So little time…

Melissa had to attend the course last weekend, the whole afternoon on Friday and all day Saturday…so she had so little time to spend at home and with us. I went to pick her up at the course venue when the whole thing ended and I thought she could do with a little pampering after that whole dreary thing and we could go some place nice for a delightful dinner.

I remember she wanted the Bangladeshi lamb curry (RM17.00) once but when we got there, they were out of that and we had to order something else. This time around, I contacted them first to make sure they had it before we went…

Payung Bangladeshi lamb curry

Of course, she enjoyed it so much – it was bursting with flavours, so very delicious and went so well with the rice, and it was quite spicy too which was why we enjoyed it all the more.

Other than that, we had the Payung chicken (RM16.00)…

Payung chicken

…which is non-spicy, cooked with yogurt. Normally, I am not a fan of green peppers but even though they had that in the rich, thick gravy, it was not overpowering and I enjoyed it very much.

The chicken masala (RM16.00)…

Payung chciken masala

…was a disappointment as because of its milder taste, it was overshadowed by the other two meat dishes that we had.

Yes, yes…we did have a vegetable dish and for that, we ordered the Payung rojak but I’ve featured photos of that many times already so I did not bother to take anymore. We also had their mashed potatoes (RM8.00)…

Payung mashed potatoes

…to give it a try. I’ve always thought my own would be the best with all that milk, butter and cheese that I have in mine – a lot better than any that I’ve had at the hotel restaurants and cafes…but this one here is different. No, it’s not in any way the same as mine so we can’t actually make a fair comparison. I am not too sure what they add to theirs other than some toasted garlic – that is pretty obvious and it sure makes it very fragrant and tasty. Melissa loved it so much that she literally cleaned every bit of it in the bowl and Peter, the proprietor, was so nice as to give us a bit to take home…and of course, she took it with her back to her jungle school to enjoy over the course of the week.

For dessert, we had their Kahlua ice cream (RM10.00)…

Payung Kahlua ice cream

…with a special request for extra Kahlua and all of us liked that a lot.

After the Sunday service at a church here the next morning, we stopped by this coffee shop for brunch. I had their char siew pan mee (RM3.80)…

Char siew pan mee 1

…which was nice but other than the fact that the noodles were own-made and firmer, it tasted more or less like kampua noodles anywhere else.

Besides, it wasn’t real char siew either – just the usual red-coloured boiled meat than we would find in kampua noodles…and the complimentary soup was quite bland and tasteless…

Char siew pan mee 2

Yes, yes….it was nice – I have just said that, haven’t I? However, personally, for that kind of money, I would seriously think about having something else or just order a plate of kampua mee and pay at least RM1.00 less.

Melissa ordered the fried pek koi (white rice cakes)…

Fried pek koi

…from the chu-char place at the back of the coffee shop and it was very nice as well. It had that much-coveted wok hei fragrance but on my part, I would like it more with a lot less msg and adding a bit of those canned clams in soy sauce would certainly go a long way in enhancing its taste.

My missus had their Foochow-style fried-and-boiled soup noodles but I did not take a photograph of it as everything was submerged in the dark soup so I did not think it would look very nice in a photograph. She did not say whether it was nice or otherwise but with all the chili that she helped herself to…


…I am pretty sure she enjoyed it.

All too soon, it was time to send Melissa back to her school…and in my honest opinion, I do think they should not hold courses (or anything, for that matter) on weekends as that would take away whatever little family time that there is left…and that is important, isn’t it?

With such limited opportunities for the family to bond with one another, the sad state of affairs in the society today certainly comes as no surprise at all – the moral decadence and the dying out of family values. If these courses and stuff are of such vital importance, they can just use the regular school hours – I am pretty sure what the students will miss out during that little time will not make them star pupils or geniuses…and there certainly are things just as important, if not more, as academic excellence…and a string of A’s.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “So little time…”

  1. I agree with you that courses held should just be confined to weekdays only. Weekends should be family time.

    I would love to eat the lamb curry too. As for the noodles, here, we can’t get any noodles below RM5 anymore I think, even in run down coffee shops. Cheapest is RM5.

    Not all parents feel the same way. Many hate holidays and when lessons have to be called off, they get very annoyed – will complain right up to the department or ministry. And if you make their kids stay back for religious instruction or even extra classes, they get angry too – say they cannot pick them up after work, will have to go home first and come back later – such a nuisance, so inconvenient bla…bla…bla… I’ve seen enough of those, so sad – this kind of parents.

    The lamb curry is really good – can’t remember any elsewhere that is as nice or better. Ahhhh…that’s life in the city – everything’s expensive. Over here, catching up too. Many things are already RM5 and above – quite unheard of before.

