Can’t have it all…

Next stop – Carpenter Street.

I was hoping we could drop by Lau Ya Keng or Ann Lee but there were no parking spaces available. Lay Ya Keng is actually the location of a Chinese temple where they have all the hawker stalls and they do have some pretty nice stuff there. Ann Lee is an old school restaurant from long ago – I used to love their rice with char siew and steamed chicken and they would splash their very diluted curry gravy over everything. I don’t know if I would like it still but I enjoyed that a lot then.

We tried locating the kolo mee place in Padungan – it used to be at a corner shop along Carpenter Street and was very very popular. The place would be packed and it would be so hard to get a seat…and even though the old guy was not known to be very friendly, what he dished out was so good. We did not manage to find it initially and in the end, we went for this one…

Kim Joo, Carpenter Street, Kuching 1

…instead. There were a lot of vacant parking spaces at the end of the street at that time of day – around 11 to noon, it seemed.

The people here…

Kim Joo, Carpenter Street, Kuching 2

…are a lot more pleasant and the kolo mee

Kim Joo kolo mee

…is also very nice.

Yes, there are other places in Kuching with really great kolo mee but at this one (and that elusive one, now in Padungan), they also serve this soup…

Kim Joo soup

…with the liver, innards and stuff that I love so much.

Oh, incidentally, that bowl of noodles was Philip’s – I had the special…

Kim Joo kolo mee special

…which, of course, had more delights on top. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Philip saw somebody at the next table having their fried rice and he wanted to try as well and this was what he got…

Kim Joo fried rice

The rice was pretty well done and the egg was fried the old-school way – the way I would like it but it certainly looked that this one was a bit over-fried and the yolk did not appear like it was still runny.

After that very nice lunch, we dropped by here…

BB coffee 1

…as I have heard so much about their coffee…

BB coffee 2

After all those praises that I’ve heard, I just could not leave town without giving it a try. It is a very small place…

BB coffee 3

…non-airconditioned and it certainly looked like they’re not really bothered about making the place look nice and presentable…

BB coffee 4

…with anything and everything, all that clutter all over the shop. There are only a few tables in the shop…

BB coffee 5

…so if you are looking for a comfortable place with nice ambiance to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and while the time away, I am afraid this is not the one you are looking for.

As for the coffee,

BB coffee 6

…yes, it was fragrant and strong but no, it was not what we would enjoy – it wasn’t the old-school kopitiam (coffee shop) local brew that we have enjoyed and grown to love since time immemorial. The beans are dry roast, not with butter for that special fragrance that we truly love a lot. Theirs is more like those very popular branded coffee…and if I am not wrong, the prices are somewhat similar as well – I think Philip forked out over RM10 for the two glasses that we had.

After our cuppa, we were on the road again…to our next destination for the day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Can’t have it all…”

  1. ooo, it does look like quite an old-school kopitiam, though ya, RM10 would seem pricey if it had been two glasses of the old-school kopi πŸ™‚

    Theirs was more like those branded franchise ones, so popular among the young & “trendy” these days…but I do not like, not the kind of coffee for me.

  2. Now see, that’s an egg I’d eat. It’s nicely fried and not runny. The food looks great and I see they have whole coffee beans in jars. I love the smell of coffee, but I don’t drink it; however I do use whole coffee beans. Of course, I grind them before using.

    Oh? You like it like that? You can flip the egg and cook it longer till the yolk is well-cooked. Yes, that’s the way they do it at this shop – grind the beans and brew it right away so the fragrance and taste is not lost…just that this kind of coffee is not really the type that I love.

  3. I do drink coffee occasionally and I love the smell of fresh coffee. The food is so nicely presented.

    Nothing beats the fragrance of good, strong freshly-brewed coffee.

  4. I’m drooling at the photo of the mixed soup!

    I do like it that way with a lot of pork liver but slices of pork belly too.

    Yeah, I remember Kim Joo coz I used to eat there a lot when I was working in Kuching (love the Donald Duck BBQ place too, coz it was close to where I lived). Their kolo mee looks a bit different now though, the noodles are not curly?

    I didn’t notice that. It sure was as good as ever though, very nice.

    1. Oh, maybe it’s the photo!

      I’m sure it’s as good as always, Kim Joo has a very reputable name, it’s one of the established institutions in Kuching, like the sio bee and beef noodles at Open Air or the ice cream at Sunny Hill. πŸ˜€

      I checked my 2009 post on this place. It did look different – it had fish cake slices & fish balls…no chicken slices. Can’t remember if there was minced meat or not. I did think it looked better before but no matter, it tasted great. Didn’t have the time to go to Sunny Hill.

      1. That’s the important thing mate! πŸ™‚

        As long as it tastes good.

