A walk down memory lane…

The first morning we were in Kuching, Philip and I went to India Street…

India Street, Kuching 1

The first line of a song from the Broadway musical, “My Fair Lady” came to mind, “I have often walked down this street before,” but no, it certainly is not the same…

India Street, Kuching 2

…as how I remember it to be when I used to do that way back then in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s and later.

These days, there are shops and shops selling touristy stuff like these souvenir t-shirts…

Souvenir t-shirts 1

…and these…

Souvenir t-shirts 2

…or those clothes and textiles, probably from Serikin including one that used to sell books and magazines where I used to buy my copies of Fanfare. Needless to say, I was kind of disappointed as it was generally a case of you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Most of the old shops are gone now – the one where I used to buy those black vinyl records and one selling very nice imported crockery. I did not get to see Salih Ahmad but Chin Nam was still around, right next to this shop…

Fabriko 1

…selling textiles with those lovely ethnic designs…

Fabriko 2

However, I remember it used to be nicer, classier and sort of boutique-like when I bought a couple of pieces, probably sometime in the 90’s, to make my shirts for formal wear…

Fabriko 3

…and this time around, I decided to buy some more and get them tailored. I can’t jolly well be using the same batek shirt, the only one that I have, to any function that requires such attire, can I?

This shop is still at the exact same spot – I think it appeared sometime in the late 70’s…

Bee Tai

…and I used to buy my trendy wear from there at the time. I did drop by but somehow I did not feel it was in any way the same anymore and I left without making any purchase there.

This restaurant…

Jubilee Restaurant, India Street, Kuching 1

…has been around like forever and the food did look pretty nice, the nasi bryani and the dishes to go with it…

Jubilee Restaurant, Inida Street, Kuching 2

…but there did not seem to be that many choices anymore maybe because of the Muslim fasting month or they do not cook so much anymore as they no longer enjoy the brisk business that they used to enjoy before.

I managed to take a photograph of the guy doing the cooking…

Jubiliee Restaurant, India Street, Kuching 3

…in the kitchen at the back but unfortunately, it turned out blurry.

I was kind of delighted or somewhat excited to see that they still had these old wooden planks and door, latch and all…

wooden door

…at one of the shops along that street. Evidently, things those days were made to last unlike what we have these days.

This is new, I guess…

Cuttlefish roller

…but it amused me somewhat to see the replica of a rubber sheet roller which was in fact, a machine for rolling cuttlefish.

Just round the corner, I came across the works of art of that celebrated mural artist, Ernest Zacharevic

Kuching mural 1

So what can be more fun than a barrow of monkeys? The answer is simple – STP pushing them…

Kuching mural 3

Here, have a sip of my teh-see-peng (iced tea with evaporated milk)…

Kuching mural 3

It certainly was hot that day! LOL!!!

As we were walking back to the multi-storey car park where we had left the car, I saw something I had not seen before – cops on bicycles…

Cops on wheels

Well, never mind that things have changed a lot and are no longer the same – I certainly enjoyed the walk and that very nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “A walk down memory lane…”

  1. Wah long time never see you post a photo of yourself la! Nice mural paintings!

    Yes, nicely done. Nobody wants to see old man’s photos mah…no need to post all the time.

  2. When was the last time you were in India Street, Kuching? In the late 70s? If yes, that is about 35 years ago so it is not surprising to see things have changed quite a bit.

    So nice of you to share your drink with the orang utan. What was it doing before you offered it your teh?
    Very good poses with the mural. *thumbs up*

    I thought I heard them calling your name… Muahahahahahaha!!!! I did drop by to buy a thing or two once or twice but never walked down the whole stretch. Time passes, things change, nothing ever stays the same.

    1. Hahaha, very funny. 🙂 I mean without your pack of “teh” in the photo, what was hanging on the orang utan’s free hand? I google for more photos and some show a bunch of bananas hanging on its free hand and some show a pack of coffee or other drinks. Was the pack of “teh” yours or already hanging there?

      Not my tea, it was hanging there originally. Maybe someone goes to hang different things on different days.

  3. Long time no see your photos, I mean with you in the photos.. hehe.. I like the one with you holding the packet of drink.

    No good reason to take any. Come, come, I take with you and then I’ll post it here too. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Monkeys n u r very cute😜I always have a phobia of getting too close to the streets walls especially alleyways n underground pedestrian pass,not sure if they were used as public urinals,yucks, sometimes when u walked pass u get a whiff of some pungent smell.

    No urine here – so open. The wall facing the Open Air Market…all the cars and people passing by, I’m sure nobody would want to be caught with his pants down.

  5. Yes, I also enjoy walking down the Main Bazaar looking at the buzz and going. I never been to Bee Tai there but they used to have a branch in Sarawak Plaza. Bought few clothing there. I think they are still in SP.

    haha. Nice pose with the monkeys. ^^ Did you go to buy your favourite sio pau?