  2. actually i just realised that prices at payung are slightly on the higher side than i might have expected, but still very much fine for good food 😀 and yeah, that’s a good question about the courses … i have a suspicion they’re not necessary or very helpful at all (i have an aunt who’s a teacher) …

    9 out of 10, a total waste of time. It is worse now that they are required to fulfil a certain number of hours each year – I can imagine people doing it just for the sake of doing it. Quite meaningless.

    Yes, prices are a bit higher than elsewhere at Payung – I like it that way as it keeps the cheap (and rowdy) crowd away so they do not spoil the lovely ambiance of the place and the mood, plus the food is really nice. No point paying less for stuff that sucks big time – some people don’t seem to mind, it seems…as long as it is cheap or in many cases, in fact, they do not think it is not nice – it does not matter to them what they eat…as long as they get to eat…and it’s cheap.

  3. Totally agree on leaving the weekends alone. No courses, no classes, no nothing. Only precious family bonding time. Ooooooh, the chili so sedap oh! I love having lots and lots of chilies for noodles and everything else.

    You’re a good mum. Many would be so happy to get their brats out of their hair. Sad.

  4. That fried pek kui sounds interesting, never seen such a version before…

    Never seen it elsewhere, not even in blogs. I just assumed it’s a Foochow thing. You have it in Penang? I wonder how they do it there.

    1. Here, we have the stirfried Shanghai white rice cake. I wonder whether it is the same as pek koi.

      I just googled to look at photos of that. Yes, they sure do look the same. Probably the same, different name.

      1. Thanks for checking it out. I think they look the same too.

        Hey! Check out an earlier comment. Somebody had it at your side – said not nice, not the same as the way they cook it here. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. I am not a fan of green peppers myself, but I like them on pizza just fine. Everything here looks lovely. I love herbs and spices, but not hot (as in tongue-burning). Great post, thank you so much for sharing.

    No, the spiciness here is not up to that level – not how my missus would want it. She loves it extra hot!

  6. I know some people like food really hot and spicy, but I am not one of them. LOL! 🙂

    Me neither when I was young. Everytime my mum cooked curry, I would rinse the drumstick in water first before eating. I started taking spicy food a lot later – maybe in my 20’s…and especially after getting married. Missus likes everything hot. Ok with it now.

  7. I know Mel loves lamb.. She always orders lamb curry or something lamb.. And beef.. And meat.. And cheese.. She is so much like me, teehee.. She’s a meaty person?

    Not necessarily but yes, she loved lamb and beef…or chicken more than pork and she loves salmon too.

  8. Am not a spicy person so I think char siew pan mien & payung rojak suits me though all the other dishes looks great & appetizing.

    They’re all not THAT spicy, nowhere near what my missus would cook…or for that matter, nothing like that instant Penang white curry noodles. If my friends back from overseas can handle these, I am sure you can too. I guess life is like that – you can’t please everybody. Too hot, some will not be able to eat…not hot, some will not like…so it is best to keep to the middle – everyone will be unhappy but not THAT unhappy as either way, it wouldn’t be too bad.

  9. Oh dear, whole Sat somemore, tsk tsk… Should have had the course on weekday….

    Precisely. Not so bad for teachers based in the town schools and they had the same course that lasted only 3 hours while this one took up most of our whole weekend. 😦

  10. HI sir, Thanks for visiting and supporting my blog and with 3 nostalgic comments. You made my day. You’ve got a thing going here. Great blog. Keep it rolling.

    Yours too. I really enjoy browsing through your posts – what nostalgia, what lovely memories to cherish a lifetime. You keep it up too – will certainly drop by again and check out the others to see what I’ve missed. Cheers!

  11. Not a big fan of curries here due to the spiciness, but from what I’ve just read, it looks like the lamb curry and chicken masala weren’t packed with an extra punch of heat.

    I’m sure Melissa’s exhausted from teaching during the weekdays and should be allowed to rest and spend time with you and her mother during the weekends. The department should really consider this into perspective. If they need to organize such a course, I reckon one full day would more than suffice…. sometimes, it’s not the skill that counts; it’s the practical work. From a personal experience, when my lecturer announced that it was necessary for the class to attend a conference and an educational play over the weekend, my Mom flew into a fit of rage and actually asked me to choose only one to head to.

    Indeed. All theories crammed into one’s head to get that piece of paper are hardly applicable most of the time, if not all. Will just have to do what’s best, try anything and everything to see what works out – it’s the love and dedication for the vocation, one’s diligence and perseverance that matter most, not how many courses one attends. Stupid. Absolutely ridiculous.