        I haven’t been to Sunny Hill in a long time, just came back from dinner with my dad, was talking about Kuching for some reason, he went to buy gula apong, which is hard to get anyplace else. He likes it in his coffee!

        Are you in Sibu right now? I just got back from Bintulu, Wednesday.

      2. I’m in KL now! πŸ™‚

        My dad is in town, together with my sis, so we all went out for dinner together. He’s only here for 1 day before going back to Singapore though. I think he’ll be staying a while, I can only go back when he goes back, might be 2 weeks more.

        I’ll see you then! I don’t have any more Zumbarons but I have something else from Adriano Zumbo!

        Oh no!!! Please don’t trouble yourself. Would be nice just to see you again. Looking forward to that, I will be around.

  5. Kim Joo is one of favourite kolok mee in town! Love its cheng soup too. Heard from my dad that its fried rice was good too but never got chance to try it. Now Philip has tried it and confirm the verdict.

    Never like going to that corner coffee shop because of their unfriendliness and long wait. It has another branch in Padungan near the white cat statue, called The Decendants. I also havent been there because each time we tried to beat the crowd very early in the morning, we were beaten by the crowd instead. Lol.

    Not a fan of coffee.

    We found it, somewhere in the middle of Padungan…but we did not eat there. Is that a branch or they moved there? The old Carpenter Street one still there? Kim Joo’s very nice too. You can try the fried rice when you go back in September.

    1. Only go to Kim Joo for breakfast. Seldom go there for lunch as hard to find parking.

      Definitely going to Kim Joo in Sept, bring my Singaporean cousin there.

      The Decendants is another branch. But heard the system is still the same, ie find seats, sit and wait for the cutlery and then order when waiter reach your seat. Lol.

      Lots of parking spaces that day…past 11, almost 12, the end of Carpenter Street side. Otherwise we would have gone some place else for lunch, not here. Maybe we were lucky.

  6. The shop you talk about has moved to Jalan Padungan and is call “Noodles Decendant”. They have move there quite sometimes already. It has been quite awhile since I last had it. Hate the wait. Fried rice looks good.

    Yes, I know…just that I did not exactly where. People just say near/next to Fook Hai. I can’t understand why people cannot give specific directions. I thought I could walk from the hotel since I had the impression it was so near. We should have taken the car – in the middle of Padungan, near the turning to Longhouse Hotel…and the police station. 😦

  7. The fried rice was excellent, one of the best I’ve had. I would’ve preferred it to be more browned and crispy, with a little wok-hei as you call it, but the flavor was out of this world. I liked the egg the way it was done, runny eggs would’ve made the rice soggy. The 2 coffees I think was about RM8 which I thought was very reasonable, being supposedly gourmet coffee. Those very nice ladies told me that it’s owned by a husband and wife team and the wife is from Taiwan, which explains the non-local flavor.

    You’ve yet to try mine. Hehehehehe!!! Thanks for the details about the coffee place, not ever going again…not my kind of coffee…nor yours. πŸ˜‰

  8. I’ve yet to try Kim Joo but will try it next time πŸ˜‰

    i love reading places about Kuching.. hehehe.. thanks for sharing. πŸ˜‰

    More coming up, make sure you come back every day.

  9. wow, the Sibu Food Mayor sure enjoyed the trip to Kuching very much.. ada makan (somemore add-on extras) ada minum!! but no thank you, I don’t fancy those liver, innard and stuffs and coffee at all..

    Oh dear! You certainly are hard to please…

  10. Suddenly I have a craving for fried rice. Hehe. I never get eggs like that at home, cos I use quite little oil when I fry eggs:P

    You’ll need a wok to get it like this. I let it sit on kitchen towels for a while to soak away the oil, Scotts’ no less.

  11. i like the pork soup with liver and meatballs. Not so much the innards, but it does add a lot of flavour to the soup.. yum

    That is why I made a special effort to go for one of these in Kuching. So very nice and can’t get the same in Sibu. Somehow they’re different.

  12. My eyes did perk up when I saw that tall glass of iced coffee. It does seem a bit steeply priced however for the location.

    My friend just mentioned the total he paid in his comment above – RM8 but he had the same with milk, I had it black.

  13. Kolo mee and fried rice looks very good!! I only like liver but no other spare parts. Hahahaha

    Coffee looks ok and for RM4 still reasonable.

    I’m sure you can request. The taste is different from our liver soup in Sibu though – just like kolo mee is different from kampua.

  14. Good to retire, right, Arthur? Can go jalan jalan cari makan without thinking of work and leave… πŸ™‚

    Exactly!! Rest, relax…go round and enjoy, no worries!

  15. I miss food in Malaysia! T___T

    You do? Aren’t you in Singapore? You need to get these in Kuching though – those in Singapore or the peninsula, not quite the same. Like Penang char kwayteow, have to go to Penang to eat.

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