    Yup, I’ve been to the Bee Tai in SP, not this one since they turned the road into a pedestrian mall. The Kai Joo Lane ones? Watch out for my post on it.

  6. looks like mural paintings are almost found in every corner huh, and especially those claimed as “heritage” area.. and nice post today!! a rare breather from your everyday food post, haha!! and most importantly, we can see the handsome Arthur today!! what a great “omen” to start a great week, haha~~ :p

    No leh, only in Penang, Sarawak and Ipoh. Dunno if the controversial one in JB was by him or not. KL ones, not his, not nice lah. Well, Chinese say – everyday eat veg, some day must eat meat too… Variety is the spice of life.

  7. Last time India Street & Electra House used to be the busiest part whether day or night but now a dead place at night. Bee Tai has been there for so long, a place where I like to go and shop for blouse, skirts, etc. Did you drop by Oriental Park for the famous kolo mee?

    No, we skipped it this time. Many other things to eat and enjoy…

  8. What a cool place! So much to see and do! I love the monkeys in the wheelbarrow!

    It most certainly is. Let you have a glimpse of what it’s like here in Sarawak. Stick around, more coming up.

  9. OH MY…. i haven’t even visited the orang utans !!!!!!

    and this post reminds me of my childhood time when my mama will bring us all there once a year for CNY clothings… hahaha.. but it would be at the other side of the waterfront, near the Sarawak Transport bus station.

    Gosh!!! And you live in Kuching!

  10. It is nostalgic to take a walk down memory lane. I feel like that too when I go back to KT. hah..hah..couldn’t help chuckling at the photo of you and the monkeys 😀

    😀 That was a good one, eh? I like it too. Too bad people often pull down, rebuild…all the heritage is lost. Not the same anymore. Real sad.

  11. “So what can be more fun than a barrow of monkeys? The answer is simple – STP pushing them…”

    Hehe… So CUTE! I love all those murals from Ernest Zacharevic. He’s one awesome artist.

    I know, I’m cute… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. Those textiles.. they are not batik designs or are they? Looks kind of different and nice designs too! So cops on bicycles? That proves Kuching is safe.. no need to chase after robbers.. 🙂

    No, they’re Sarawak’s own native ethnic designs.

  13. The mural painting is awesome! Hahhah…it’s hilarious of you pushing the barrow of monkeys. So surreal!

    Yes. I wonder if he has finished the ones in Ipoh. I wonder what theirs are like.Hope Claire will go and take photos and share in her blog.

    1. Oh, in that case, I must go mural hunting one of these days! Must collect all the location first.. cos they are all over Ipoh…

      Oh? He drew so many? Not a problem, I’m sure – Ipoh is not that big. Hehehehehe!!!! I think he selects places of heritage significance only, not just anywhere.

  14. So are friends with the monkeys! So nice that you shared your drink!
    I think the popular wall murals will take the world by storm soon. I wonder which country started this idea first as China also has lots of them which were quite old.

    You never took photographs of theirs to share in your blog? Never mind new or old, it’s that special touch that counts. This guy’s works is uniquely his – can tell right away. Others may be pretty, nice to look at, but that special quality is missing. Like Lat’s cartoons.

    1. I took a lot of these wall murals in Chengdu – Sichuan but didn’t post into my blog. It was too crowded and getting a photo alone almost seemed impossible. That’s China la.

      Like India… Hehehehehehe!!!

  15. Hi Arthur, nice photos of you and the monkeys. Who took them? Must be a pro.

    It must have been a very good camera. Muahahahaha!!!!

  16. Lovely kuching ! Wah …Everywhere got mural paintings !

    JB one by him too or somebody else – the one depicting the city as unsafe, full of crime? Removed already, right?

  17. Haha! I love that photo of you with the monkeys! 🙂

    Great shot, and quite handsome too!

    Jubilee? We used to have a CCTV outside their restaurant when we were doing the MBKS trial CCTV system, I wonder if it’s still there. The entire thing was hooked up to Kuching Civic Center with WiFi, quite a feat back in the days.

    Thanks for your kind words, buddy. QUITE handsome? 😀 Oh? They’ve cctv? Gosh!!! Didn’t know I was on candid camera. Hehehehehe!!!

    1. Haha! VERY handsome mate! 😉

      Yeah, there’s a CCTV outside, part of a system of 7 (later upgraded to 20+) owned by MBKS (the municipal for Kuching South).

      Blush! Blush! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Cops on bicycle, interesting!!

    When u posted that mural painting in FB, I thought it was in Sibu. Very nice painting and you look cute! Hahaha

    Memang, so cute! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. At this time, there are canopies in the middle of the streets. They sell baju raya outside their shop now. Oh, I haven’t had a chance to take a picture with the Orang Urans. huhu…

    And you live in Kuching too! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  20. Lol, the photo of you offering the monkeys your drink is so cute 😉.
    Really nice work by the Lithuanian artist.

    Yes, must appreciate his works – that’s why I had the photos taken. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

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