Come in the morning…

My cousins, one from Kuching and one from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, came to town in the morning last Saturday for some family matters and left in the evening.

I picked one of them at the airport and we went round town buying the things he wanted to grab and bring home before stopping by here for what else…but the kampua noodles. I ordered the kampua mee pok (the flat version)…

RTM kampua mee pok

…for a change and we also shared the piansip (meat dumplings) with dark soy sauce…

RTM piansip, black

…and we waited there for the other cousin from Sabah to arrive. After he too had his kampua fix, they went off to do what they had to do in town and I went home.

Oh yes, before I forget, I must thank my cousin in Kuching for these lovely meat pastries from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching…

Kai Joo Lane meat pastries

…that she went through the trouble of getting and sending to me through the one who came. They’re heaps nicer than the overrated Seremban ones even though the filling now, though it is still very good, is not as nice compared to when I was enjoying them way back in the 70’s. The pastry is still as great as ever – so crumbly and so fragrant and I can confidently say that I’ve yet to come across anyone who does it better.

Later, I took Melissa and the mum here

Sri Tanjung

…for a nasi kerabu lunch…

Sri Tanjung nasi kerabu

…as we went there the Saturday before at the end of the mid-year school break but they were closed. Yes, you can only get this on Saturdays, not on any other day in the week…and as always, it was very very nice. I wonder why I did not get a keropok (prawn/fish cracker) with mine though? Hmmmmmm!!!!!

When they were through with what they had to do, my cousins came to my house and at around 3, we went here for these…

Payung jelly pisang

– their jelly pisang which, without doubt, with the horrible weather that we’re experiencing at the moment,was absolutely perfect for a hot afternoon.

They had run out of their banana cake and their garlic bread with creamy chicken sauce so we could only have their rojak

Payung rojak

…and their mushroom roll…

Payung mushroom roll

…and even though that did not look like much, Melissa and I were so full that we had to skip dinner before going for the sunset service in church that evening…after my cousins had taken their flight out of town.

Yes, we did go for dinner later that night after the service…but unfortunately, I forgot to bring along my camera so I would not be able to share the photographs of what we had here.

That certainly was a long and eventful day, last Saturday.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Come in the morning…”

  1. I’ve asked a lot of people… why salted egg keeps on appearing in Nasi Kandar/ Nasi Kerabu or some Melayu Nasi dishes… isn’t that Chinese food and is it Halal? lol

    Here, I do know of them making their own – like at my favourite Malay food stall here – post on it coming up soon. In fact, when I buy from the market, I would ask for our own local made ones as well. The imported ones from China are going from bad to worse. What a waste of money, buying home and cooking…and ending up throwing them all away. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Those meat pastries look delicious! Thanks for sharing this post, it is very hot and humid today in Montreal and I have to be so careful in this weather. (heat stroke, passing out, etc.) I am trying to drink lots of water and some fruit juices. The jelly pisang looks refreshing.

    It is so very hot here too and the horrendous haze is coming back. I don’t think there will be a lot of those seasonal tropical fruits this year – too dry and too hot.

  3. That mushroom rolls look tempting. I love the look of the nasi kerabu too. The best in town from your point of view? I never try kerabu till I tasted it in Wonderful last month. For me they taste like nasi campur except the color on the rice. I couldnt really taste any difference.

    I did not get the chance to try that at Wonderful – the stall opened too late so I can’t comment on that.

    This one is more than just nasi campur – the taste of all the gravy and sauces and everything. My daughter loves this one – says it is nicer than what she had in Sg Petani in Kedah and that is why we keep going back again and again. Only available on Saturdays and often sold out before noon. The rice is just blue with the use of the flower – no difference in taste from plain white rice – it is all the sambals that make the difference.

    By the way, you’re supposed to mix everything together – all the raw veg, the fish and the chicken and the salted egg with the rice…and then you eat, not separately…and best eaten using your hand! Not a pleasant sight, the mess that you would make mixing everything together, but the taste is awesome!!!

    Have you been to Payung? If you haven’t, then I would say that you’re missing out on THE best. Tell Peter or Andy you’re my friend.

    1. Not yet to Payung. Will tell Peter or Andy so when I drop by.

      You will not regret it. Will keep going back for more. Got kacang ma there, ask for extra white wine. Can’t say it’s exactly the same – their own style…mix the fried ginger thoroughly before eating. Very nice. My missus cooks great kacang ma…and she loves Payung’s too!

  4. Kampua fix, haha.. I like that word.. Anyone coming to Sibu or meeting you up will sure have kampua first upon arrival, haha.. I’m laughing when I see piansip, reminds me of SK’s mimic post.. We were talking about kampua, kompia, piansip, remember? Hahahaha.. I don’t really fancy nasi kerabu, maybe becoz of the coloring, but I think they can give half of the salted egg instead of just a quarter? OMG, the jelly pisang looks so goooood! I can finish that 4 glasses easily!

