I’ve tried the pineapple cakes from Taiwan a couple of times before here and here and what I do know is that some can be very expensive and despite that, many who go over would cart home a whole lot to give to their family and friends. Then I got some from my good friend, the late Jimmy, when he was based in Bintulu…and I did read in some blogs of the ones made in Penang which were, in no way, any cheaper, it seemed. Not too long ago, a bakery in town started making its own as well and I thought they were pretty good.,,but at RM1.50 each for that small thing, I would not say they were cheap either and lately, they are made available in boxes at RM10.00 for 6 pieces – the extra RM1.00 goes to the box, it seems, to make it more presentable when you want to give it to people.

Well, I would not say I am really fond of those – in fact, I am just so-so when it comes to those pineapple tarts that some would give an arm or a leg to get hold of some really good homemade ones, come Chinese New Year every year. Ok, I would enjoy eating the really nice ones but no, I would not buy any of those sold in the shops, not in the bakeries and even less, the ones at the supermarkets. I quite enjoy those made-in-Sibu pineapple cakes more than the rest because the jam inside is pretty fresh – like the jam on our own jam tarts…and it does not have that essence smell that would put me off anything that has it – like some of those factory-made cakes and biscuits.

However, I do appreciate the fact that my friend, Andrew, was so thoughtful and generous – he contacted me to get my mailing address as he had got some from Taiwan and would like to send me some all the way from Ipoh, Perak. I told him to just keep and enjoy them with his family for they do not come cheap plus the postal charges would be way too much…but he insisted. That was why, on Monday, the poslaju van stopped outside my gate and the guy handed me this…

From Andrew 1

Hmmmm…this one was different again – not the same as the ones I had had before and gee!!! There was salted egg yolk inside…

From Andrew 2

…and anything with salted egg yolk, I sure would like! Hehehehehe!!!!

Outside, it looked more or less like any of the rest…

From Andrew 3

…but inside, it was a little different…

You can see the layer of the salted egg yolk…

From Andrew 4

…sandwiched in between the pineapple jam and the pastry on the outside.

Yes, it was nice but no, it wasn’t something that would get me rushing back to the shops to grab hold of more…so when you hop over to Taiwan again, Andrew, thank you so very much but please don’t get me anymore. I love this that I found inside the box though…

From Andrew 5

– I don’t know whether it originally came with the cakes or whether Andrew slipped that in himself. Inside the box is a deck of cards with all the lovely family-themed quotations…

From Andrew 6

I really enjoyed going through them one by one and reading each and every line.

Thank you so much, Andrew. It is really so very nice of you and I am indeed flattered that you’ve kept me in your thoughts despite the fact that you’re no longer actively blogging and I may only get to see you dropping by or on Facebook once in a long while. I guess that now with your two little boys, you literally have your arms full! No worries – in the years to come, you will look back and realise that these are the best times of your lives. Do take care, all of you, and may God bless you and your family abundantly – as the card on the box says: A family is a God-given blessing, a treasury of love and joy.

Incidentally, should you be going on another working trip to Taiwan again, no, I don’t want those sun biscuits, much as I love them a lot, thank you very much…but the postal charges are far from cheap plus they are crumbly, not easy to bring home and send over – they may get here in powder form, believe you me. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Different…”

  1. I love pineapple tart but never tasted one with egg yolk!

    Very kind of Andrew to send you all these. Yes. Lovely quotes and beautiful box too.

    Indeed. Was surprised when he PM-ed me via my Facebook inbox asking for my mailing address. Sure is a lot nicer when least expected.

  2. I’ve eaten many types of pineapple cakes like these.. Mostly from Taiwan & Macau.. Colleagues who’d been to this two places, sure will buy back these cakes to bring to the office.. Loaded with essence, maybe it’s just me.. But of course I still eat it, coz it’s nice also.. But the real pineapple tarts is still the best in the world..

    Yup, I have that same feeling about the essence…and in some of them, the preservatives too – those that seem to keep forever, not about to expire soon. This one’s ok…and expiring week after next.

  3. oh, how nice is Andrew to send you these “Phoenix Cakes” all the way from Taiwan.. ah, no need to go one corner and sulk and sobs and kill yourself and say bye-bye to this cruel world already?? *wink wink* muahahahahahaha.. 😀

    pineapple and egg yolk.. hmmm, but no thank you to egg yolk, i prefer with only pineapple~~ :p

    I love anything with salted egg yolks – the bak chang, the mooncakes…salted egg crabs, salted egg pumpkin…or even the salted egg on its own. Yum yummmmm!!!!!

