Different time, different place…

It used to be here but the guy did tell me then that they would be moving here…

Mijawa Cafe

I think the road is Jalan Kpg Datu Baru, the bypass linking Bandong to the Jalan Ria/Delta area. If you are coming in via Jalan Cheku, go straight to the end of that road and at the junction, turn right – the block of shops(2.311322,111.826352) is around a hundred metres away.

It so happened that we dropped by there for brunch sometime ago. There is a stall selling nasi lemak, fried noodles and so on but the guy was not around when we arrived and we did not want to wait for him to come back as there was no indication as to how long he would take.

Melissa had their rojak (RM4.50)…

Rojak tamby

…our local version of the Indian pasembur plus the three complimentary sticks of satay as usual and yes, it was good – just like it was before when they were at their previous location.

I ordered the mee jawa special (RM5.50)…

Mee jawa special 1

…and I was kind of disappointed that the only extra that I got was that fried egg…

Mee jawa special 2

…on top.

It was nice, make no mistake about that but my missus ordered their mee jawa biasa (normal/ordinary) and though she did not get the fried egg, she got half a hard-boiled egg with hers for only RM4.50, a ringgit less which would mean that for the extra that I paid, I only got half an egg more. I honestly did not think that was worth it, not at all.

There is a stall by the roadside but it was not open – maybe it is operational only at night and I guess they would be selling burgers or stuff that would not interest me very much but I may drop by here again to check out that aforementioned stall to see if it is any good. For one thing, the place is kind of secluded – no traffic jam, no problem with parking, peace and quiet all around…so it certainly beats heading to some place in the town centre.

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26 thoughts on “Different time, different place…”

  1. I love and miss pasembur. Used to have it often when I was in Ipoh and KL. Wah …how come your mee jawa got egg and satay ? We don’t get these here.

    Normal would be half a hard-boiled egg – I ordered the special. The three sticks of satay come with anything you order here, their trademark…like at another place, you would get 5 prawn fritters but now 4 already, kurang satu.

  2. tak menawan… taste ok ka?

    Not the best in town but good enough – had it before at the former place. If not nice, I wouldn’t have bothered to stop by…even if it was on the way to where I was going. There are other options.

  3. I would love to try the rojak, something different from the rojak here…

    It’s actually an imitation of what we call Rojak Kassim – which is actually a cross between pasembur and gado gado…but nowadays, a lot of people are selling it…and some call theirs rojak thamby (Indian rojak). All nice – yet to come across one that is really not good…but all not the same as the original. They are good too though and some may prefer one to the other.

  4. the rojak look like “pasembur” here….look yummy 🙂

    It is supposed to be something like that. This one is ok, not bad…others in town may be better but this is the only one with the three sticks of satay.

  5. At that price you are paying, you get satay too. I must say that is very reasonable. I dont think we can get that here in KL.

    Yes, three sticks at the prices here would be RM1.50…so RM3 for whatever one is having is all right.

  6. The pasembur looks like Gado-Gado 😀

    This one, not really. The original Rojak Kassim here is more like gado-gado than pasembur or Indian rojak – with its peanut sauce. Very very nice, reputation widely known not just in Sibu but in the other towns. He’s in Kuching now though – family matters…and the stall here isn’t so great anymore. They tell me there’s one elsewhere exactly like his. Yet to go and check it out.

  7. I seldom go to that area. It is rather quiet at night.

    The rojak attracted me. I dont mind try it.

    Never gone there at night, only to Bandong – where the shops and stalls are. Lots of people, not dark so it is ok there.

  8. Oohh, mee jawa special = fried egg added.. You didn’t ask first what’s the difference between mee jawa biasa and mee jawa special? I think your missus’s mee jawa biasa with hard boiled egg is nicer, teehee..

    No. I just assumed that there would be a piece of fried chicken or something but sadly, I was wrong. 😦

  9. All very nice. 1st pic, Indian rojak, I like. Over here, we have very nice one with big piece of chicken at Batu Lintang hawker stall. Always long queue and sold out very fast.

    Related to Tok Janggut. I used to go to the Batu Lintang shop in the 70’s. Not anymore. Rojak Kassim is nicer – I hear he (the original Kassim, no more in Sibu) is now in one of the shops at Nanas/Palm/Satok Roads…somewhere near Regalis Hotel or what’s the name now. Always sold out by lunch time.

  10. wah!! rojak special and mee jawa special!! comes with satay and fried eggs, that’s very loaded and yet only RM4.50!!

    The one with fried egg is the not-so-special special…RM1.00 more, RM5.50. 😦

  11. Those dishes are so saucy.

    That’s how they are served. The delightful taste that draws the line between the boys and the men would be the sauce/gravy – that makes all the difference. In the case of the noodles, have to eat fast…before they go all soft and soggy – same with noodles served in soup.

  12. Half an egg sounds like such a shame.

    Wait till you get the one-eighth that they give with the nasi lemak. Might as well don’t bother. 😦

  13. So the mee jawa also comes with complimentary satay? I would prefer the mee jawa with one whole boiled egg rather than fried egg. I really hate having half an egg hah..hah..

    I’m fine with half, not one-eighth…or one-sixteenth that comes in your bungkus of nasi lemak. 😀

    1. tak balance… i would prefer two… just to balance it up…

      …or one and a half. Should still give that half hard-boiled that comes with the regular.

  14. I think Rojak Pasembor the best is in Penang. Jom we go serang Eugene

    Nice also, depending on where you go. My favourite is at New World. Not exactly the same…as the rest and not the same as these here.

  15. Oh no… this is the second review and 3rd picture of mee jawa today. It’s like whispering to me. Huhuhu must get mi jawa! must get mi jawa!

    Somebody else had mee jawa too? Ummmm…you’re craving, are you? Go, go…must go and eat quickly. 😀

  16. Nice.. nice… I love pasembur once awhile.. your rojak looks like pasembur, yes.. the gravy is the essential.. if good gravy, everything is nice…
    Mee Jawa that comes with 3 sticks of satay? Special la.. over here none like this.. 🙂

    Waiting and waiting and waiting…for you to come over. You can have these with the sticks of stay and more! 😀

    1. I told Wee Kean.. before I go Sibu, I must go for a detox first… then can sapu everything there! hahaha… when, when???

      Got wind…no rain, got smoke…no fire… 😦

  17. Mijawa = Mee Jawa? Interesting name.

    Sad to said, i don’t know how to appreciate mee jawa or indian rojak. 😛 That’s why very rare or never i have mee jawa. I love my fruit rojak.

    Mi is mee in Malay, no? Ask your boys. 😀 Hmmm…maybe you have never tried the ones here. My missus hated mi jawa too – but now, she liked. Turned out the only one she ever had was at the hospital canteen and she said it was horrible. 😀

  18. No problem with parking…I wish KL is like that, which is why mom doesn’t like to eat outside!!! =[

    …and the very reason why I would avoid going to the town centre.

  19. Very nice! A place that specializes in Mee Jawa! I still maintain that the best I had was in Sibu, some of the ones over here can’t beat the ones I had as a kid. A lot of people use shortcuts now, ready made gravy to pour over noodles. I know it’s supposed to be like that but sometimes the gravy isn’t even hot!

    I like these ones with the satay sticks and the egg! 🙂

    Oh? No wonder everybody seems not all that keen on the mee jawa – not so nice over there eh? I know you loved the one neat your former school, same block at MAS office…or was it their nasi lemak that you loved? Dunno if they’re still there – have not gone for a long long time. Theirs were really good then.

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