Until you try…

One of the guys here shared a photograph on Facebook of a bowl of beef noodles that looked so good with all the beef and tripe and preserved/salted vegetables by the side…and of course, I made up my mind that I should drop by to try even though somebody did say in his comment that at first, he thought it  was a bowl of worms. Ah well, Melissa used to call those strips of tripe caterpillars and she would never touch those, no way.

I did know that they’re serving beef noodles here for breakfast in the morning till 10.30 a.m. and it is also available for dinner and as they always say, we will never know unless we try…so there we were that morning, my friend, Philip, and I. He has been home for a while now and other than the special Payung dinner treat that we went to, I had not had the chance to take him out some place to enjoy some of the best that we have around here…so I texted him to see if he would be free and indeed, he was.

We ordered the beef noodles (RM7.00)…

Payung Mahkota beef noodles 1

…without any second thoughts but when it was served, I was disappointed that it was not anything like what was in the photograph that I had seen. Later, Peter, the proprietor, happened to drop by and he did mention that that member of the staff took the photo some place else…probably not in this country and I just jumped into the conclusion that it was theirs.

It definitely was not the kind served in clear soup and it did not look like one of those spicy Taiwan-style ones either and as a matter of fact, when we both tried it, we found that it wasn’t like anything we had had elsewhere before…but both of us thought it was really very good. According to Peter, the noodles are obtained by special order from somebody who makes them at home…

Payung Mahkota beef noodles 2

…and as you can see in the photograph, it is not that yellow as in the case of the usual yellow noodles that many are more familiar with. Yes, yes…the egg was not what I would like usually and from its appearance, it was pretty obvious that it was not fried the way I would do it, probably oil-free on a non-stick pan.For one thing, they are into more healthy stuff at this place and put more emphasis on natural flavours instead of resorting to the use of salt and msg unlike at most other places…and since it is like no other elsewhere, let’s just say that this is beef noodles, Payung-style and both Philip and I liked it…plus at RM7.00 for a huge bowl and all that beef, it certainly is cheaper (and nicer too) than what we had here.

We also ordered these dumplings (RM5.00)…


…to try but no, I did not think they were something to die for – personally, I am not into these and maybe my girl would like them since she enjoys such stuff.

Peter served us this bowl of what he calls Japanese tomato noodles…

Japanese tomato noodles

…and insisted that we gave it a try. In fact, I’ve tried it before when he first started introducing it but no, it did not tickle my fancy. I thought its very light taste was kind of mild and I would prefer something a lot stronger. He said that he did not use santan (coconut milk) or milk though it did taste like the latter so this would probably be something more for the health-conscious. Ok, count me out! LOL!!! Anyway, we were already so full from our individual bowls of beef noodles so we just tasted a bit and left the rest behind – it was all right, I guess – perhaps those who are more into Japanese cuisine would like it, I wouldn’t know.

Philip and I sat there for almost two hours, enjoying our orders and chit-chatted away in the quiet and comfortable surroundings. I do think that this really is a nice place to get together with friends and while the time away, a lot nicer than at a coffee shop or any other place in town.

When I got home later that morning, my good friend, Lim, contacted me to see if I was home and he dropped by to pass me these…

Kanowit red kampua 1

my favourite red kampua noodles all the way from Kanowit that I had grown to love so much when I was there from 1978 till 1982. He was there on official business and he was so kind and thoughtful as to remember how much I love them and went through the trouble of tapao-ing me some and sending them to my house.

Gosh!!! There was so much in one packet…

Kanowit red kampua 2

…that I could not eat anything else for lunch that day.

That really was so very nice and sweet of you, Lim – thank you so very very much.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Until you try…”

  1. From your description of the beef noodle, I think I will like it very much, The price is really attractive too.

    I don’t think I have seen this Japanese tomato noodles in Japanese restaurants – maybe this is a special creation of Peter.

    I am now super hungry after seeing your kampua noodles – looks really good. I am a “mien tong” (noodle) as opposed to “fan tong” (rice) but I keep myself under control.

    Just like my daughter. She’s not that crazy about eating rice. Not so bad these days…but when she was small, she would moan and groan – rice again, rice is so boring bla…bla…bla… 😀 Ya, it probably was Peter’s own creation – he said he did not use milk or santan so I do wonder what was in the broth. It’s very mild though – I prefer something more overpowering and that is why I am not too crazy about Japanese cuisine. The beef noodles were great.

  2. The beef noodles look good, i like the egg though… healthy? shut up and take my money 😀

    Muahahahaha!!!! You’re the health freak, thejaga badan-er…not me. I eat anything…almost. 😀

  3. Although I do eat noodles from time to time, I must admit that I don’t often, as I find pasta too heavy on the whole. But I must say that the photos here are lovely! 🙂

    Natural daylight outdoors. Such photos usually look great – even when taken using a simple digicam. My girl would have pasta and noodles or bread anytime over rice…

  4. Oh gosh, your tummy are full of noodles, beef noodles, Japanese tomato noodles & kampua noodles. Kampua noodles looks too good to resist. Yummy!!!!

    Yahor! Come to think of it, I didn’t have rice that day. For dinner, I had my missus’ leftover – she could not finish the whole packet of the kampua noodles. 😛

  5. I am not into those so called healthy stuff. Most of the time they don’t taste good at all.

    Me neither. Kurang manis, kurang garam. kurang minyak…harga sahaja yang tak kurang. 😦

  6. Drooling over your friend’s Lim’s packets of noodles.. that is really suitable for me.. 🙂 So nice of him just to tar pau for you…

    When you come to Sibu again, we can drive to Kanowit for this and a lot more that the little town has to offer, not the same as Sibu. Just about one hour away.

  7. heheh, i like melissa’s description of tripe. i must admit, i used to also not be a fan of tripe, but there are some nice recipes of tripe … i’d like to try a tripe pasta someday 😀

    I love tripe…and the tendons too but in fact, they are all quite tasteless…chewy and tasteless. I wonder what your tripe pasta will taste like. You need a guinea pig? 😉

  8. Japanese tomato noodles. wow… looks delicious. 🙂

    It was ok. Very light, mild taste – I prefer something a lot stronger. Hey, long time no see. Selamat berpuasa.

  9. The beef noodle looked real good. Love beef noodles with tendon, tripe, meat ball and salted vegetable in the broth…slurp!
    Hey, you had so much noodles that day!

    Yes, the ones with clear broth/soup. I love that type best. These are nice too, just not my favourite – good sometimes for a change.

  10. Wow! Hand delivered from Kanowit to Sibu. Luckily it didn’t turn soggy and made your day!

    Surprisingly, it was good, did not even stick together. Sometimes you tapao kampua home – when you open it up at home, it all sticks together in one horrible lump like a giant bun. Not quite edible anymore when that happens. 😦

  11. Nice! My dad was in Kanowit for 4 years and I don’t remember a lot of good food there (there was only 1 shop at the time) but the red kampua looks good. I’m surprised it doesn’t stick together!

    Guess you didn’t eat at the shops so much. There’s one old school “restaurant”. The food was so good – just the way my mum would cook. Loved it there, nothing much but the little that there was, it was nice.

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