    The masala was not hot at all – cooked with yogurt and whatever herbs and spices. The lamb curry was a little bit spicy but actually, it’s its stronger taste and aroma that we loved a lot and not just because it was spicy.

  12. Yes, I also disliked it when I went for those weekend courses.. really, they should pay us overtime cos weekends are for us to unwind, relax and not to sit for the whole day and sometimes through the evening too.. I really dread.. that is one of the reasons I opt out.. haahaha…
    The food looks really fantastic.. anything in Payung I sure Like!

    All here, waiting for you… It isn’t so bad if the courses are interesting and helpful – more often than not, you would just sit there and get tortured by someone who loves the sound of his own voice, cracking jokes that are not in the least funny…and the worst, talking crap.

  13. wah, so many food!!! lamb, chicken, mashed potatoes and i-scream!! oh, i thought that pan mee looks something like kampua, so different from what we have here.. and boy, i love that char pek koi, not common here anymore, probably can only get from some hokkien mee stalls that operates through night..

    I think KL Hokkien mee is nicer – not too fond of the rubbery/chewy pek koi but my daughter loves it! Ya, the pan mee is unusual all right – it’s handmade mee but it’s machine cut, not by hand…and not torn and it is cooked more or less like kampua – nothing like the real thing, either way…and not cheap! Double thumbs down.

  14. I am at home today with bad food poisoning. During such time, I get put off by food 😦 All the above are certainly what I would enjoy but not today hah..hah…Will have to agree with what you said in the last paragraph.

    Oh dear!!! What did you eat? Not something you cooked yourself, I hope. Hehehehehehe!!!! Take Chi-Kit pills – works wonders.

  15. Ya…agreed! Whatever pun mustn’t take up weekends.
    Cikgu attend kursus on weekdays… students lagi happier…haha… *during my days* :-p

    Precisely. After all, any discerning teacher – if the students are not doing well, he or she will give extra coaching, extra practice and even extra classes to help them achieve good results. I know many schools force the teachers to give extra classes…just for the sake of doing it. A total waste of time…if it does not come from the heart, both on the part of the teachers and the students.

  16. I can see your love and excitement each time your darling comes home from the jungle school. As we know that time is precious and you should adopt the saying of Mohammed should go to the mountains if the mountains didn’t come to Mohammed. You should rent a small hut with wi-fi and stay there on weekdays near her hostel. Weekends would be spent at Sibu’s home retreat laaa. Brilliant idea??

    She is sharing her quarters with a lady colleague, single…each to her own room and washroom but common living and dining room and kitchen. I would love to move in there with her but I’m afraid the colleague may not be very comfortable with a male co-occupant around even though I may be as old as the hills. If not for this reason, I would have moved in long ago – I love it there, very nice. There’s internet connection, mobile phone coverage, Astro…everything there, not a problem at all. I sure would be so happy to cook for her and fatten her up a little. 😉

  17. I hate it if i were asked to board a weekend flight because of an agenda on Monday, let alone attending a course for the weekend. Family bonding times is priceless.

    You’re still based in Penang, going home to your lovely family only on weekends? Same as my girl then…so anything on a weekend would mean little or no family time till the following weekend. So pissed off when that happens.

  18. Oh! I know that pa we place! 🙂

    It’s my second favorite place (favorite place has closed down). I really like their “slightly wet” white cakes, that’s the way the Foochows cook it and that’s the proper way.

    I’ve had totally dry ones with egg over here (not good).

    You know, I’ve never seen pan mee in Sibu until recently. I never quite liked it when I came over here but I’m starting to like it more now since the other half likes it a lot so we eat it quite often. It’s something you start to like once you eat it, and the good places uses a lot of nice stuff like deep fried crackling.

    I’m still not all that fond of pan mee since they started a stall here many years ago – still not so common so I guess it is not the favourite of many. Oh??? so the pek koi there isn’t so nice, eh? Of course lah, Sibu’s the best! Hehehehehe!!!! Never even seen any each time I was there.

  19. Yeah, leave the weekends for personal or family time! Having courses, meetings, brain storming sessions or anything the like is a waste of time and resources. Really, efficiency and effectiveness are the keys in these days!
    Your time with Melissa that weekend was short but nevertheless sweet and of quality time 🙂

    Looking forward to it every week and it always seems to come very fast, one after the other. Time sure does fly!

  20. family time is something that I appreciate. There are quarrels and all but it’s all good afterall cos we are family… but weekend for me is always too short.. i only have a sundays as rest days…

    Oh dear! Normally we have Friday afternoon, whole day Saturday and Sunday, by noon, we would be sending my girl back to her school. Not much time either… 😦

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