She’s right here…

I flew over to Kuching using my frequent flyer points (from my NZ trip a couple of years ago), just enough for a one-way ticket there (but not to KL), as my friend, Philip, home from the US was going over to rent a car from there and I would  be able to hitch a ride as he drove back to Sibu. He would be going back that same way (on his own though) and return the car and take a flight out from there to fly home. Unfortunately, he had booked his ticket on a MasWings flight and I could not get on the same using my points so I arrived on the earlier MAS flight, around 3 hours ahead of him. No worries – patience is one of my virtues  but no, I did not just sit there the whole time to wait for him to land.

One of my cousins came to pick me up at the airport to take me to lunch here…


…as they have very nice ethnic Dayak cuisine at this particular stall…


…and I sure would like to give it a try.

This is the lady behind the whole thing…


…and it was pretty obvious that her stall was doing really well as most of the people that I saw there, from all walks of life,  would go for whatever was on the menu for the day…


…to enjoy. She was at another location before but right now, she’s right here in the Stutong area near one Giant Hypermart in the city. You can check out her Facebook page for more details…or give her a tinkle. Her mobile phone contact is on the sign at her stall in the 2nd photograph above.

This was what I had…


…and it only cost me RM4.00! I had the daun bandong (tapioca leaves) and the paku (wild jungle fern) cooked in their traditional ways. I don’t know how they cooked these bean curd sticks…


…but they tasted so very nice. I did see some chicken in the dish as well but I did not take any. Instead, I had two helpings of the pansoh keli (catfish cooked in bamboo)…


…and needless to say, it was absolutely heavenly!

If you’re not that adventurous and would prefer the more familiar stuff, there are other stalls at this very same place. My niece had something from this one…


– their own homemade fish ball soup with kolo mee kosong (noodles, plain)…


The fish balls were pretty well done and the kolo mee was very nice too.

After that quick lunch, I went back to the airport to wait for Philip and while I was waiting, I was bombarded by the “free smells” from this booth…


…and ended up buying some home…


Melissa loves them, I know.

Philip’s flight was delayed by at least half an hour and when he arrived, he got a car and we were on our way…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “She’s right here…”

  1. oooo… famous amos… nice… pecan double choco chips… nice.. keli pansoh… nice… all oso nice…

    Melissa only likes the no-nut ones. They had tempoyak pork the next day – I did not get to try that! 😦

    Btw, I asked already – extra RM500 if you leave the car in Sibu and they have to pick it up from here. Best to rent and stop at selected places on the way here, say Serian, Sri Aman, Lachau, Jakar…and stop at the other places on the way back – Bintangor, Sarikei, Betong, Simpang Tenggang. Not sure if Roban, Engkilili are worth stopping at or not. Try googling those places and see. Save the RM500…and perhaps the airfare as well. Cheaper KL-Kuching-KL, 12 flights a day.

  2. Rm 4 is really cheap! and there’s a fish!

    Very!!! And you can’t simply get the same anywhere and everywhere you go, and definitely not at this price.

  3. Have been looking for Patz for a while now around King Centre but never get round to it…Thanks for locating her. Will sure go check out her store when am next in Kuching. TQ Couz.

    Yes, when I first got to know about her, she was at King’s Centre. Never got to try until now…and at this new location. Welcome.

  4. This stall was formerly at King Centre and move there recently. Heard a lot of good review about her food. For people like me, not that adventurous, I prefer what your niece had. Oh, Famous Amos, my favourite too.

    I know…and I think my friend, Philip, is something like you too but I dragged him along to eat all the stuff that normally, he would not bother trying. Watch out for those in the posts coming up soon.

  5. Dayak food? Never had that before but it looks good.. Since you say good means its really good I know.. Oohh I love Famous Amos cookies too.. The ones without nuts..

    Ahhhhh! You’re just like my daughter – she doesn’t like the ones with nuts.

    Yes, it takes a lot more than nice for me to sing their praises. Otherwise, it will be, at best, just “pretty good”, “not bad” or “quite nice”.

  6. wah.. so nice, the Sibu Food Mayor fly to Kuching for his food trip!! and within just the few hours, he has already bagged tons of Famous Amos cookies!! ah, the power of “free smells” huh?? but many places do not have the “free smells” anymore, since they are just some booth that took the ready stuffs from somewhere else, they don’t bake the cookies on the spot..

    I see. Long ago, there was this one at Sg Wang – gosh, the smell would fill the whole place. Real torturing!

  7. So sorry for my delay in visiting, I haven’t been feeling good. Dayak? I had never heard about this until now! 🙂

    Those would be the natives, the ethnic tribes here in the state of Sarawak in East Malaysia. Hope you will get well soon.

  8. I love famous amos cookies. Always ended up buying those cookies. hehe

    Can them them very easily in Kuching. Dunno of any other outlet but anyway, the airport is not far away – not like the one in Sibu.

  9. Dayak chap fan! I wish I could try ethnic food. Since you said it was so very nice and heavenly, then the food passed with flying colours! Oooh…Famous Amos cookies…I like to stand outside the shop and take deep breaths 😀

    Good grief! Better don’t do that. They say people will put on weight just from smelling nice food!!! It will trigger some reaction in the system and cause one to grow fat. I am sure you would not want to look like me? Muahahahahahaha!!!

  10. That’s interesting ! I haven’t tried dayak food before but it seems looks like malay food.

    You think so? I think Malay food looks nicer, more colourful…and the taste is also very different, I would say…like Malay and nyonya or Malay and Thai food, or Malay and Indonesian…or Japanese and Korean, they are all different in their own ways. I love this…a lot!

  11. So.. this is another Food Trip? Have food will travel!! Wow.. I really love this type of trips… All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy it all… so nice!!

    We’ve only just begun…. Will blog about the trip – I think the posts will go on for at least a week, I think. So much to share!

  12. Interesting short makan makan trip to Kuching with your good friend.

    Dayak Cuisine, have not try one. I think i will always choose kolo mee/kampua over rice if i am home.

    Can’t get this here except during the cultural or the food festival and may not be nice…or unless I cook for you. No shop selling such stuff here.

  13. So much development now! Seldom go to Giant in Stutong.

    RM4 for economy rice is cheap!

    My cousin took me there. Not too sure I would know the way if I were to go by myself – all the newer places.

  14. Yeah, it’s always the smell that gets me too! 🙂


    They used to have this huge banner saying “FREE SMELLS” and they’re smart to do that, it’s the smell of freshly baked cookies that gets people to buy Famous Amos!

    They have the banner at the back of the booth – not displayed right in front like the one at Sg Wang.

  15. Where are the Dayak from? Is that a group in Borneo?

    Yes, the ethnic tribes here. I think this lady is Iban. There are others such as the Bidayuhs, the Kayan/Kenyah and all the rest.

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