  4. your description on this pineapple and egg yolk cakes really made me hungry… i like anything with salted egg yolk too.. hahaha.. like.. crabs fried with salted egg yolk .. hehehe..

    Ahhhhhh!!!! We’re one of a kind!!! 😉

  5. Me too like salted egg yolks a lot! I have seen these pineapple cakes at the shops especially during the CNY season but they don’t really strike my fancy. And I like the fact that you are very frank with your friend about these cakes 🙂

    Have to mah. Between friends, nothing to hide – I’m ok with these cakes and tarts. Will eat when there’s any but will not go out to buy. We have them at a supermart here – different brands from Taiwan. Some people are really crazy over them…especially come Chinese New Year, the pineapple tarts. I’m also ok with those – some very nice, some so-so…some not so nice, I will eat and enjoy the nice ones but no, I will not order or buy…nor make my own.

  6. I like the cards with the nice & lovely quotes more than the pineapple cake.

    Me too. Love those cards. Very meaningful quotes.

  7. I have the same thoughts on the pineapple cakes. I seldom eat them nowadays despite my frequent visit to Taiwan this year. I only buy for friends and family. For the cards, I got them from Manila. They have many themes, but I found the family theme suit you most. I’m glad that you love them.

    Ahhhhh!!!! I should have known – they’re from the Philippines. So so nice, love them heaps! And the box fitted perfectly into the box for the pineapple cakes – that was why I thought the whole thing came like that, all from Taiwan. Yes, those pineapple cakes are a must-buy for anyone going to Taiwan. I think a lot of people like them a lot – that is why they are so popular even though they are indeed rather pricey. Oh??? You go to Taiwan often now, eh? No, I am not keen on going there – I think I would prefer Manila. 😉

  8. So nice of Andrew Wan.. yes, long time didn’t blog already.. the simple one, right? Yes, Taiwan is famous for their sweeties and not cheap, that is for sure… I know you are not a sweet maniac like me… hahahaa… anyway, very thoughtful of him and the enclosed cards have beautiful meaning too…

    Yes, so nice and thoughtful of him. Hey! He’s from Ipoh. Met him in person before? So near yet so fer, eh? 😀

  9. That’s interesting-pineapple tarts with egg yolks. Haven’t tried before. I love our local nyonya pineapple tarts – open faced. A must during Chinese New Year! But I am quite fussy with pineapple tarts, must not be too sour or too sweet! Hehe…

    I’m ok with those – yes, not too (dry and) hard as well and I am fussy about the pastry too.

  10. That’s a really nice box indeed! 🙂

    I have had Taiwanese and HK pineapple tarts before but never with egg yolks. That sounds delicious! I’ll love to try them…

    This was nice – not so sweet.

  11. Get there in powder form? I wonder how about the one I sent to you? Also like the same? I mean the biscuit!?

    The biscuits were fine, individually vacuum packed. The jam tarts were loose, free to juggle in the bottle…and the pastry was not hard, so of course, they could not survive the trip. 😦

  12. The pineapple tarts with salted egg yolk would be nicer cos it helps to balance the sweetness rite?
    Love those quotes. They are very meaningful!

    Indeed. I love them too.

  13. I love Taiwanese pineapple tarts! The skin is so smooth and the fillings isn’t too sweet.

    We have them at a supermarket here – different brands – very cheap when near the expiry dates, otherwise quite expensive.

  14. yeah, my favourites are the pineapple tarts that i grew up with in malacca, though i also like the taiwanese ones. whoever invented pineapple tarts/cakes, i’d love to have thanked them! 😀

    I bought the palm-sized ones from one shop in Malacca a long time ago and I did not like them. Nothing like what my mum and aunties used to make at home, come Christmas and Chinese New Year every year. I’ve outgrown the craving for them though – thank goodness…as nobody in the family is making them anymore. Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. How very thoughtful of Andrew. Good thing that you have friends like him. What I mean by “good thing” is not because he send you things but because he think about you.

    Yes, he certainly is a great guy. Hey! He got that lovely box of quotes from Manila. I love it so much! He used to go there for work quite regularly.

  16. Andrew seems like a wonderful person. But then again, it takes one to know one, so you are as well. 🙂

    He sure is a great guy. I certainly hope we can get to meet one day, would love that very much but he lives way up north on the other side of the country. I used to go once in a while when my daughter was studying somewhere there but now that she’s back, I’m not sure when I will be heading there again.

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