Back here again…

We went back here again for lunch sometime last week when Melissa was still home for the mid-year school holidays as she wanted to try the chao chai hung ngang

1-O-1 chao chai hung ngang

…that ah^kam_koko’ had earlier and we thought it was really good. For the uninitiated, this is actually the big bihun that is called hung ngang in Foochow served in fish (or chicken) soup cooked with chao chai (preserved vegetables) and a whole lot of ginger and whatever else and traditional Foochow red wine. They do it very well here – something like what we would cook ourselves at home, not some watered-own version of the soup.

Of course she could not finish the HUGE serving (RM10.00), maybe just half of it…and that is exactly why I feel they should serve it in smaller portions at half the price, or slightly more…like what my missus had – their Foochow style fried noodles, wet/with sauce…

1-O-1 Foochow fried noodles

The portion is just right for one person and of course, when you order something a lot cheaper, you will not get a lot of ingredients other than those few bits of green vegetables and one miserable piece of meat. This tasted really good too though…and I wouldn’t mind asking for that the next time around but perhaps, I will request for the special like the tomato kway teow (RM10.00)…

1-O-1 tomato kaway teow

…that I had.

I asked the guy what the special would include and he said seafood so I was somewhat disappointed that all I got was a few chunks of fish…or so I thought but as I was eating, I came across a few slices of liver..


– no, that’s not seafood but I love liver! Anything that is not good for me is always nice! As they say, forbidden fruit is sweeter, right or not? Hehehehehehe!!!!

Eventually, I came across a few prawns as well…


…and that was about it. I was hoping there would be sotong (squid) as well but no, I did not find any.

On the whole, it tasted o.k. – I would prefer it with less cornflour starch so the sauce/gravy isn’t so thick but on the whole, it was all right. The serving was big too, almost as big as the chao chai hung ngang but I was able to manage quite well – for me, it was not a problem at all.

We didn’t cook lunch at home that day but for dinner, we had this roasted chicken thigh with baby potatoes…

Roast chicken & baby potatoes

…and Melissa tried to replicate the creamy spinach pasta

Melissa's creamy spinach pasta

…that we had several days before. I am not sure if they were the same or not – I can’t exactly recall what the other one tasted like, just that it was nice…and this one was nice too…but there was a lot of the spinach sauce so we just drowned the spaghetti with it instead of letting it go to waste.

With the chicken and the potatoes, I would say that was indeed a delightful home-cooked dinner for the three of us…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Back here again…”

  1. I like those seafood and no thank you for the livers, i think we can be good dining partners, we can exchange the stuff we like 😀

    Exchange? Ummmm…I don’t think so. You can pass me what you don’t want but you’re not getting anything from me. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. more liver the better… eh, we can be good dining partners too… u order some i order some… and we finish all of ’em

    Indeed we are. So when are you coming over? We’ll go and eat…eat…eat…together. 😀

  3. Hmmm…maybe it’s the liver of a seacow that’s why it’s considered as seafood.

    That’s what we call the dugong. Come to think of it, does it have a liver? Perhaps it does… 😀

  4. The roast chicken thigh and baby potatoes looks delicious! 🙂 Oh, and yes, that was a street lamp on my photo on yesterday’s post. It was in a parking lot and I couldn’t resist photographing the seagull that was on it. LOL! 🙂

    We do roast our chicken a lot – healthier than stir-frying…or worse, deep frying, I would think and we love it too. Ahhh…it is, eh? Nice design, different from ours.

  5. I love liver too! Especially when it is not overcooked. But I have been told that it is not advisable to eat it like that – bacteria and what not, unless if the liver is super fresh. That roasted chicken with baby potatoes looks delicious! Not bad, Melissa’s spinach pasta looks just like the one from the restaurant.

    Yes, liver’s not nice if overcooked. So hard. Hah!!! Melissa would love to hear that – that’s a real compliment. 😉

  6. Eweee…blood on the liver. Foochow fried noodles looks good but the roasted chicken thigh and potatoes best among all.

    Yup, the noodles were good despite the lack of ingredients. Ya…homecooked’s the best.

  7. I like my seafood tomato kuaw tiaw or crispy noodle; not with liver in it. Some places in Kuching add livers, but not that common lah. Coincidently I tasted tomato kuaw tiaw last night in Junction! Too sour for my tastebud. I didnt really enjoy it. Will post about it next week.

    Melissa had that the last time. Ok, huge serving. This one too. None here as nice as Kuching’s, unfortunately… 😦 I love liver…but have to control, I’m afraid. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. at first i thought the pasta was hung ngang did the fusion style, thanks to the top two photos that set the temporary illusion, muahahaha!! hmmm, actually that may not be impossible right?? have you tried that?? :p

    They’re all noodles. I’d love them in any which way – east or west but my girl will not be so impressed and would frown at my macaroni char kway teow style, for instance.

  9. SK cooked Spaghetti Carbonara and Melissa cooked Spaghetti in Spinach sauce, what a coincidence, both looks appetizing to me.
    I read the old posts and thanks for sharing the tips of putting ENO into pancake batter. I must remember it when I make pancake in future.

    Is that what people call “jodoh”? Muahahahahaha!!!!! Good luck with your ENO-ed pancakes. 😉

  10. Food….food….all also I like except the liver…can see a dot of red red there…during the 1970s, my mom used to pour hot water over the red liver plus some shredded ginger…and we kids would drink them up… Boost up blood circulation…but nowadays, no more doing this anymore….
    The spinach spaghetti looks healthy… Your girl is really good in cooking now! 🙂

    Yes, and she enjoys it too…which is good for me, for obvious reasons. Hehehehehe!!!! Ya, people in the old days would eat liver – supposed to be nutritious and good for health. It was very expensive then, dunno now. We never buy to cook at home anymore.

  11. Ok, this is all my type of food, chao chai hung ngang, foochow noodles, tomato kway teow. Yum!!

    Drop by here next tine you come back. The kampua is good too.

  12. I love pig liver too! 🙂

    Amazing looking dish, and quite expensive at RM 10! I guess it’s worth a try though since I do love my liver and I do love prawns too!

    Big servings. I can’t understand why they must do it like this at the cafes – they could have made it smaller – half the amount…for RM5…or even 6, and they would make RM2 extra for each giant bowl they sell. I don’t believe many like the serving that huge…and definitely not at that price.

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