    It’s ok, a quarter is good. Imagine ALL the work for RM4.50 only, I do think they deserve to earn a bit more than others. Come on over! You can have all the jelly pisang you want. Sibu original…from way back in my teenage days!!!!

  5. Sometime it’s really bad if the camera wasn’t along…didn’t get to take any picture!! =[

    Yes, I uploaded the photos taken earlier during the day, left it in the computer room…and forgot all about it when we were going out… 😦

  6. Ooo…I want that Nasi Kerabu! And goodness that Payung Rojak again, the Mushroom Roll and Jelly Pisang! That is motivation to fly to Sibu 🙂

    Come, come! When are you coming? Just let me know – I’ll pick you up at the airport and make sure that you get to enjoy these and more..a lot more!

  7. Piansip? Never heard that before but the photo it looks pretty good.

    It’s the distant cousin of your wanton – this is the dry version…and if the skin is thick, it is better with dark sauce. Otherwise, I prefer it white…like the kampua.

  8. A very eventful day indeed, Arthur.. Food Galore Day… all the food are to my liking.. the desserts in Payung, really make me drool for them…!

    Come! Come! PM Phong Hong. Make a trip here together…

  9. I donno why but Im always scared to eat the nasi kerabu anywhere even tho I know the blue colour comes from a flower. Or any rice with weird colours (except yellow for kunyit). Must be a psychology thing. The jelly looks awesome! Ya in this hot weather, anything ice goes.

    You can ask for plain rice instead – no taste, it’s just the colour. The nyonyas use for their serimuka and their chang – looks pretty good when they are limited to a few isolated stains…but one whole blue chang can be quite horrifying! 😀

  10. So, how’s the seremban siew pow ? Cannot find in Sibu ?

    Those are NOT the Seremban sio pao. They cannot even match the toe nails, so to speak – as they put it in Chinese. Even the pastry alone, the Seremban ones already kalah teruk. Yes, we have lots in Sibu, same standard as the Seremban ones so you can jolly well guess why I do not bother to go and buy. In fact, we had the Seremban ones here once, people queued up to buy – closed down now, bankrupt already lah…and I am not surprised.

  11. oh, that’s really a change!! kampua mee pok and piansip in dark sauce!! i don’t remember seeing them before here though.. and the jelly pisang looks good, and that rojak is so loaded with the sauce!! i like~~

    Obviously, you have a very short memory. Hehehehehe!!!!! Everything here is good… 😉

  12. The Siew Bao have to eat fresh from the oven then very sedap.

    Of course. I do that and they’re as good as from theshop…even when cold. Some that I’ve tried – after reheating in the oven, over-crusty and dry…and when cold, they turn hard as stone. Terrible!

  13. ooo, the nasi kerabu looks nicely authentic, ya (I figure my kelantanese friends would heartily approve!) 😀

    It’s very nice – that’s why we keep going back. The boss is West Malaysian, from Penang, I think…but the wife is from Sibu – she’s the one cooking though. Maybe she picked up the skill over at her in-laws.

  14. All looks good & very tempting. Very adventurous day hunting for good food.. Jelly pisang would be best during this crazy hot weather.

    That was the very reason why we went for it that day – so so so very hot!

  15. Kampua mee pok, yum! And so do the jelly pisang!!

    Drool! Drool! Coming home this Raya holidays? Or the September school holidays? All, waiting for you here. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  16. jelly pisang like ice kacang kinda version? looks nice wei !!! how much is that??

    i need to google kai joo lane in kuching for this meat pastries.. why everything posted in your blog looks and sounds delicious one??

    RM7.00, cafe price. When I was a teenager, a coffee shop started this drink – RM1.50 then. The shop had closed down for a long time now so no more…until they revived it here…with a bit of twist – the scoop of ice cream added. Nice, very nice. You don’t know of the Kai Joo Lane pastries? Aiyorrrrr!!!! Been eating them since the 70’s – so so nice. Chong Chin – the name of the shop.

  17. I love nasi kerabu but yours missing some keropok ikan. I always choose deep fried fish when eating with nasi kerabu too! And some good sambal! Yum yum yum!

    I think they forgot. Melissa got her keropok but she had chicken that day.

  18. Ooh I haven’t had pian nuk in a long time, am craving more for that than kampua nowadays. You can’t get good ones here – the wantan they make here is different, the wrapper is different and the taste and texture is different.

    Nothing beats pian nuk from home!

    Don’t go to Soon Hock. The Mandarin/Foochow speaking Indon girl has left – not nice anymore. But I hear you can demand that the lady boss does it herself and then it would be ok.

  19. wahh…I want that jelly pisang! May be I should try to make at home. Looks easy… just ice cream, jelly and banana at the bottom rite?

    …plus evaporated milk and syrup. Shouldn’t be difficult to make your own.

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