Doin’ what she likes…

My daughter loves potatoes in any form, even those deep-fried French fries…but she prefers the chunkier ones though. Seeing how she enjoyed the mashed potatoes here, we let her take with her to her jungle school what the boss tapao-ed for us to take home and she finished all of that as well.

Well, I saw some potatoes lying around the house so I thought I could do something with those for her to enjoy when she came back for the weekend and also to bring back to eat sometime in the week ahead.

I boiled 2 eggs and mashed them with some cheddar cheese (4 slices), shredded…

Eggs & cheese

…and I also added a tomato, seeds removed and cut into fine bits…


I peeled the potatoes, cut them into cubes and boiled till soft…


…and I mixed everything together…


I used what was left of the coleslaw dressing that I found in the fridge and I added a bit of mustard which my missus had mixed with balsamic vinegar and a pinch of cinnamon…and I mixed that with what was in the bowl…

Add dressing...

I also sprinkled a bit of this…

...and spice

…that I got from my god-son/ex-student, Andrew, who was home not too long ago from Christchurch, New Zealand. I tried a bit and seeing that it tasted really good I added a little bit more and tossed the whole thing thoroughly before putting it in the fridge to chill…

Ready to chill

We had some for dinner that night…

STP's potato salad with egg & tomato

…and seeing that my girl enjoyed it, no prize for guessing where the other tub went to.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Doin’ what she likes…”

  1. ooo, that’s some of kind of NZ spice rub? sounds like a flavoursome addition for a lovely potato salad like this 😀

    Yet to try it with meat. I just thought I’d add a bit and since it tasted nice, I added a bit more.

  2. You are truly a 101% father! Your daughter is so blessed to have you. Can make sandwiches with your potato egg coleslaw to bring to school with her for lunch. Super delicious!

    Yes, great with crackers too!

  3. Oh i’d love to have that salad! try parsley next time 😀

    Fresh parsley? Can’t get that here. I wonder where the Chinese restaurants get them – what a waste, used only for decoration and gets thrown away in the end. I’m pretty sure nobody eats them.

  4. Awwww….you are such a wonderful father! This looks really good!!! Very creative and attractive, not to mention delicious, I am sure!

    I try to be. I thought it was good too, enjoyed it!

  5. This’s so healthy, sure your girl will like it!! =]

    I would have added some bits of ham or bacon but there was none in the house. Would surely make it nicer. Normally, I would want to add thinly sliced shallots as well but I read somewhere about not keeping that overnight, peeled, in the fridge as they absorb bacteria.

    1. Yah, over night food always no good, if can I won’t keep my food overnight!!

      Sometimes, no choice. It’s a sin to waste =- not a problem if it is just a day or two, not too long.

  6. I like potatoes done this way. My son used to prepare this but minus the tomatoes. Oh, best if chilled. Guess when weekends comes, you have to do a bit of homework, thinking of what to cook for your girl or where to bring her out to eat. Melissa is truly blessed to have a great dad like you.

    Old retiree, very free…nothing much better to do so best to spend my time doing things that I enjoy.

  7. I love potato salad. Filling, delicious and simple. I also dont mash my potatoes thoroughly so there some chunks to bite in the mash.

    Ahhhh!!! You’re just like me then. Not so fond of it blended till silky smooth, so fine.

  8. Very healthy food here.. .especially for the younger generation.. hahaha..Good that your girl enjoys eating… seeing them eating is real happiness too!

    Yes, especially after two weeks back there, you can see she has started losing weight, thinner already. 😦

  9. I love potato salad! My mum usually makes with salad cream. Wow, I should make some this weekend 🙂

    I was just using what I could find in the house and finish them off once and for all. My missus would go out to the nearby shops (or further) to get what she needs, not me – lazy.

  10. ah, potatoes and egg salad!! this one looks great and i certainly love that very last photo, aiyoyo, so nicely presented and KO many eateries outside lah.. so thinking of opening your own shop ke?? hehehehe~~ :p

    Sigh!!! Don’t think I have the energy to see it through…but if you come, I can make some for you, no problem at all….with ham & bacon added. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. OMG I love your potato & egg salad !! I love potatoes and eggs too.. And cheese.. Yummz… I usually make my potato salad with egg and bacon, with some avocado, and chill it in the fridge.. Sedap jugak..

    Ooooo…I love avocado, so nice in salad…but they’re hard to get here and when available, they’re around RM10 EACH!!! Can’t afford. 😦

  12. Aaawww… I love potatoes and egg salad tooo… and always fruits salad but I always have problem eating the one with vege.. hahaha.. not that i don’t like vege, just that.. i have … em.. difficulty swallowing them.. 😀

    Oh dear!!! Veg is good for you. Next time, how to teach your kids to eat. Must learn, quick, quick! 😀

  13. Home made is always the best, you put what you like and know what is exactly in there! Your chilled potato egg salad looks good. Very filling too…I can have it as a one-dish meal 🙂

    Yes, it is a complete dish on its own – carbs, veg, protein…

  14. I’m sure your girl appreciates and loves your homemade salad; I can feel that there’s love in the whipping of the dish. =D

    Hmmm, if I have cheddar cheese, I’ll definitely include it whenever I’m making potato salad… =)

    The taste and fragrance will surely bring whatever you’re cooking to a whole new level. I add it to my mashed potatoes too.

  15. That looks very appetizing! my potato salad is usually very simple: potato, cheese, salt and pepper, and sour cream. 🙂

    More or less, pretty much the same.

  16. I am pretty sure I would have enjoyed it as well! 🙂

    It was very nice…like potato salads, wish I had some bacon though. I’ve a weakness for meat.

  17. Everything looks so good. I’m on a juice cleanse so I can only look, but I might make some “suituapui inspired” food for my daughter! 🙂

    Growing kids, let them eat what they enjoy…but as always, moderation is the key – even at that tender age.

  18. Simon Gault, he is one of the judges in Master Chef NZ. Seems that he has quite lots of his own products. The potato salad is yummm..very creamy looking and good to eat when it is cold.

    He is. Me so kuno, never heard of him. Hehehehehe!!! Ya, it was good.

  19. I like potatoes, baked potato, french fries, mash potatoes , but i don’t know why i don’t like or i don’t eat potato salad, ya, call me weird. hahhaha

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Maybe you don’t like the creamy dressing.

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