my favourite too. Some call it masam manis if I am not wrong. I dare not take a sampan to cross cos I am phobia with water. Even dipping my feet into the swimming pool I am scare. Used to go to Haji Taha to have their ice kacang but traffic jam & parking is a headache. Now I always go to Lumba Kuda since it is nearer to my place, traffic is not that bad and lots of parking space but limited space to sit.

    Sibu one is nicer, not so dry. Yup, it is actually masam manis…but they make it into a different design and gave it a new name. I did not dare to take the tambang, as I am so heavy, later become Titanic. Muahahahahahaha!!!! I went to Lumba Kuda once, 2009, I think…did not think it was all that great.

  8. If it wasn’t for puasa month, you wouldn’t be able to find a place to sit at that cold dessert place, no matter what time of day, believe you me!

    Lucky us! It was really good, would surely want to go again.

    1. The place is also famous for its durian ice, when the fruit is in season of course.

      I did ask as my cousin told me to give it try…but they did not have it that day. 😦

  9. I love kek lapis! But it has a lot of colouring, l prefer the old fashioned original one, the Sunflower brand, the classic brown one.. Haha, I’m laughing at your Kek Suprise.. So did you sound the shop owner/seller and tell her that the typo is wrong?

    I think that’s Philip’s favourite – he only bought the original and the fruit cake – none of those fancy ones. No lah, me not so kaypo…go and tell people their typo.

  10. I heard my friend said there’s one shop is selling these cake in PJ also…looks like the typical Kuching souvenir is not like it anymore..can get anywhere but maybe the taste won’t be as good as Kuching one! =]

    Dunno. Lavender also has kek lapis, baked…I think. VERY nice…but of course, expensive lah. Somebody gave me, me…sure cannot afford one.

  11. oooh, those kek lapis look very nice, and they have got samples for everyone to try?? hehehe, i would sure try each and every type of them, oooppppssss!! and nice ang tao beng too, but no thank you to the durians~~

    That was exactly what I did…but I did not buy. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  12. In Kucing they sell by the biji? Over here mostly selling by the weight. Heard cat mountain king ‘mau sun wong’ going at RM25 per kg.

    Never mind, you people there all so kaya one. So expensive, still got so many people buying.

  13. So Philip would use a tambang (boat ferry) to cross the river from the city centre, you would use Proud Mary singing, rolling down the river?

    Muahahahaha!!!! That was exactly why I insisted on driving over instead. 😀

  14. Oh yes, i have heard of the layer cake which has funky and colorful designs/ patterns, i didn’t know they have so many flavors though, thanks for sharing. Now i know where to find some if i am visiting Kuching in the future 😀

    You’re coming? When? When? I can hop over and show you around – you just pay the bills. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  15. I am more interested in the durians and the desserts.. the cakes.. so many choices that I think I can forgo that… hahaha… just allow me to try the samples and that will be it… but when it comes to durians, I wouldn’t mind paying more for a nice creamy one!!

    Aiyor!!!! Just want to try the samples. Like that, if everyone is like you, not long sure bankrupt one lor. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. Oh, durian oh durian…I like!
    Very interesting and creative way to name their kek lapis. They’re quite pricey over here…like them but some can be too sweet.

    I would agree with you on that – both the sweetness and the price. They’re not all that cheap here either. 😦

  17. Looks like our friend is on the Pan-Borneo Highway again. Stay safe, Arthur. Read some of the comments about the kek lapis. I only buy the kek original, used to be called kek buku. No coloring, just plain butter flavor. It’s personal preference, I like it because it has just the right consistency, not too moist, not too dry.

    Indeed, to each his own. None can agree about one thing, it seems…like the paos and those horrible yet so popular ones. Muahahahahaha!!!! I’m safely home now – just got back past 11 this morning. Going to nap now.

  18. ‘kek surprise’ … heheh that’s a cool name! 😀

    I wonder what is so surprising about that cake….but no, I was not curious enough to want to buy and try. As they say, curiosity kills the cat. 😀

  19. Kek Lapis in Kuching is turning into such a huge enterprise now! 🙂

    There’s a lot of stalls lining the waterfront offering kek lapis too, it’s a row of shophouses, all offering the same thing.

    But I agree, most people say it’s the one opposite the river at DBKU that’s best e,g, this one that you took the RM 1 boat to,

    That’s the one we went to. Have to sample, I guess. Not all good…like the sisik ikan was rather hard and dry – the ones at Bandong in Sibu are very much nicer.

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