Standing tall…

I have a curry leaf plant growing in one corner of my garden…

Curry leaf plant 1
*Archive photo*

I have to keep pruning it regularly as it gets terribly overgrown. In fact, it is more a tree now than just a plant or shrub. What I do not like is how the branches keep growing through the fence into my neighbours’ garden. I keep telling them that they may just help themselves to the leaves as and when they need them but still, I don’t feel comfortable with the intrusion.

However, there were a few branches that I had a problem with. Once I took the meat cleaver from the kitchen and asked my gardener to help trim the plant and it came back totally out of shape. My missus bought a saw from the shop and it was not very good either – sawing one branch would wear me out completely and I would just give up in the end. Well, my friend, Philip, who is currently home from the US, gave me a made-in-Germany saw. He enjoys going into those old shops and would pick up stuff from the good ol’ days and he bought a few of the saws among a whole lot of other hidden treasures that he could find…and he gave me one of them. Thank you so much, Philip – that sure was a life saver!

The saw was so so good that without much effort, I was able to prune the whole tree…

Curry leaf plant 2

…leaving behind just one branch so we would have some curry leaves for our own use as and when needed. Don’t worry! The branches may be hard to cut but they are very flexible so I can just bend it down easily to get the leaves and once I let go, it will go back to its upright position once again. I think, from now on, I will let the branches that are higher up grow while I keep trimming the lower ones – the ones that would protrude into the neighbours’ yard.

And talking about curry, remember the made-in-Sibu instant noodles that I blogged about the other day? This is another flavour

Daddy Mee - curry flavour

…that is available – curry…but with the horrendous hot weather that we’re experiencing at the moment, I don’t really care for anything served in piping hot soup. That was why the other day, I decided to have it dry.

I think I blogged about it before but anyway, there are two sachets inside…

Mee Daddy curry - sachets

– one with the curry seasoning and the other with the chili oil. I emptied both onto a plate and added a teaspoon of onion oil – oil that I have used to fry some sliced shallots for extra fragrance. I only used half the packet of the seasoning though – if you use all of it, it will be too salty. You may keep the remaining half to season whatever you may be cooking in future – fried rice or something.

After boiling the noodles till soft, I drained away all the water and tossed them with the aforementioned ingredients…

Mee Daddy - curry

…and served them, garnished with some chopped spring onions.

I had an egg half-boiled/cooked the other day so this time, I decided to have it fried…

Old-school fried egg

…the old school way.

I love that golden fringe and the yolk runny like this…

Runny yolk

…and I’m sure many of you do too!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Standing tall…”

    1. oh ok… understand your current situation now…:P

      You think it will help? You’ve tried before? 😉

  1. wah ur garden very big huh? envious aje 😦

    Old house, some 30 years old – the compound of the houses then were much bigger. The ones these days do not have much land in the compound, very small. Hey! It’s older than you! Just about shows that old is better hor? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Mmmm, love those eggs! And your second photo is gorgeous!

    The tall plant reaching up to the sky? Very hot weather these days, we have blue skies all the time…hot and sunny.

  3. My favourite, Mee Daddy, both chicken & curry flavour but I never have it dry, always in soup. That is my kind of egg too. Curry leaves in my garden does not grow well. Now all die.

    I purposely do not water it at all when I water the other plants in my garden in the hope that it would stunt its growth but no use. It keeps growing new branches and seedlings sprout out everywhere – have to get rid of those regularly too. I’ve given the seedlings to my friends to plant…but no, they all died too.

  4. Meat cleaver, saw, oh my.. I think I will just call the gardener or someone.. Errr the second picture.. Looks a bit funny.. The curry leaves can reach so high? Wow!

    Let’s just say my regular gardener is ill-disposed at the moment and my current one will only cut the grass and do nothing else. The rest, this old man will have to do himself, what to do? Ya…I am pretty sure no one has seen one so high. Maybe if it goes much higher, I can get into the Book of Records…. 😛

  5. Wow, your curry plant grew so tall! I guess those planted on the ground can grow pretty big. I have a henna plant and I regretted not pruning it more regularly. It is now a big tree and an eyesore 😦

    I think the more we prune, the bigger it gets. 😦 Reminds me of the little boy who wrote the word PENIS on the blackboard – I think I shared that joke before. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. The tallest curry plant I have ever seen in my whole entire life! How to pluck them when you need some? Pull down the branch and it springs back after that? Wow leh…. Must go take picture… Lol…

    Can use in times of war…to hurl rocks and stones at the enemies. 😀

  7. Wow, Arthur, you’ve been busy, very nice work.

    Yes, neat and clean now…for the time being! Keeping the saw nicely for the next time I need to use it, thanks again.

  8. It was actually a beautiful day here in Montreal today. It was warm but breezy and comfortable, which is great for me, because I cannot take the high heat and humidity. However, I tried to enjoy it as much as I could, because it most likely won’t last long!

    Sent my girl back to her jungle school, weather was fine but rained most of the way back. I don;t like driving on rainy days. 😦

  9. I love to wallop and slowly enjoy the running yolk in my mouth! Slurp!

    The way I love it too!

  10. now i did not know curry tree looks like that, and its flexible! :D..
    runnny egg yolks are the best, aka sunny side up, aka ‘telur mata’.. 😀

    …and not fried using those rings, no, thank you…

  11. I should’ve cooked my own instant noodles instead of eating at kopitiam just now..

    i ordered claypot noodles… and i was served.. fried noodles (no claypot) in a bowl with one crabstick cut into half and two cubes of chicken meat… LIKE OMG !!!! that’s for RM3.50 !!!!!

    Ya, sometimes it really isn’t worth it…like some places here. Once, never again. 😦

  12. Wow, I’ve never seen a curry leaf plant so tall! Good to be able to plant some herbs and vegetables in your garden. Very useful and convenient too.
    Btw, that’s the instant noodle packing I saw at Giant the other day..curry, huh.

    Nice, as soup noodles too. In fact, I think it’s nicer…just that on hot days, I don’t feel like having hot soup.

  13. Oh to have a curry tree in our yard. I don’t “think” it would grow in my climate, but I’ll have to double-check to see. The noodles and eggs look great. Well, my daughter’s not a fan of runny eggs (neither am I) so I’d make sure they weren’t runny. My dad does like runny eggs and I will fix him those when I prepare his meals. I cook for him when my mother works (she’s a nurse) so a few days each week.

    Ahhhhh!!! Your dad’s like me then. My missus was a nurse too, now retired.

    The curry tree is very stubborn – hard to plant but once it’s growing, it’s hard to bring it down. I think some friends in Australia have the trees…and one survived the cold winter. Only the trunk left but it started to sprout leaves again when spring came.

  14. Your curry leaves plant just love you a lot, next time when my mum run out of curry leaves, i should ask her to get from you.

    Yes, come, come…anytime! Most welcome.

  15. Hahaha I had a good laugh when I see yr super tall curry leaves tree!

    Very odd-looking indeed.

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